Creating a Cantata for the Savior

  • 22 December 2010

When his YSA group in the Pretoria South Africa Stake was assigned to prepare and perform a cantata for the entire stake, 20-year-old Michael McLeod wouldn’t settle for using someone else’s words and music. Instead, he wrote the cantata—the words and the music. Then he conducted the rehearsals and performances.

The cantata, If I Were There, was performed in four different locations, each packed with hundreds of people. Michael drew on the Savior’s testimony and the testimonies of those who knew the Savior during his earthly ministry in order to share the YSA group’s testimonies of the Savior. The performances, originally scheduled for summer of 2009, were given in December of 2009, a time that Michael viewed as ideal for bearing testimony of the Savior through music.

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