Creation and Reorganization of Stakes Announced

  • 22 December 2014


A new stake has been created from the Rogers Arkansas Stake. The Bentonville Arkansas Stake, which includes the Bella Vista, Bentonville 1st, Bentonville 2nd, Centerton, Central Park, Elm Tree and Grove wards, was created by Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and Elder J. Romeo Villarreal, an Area Seventy.

BENTONVILLE ARKANSAS STAKE: (Oct. 26, 2014) President—Simon F. Keogh, 44, financial planner; wife, Rochelle Sue Abram Keogh. Counselors—Paul Reid Barney, 48, sales manager; wife, Jennifer Rasmussen Barney. Paul Christian Van Slooten, 48, sales director/general manager at PepsiCo.; wife, Jennifer Christina Lee Van Slooten.

A new stake has been created from the Pompano Beach Florida and Stuart Florida stakes. The Boynton Beach Florida Stake, which includes Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray, Palm Beach and West Palm Beach (Spanish) wards, was created by Elder Erich W. Kopischke of the Seventy and Elder Stephen E. Thompson, an Area Seventy.

BOYNTON BEACH FLORIDA STAKE: (Aug. 18, 2014) President—Andy Howard Lustig, 58, piano technician; wife, Gay M. Rumper Lustig. Counselors—Jose Miguel Montero, 49, senior software engineer; wife, Gregoria Francisco Montero. David H. McClintock III, 44, mechanical engineer; wife, Karen Jones McClintock.

A new stake has been created from the Kaysville Utah West Stake. The Kaysville Utah Deseret Mill Stake, which includes the Barnes Park, Burton, Country Mill, Deseret, Francis Peak (Spanish), Kays, Mill Shadow and Old Mill wards, was created by Elder Paul V. Johnson of the Seventy and Elder Michael H. Bourne, an Area Seventy.

KAYSVILLE UTAH DESERET MILL STAKE: (Nov. 16, 2014) President—Darrell “Devon” Hansen, 47, co-owner of Affinity Auto; wife, Joan Rhees Hansen. Counselors—Eric Ralph Visser, 57, chief operations officer at Ray Quinney & Nebeker; wife, Julie L. Sangster Visser. Steven B. Satchwell, 47, regional manager at LabCorp; wife, Kristen Call Satchwell.

A new stake has been created from the Joplin Missouri, Rogers Arkansas and Springfield Missouri stakes. The Monett Missouri Stake, which includes the Cassville and Joplin YSA branches and Aurora, Carthage, Granby, Monett and Stockton wards, was created by Elder David A. Bednar of the Quourm of the Twelve Apostles and Elder J. Romeo Villarreal, an Area Seventy.

MONETT MISSOURI STAKE: (Oct. 26, 2014) President—Benjamin Glen Leavitt, 40, physician; wife, Megan Hull Leavitt. Counselors—Derek P. Martin, 53, patent attorney; wife, Sheri Ann Petersen Martin. Donald R. Walker, 61, production manager; wife, Rebecca Susan Pursell Walker.

A new stake has been created from the Queen Creek Arizona Chandler Heights Stake, Queen Creek Arizona North Stake and Queen Creek Arizona Stake. The Queen Creek Arizona West Stake, which includes the Cortina 1st, Cortina 2nd, Cortina 3rd, Cortina 4th, Hawes, Ocotillo, Remington Heights and Sossaman Estates wards, was created by Elder Dale G. Renlund of the Seventy and Elder George Marion Keele, an Area Seventy.

QUEEN CREEK ARIZONA WEST STAKE: (Sept. 21, 2014) President—Gary Albert Smith, 52, physician; wife, Tera Rese Willis Smith. Counselors—David J. Beckstead, 42, clinical director at Desert Visions Youth Wellness Center; wife, Shannon Marie Carr Beckstead. Jason Richard Filley, 44, director of national accounts at 3M; wife, Tamsen Taylor Filley.


ARLINGTON WASHINGTON STAKE: (Nov. 2, 2014) President—Trevor Boyd Williams, 42, teacher at Granite Falls School District; succeeding Ronald J. Southworth; wife, Amy Alyse Jenkins Williams. Counselors—David Alan Flake, 47, coordinator for Seminaries and Institutes; wife, Sherilyn Boynton Flake. Ronald Barry Murray, 50, chief mechanic for Boeing; wife, Mary Lou Hartley Murray.

ASHEVILLE NORTH CAROLINA STAKE: (Nov. 1, 2014) President—Bartel Van Oostendorp V, 39, dentist; succeeding Wallace W. Booth; wife, Randi Lynn Thayer Van Oostendorp. Counselors—Steven Dudley Hargadon, 53, president of the Learning Revolution Project; wife, Janna Madsen Hargadon. John Franklin Garner, 45, senior engineer; wife, Kimberley Rae Koyle Garner.

BENSON UTAH STAKE: (Nov. 9, 2014) President—Todd Nilson Ballard, 54, farmer; succeeding Wayne L. Reese; wife, Norene Rounds Ballard. Counselors—Tim Richard Goodey, 51, senior quality engineer; wife, Stacy Lou Perkes Goodey. Keith Joseph Larsen, 49, emergency services for Bear River Health Department; wife, Lisa Fuhriman Larsen.

BLACKFOOT IDAHO WEST STAKE: (Sept. 6, 2014) President—Allen Roy Young, 57, farmer; succeeding T. Darvel Andersen; wife, Jacqueline Harker Young. Counselors—Paul Heber Day, 60, dental technician/financial advisor; wife, Deana Lyman Day. Tracy Ray Hawker, 50, insurance broker; wife, Rebecca Jean Wray Hawker.

CAPE GIRARDEAU MISSOURI STAKE: (Nov. 15, 2014) President—Kevin Eugene Dickson, 43, honors program director at Southeast Missouri State University; succeeding Bruce H. Schoen; wife, Brynda Lynn Cheyney Dickson. Counselors—Clarence Edward Felker IV, 39, insurance agent; wife, Stephanie Ellen Wright Felker. Jeremy Kendel Baird, 40, staff physician; wife, Corinne Teichert Baird.

HUANUCO PERU AMARILIS STAKE: (Oct. 12, 2014) President—Octavio Vigil Pinedo, 34, business director; succeeding Alan Russell Salazar Lopez; wife, Cris Cariel Acuña Rensifo. Counselors—Javier Alex Figueroa Lopez, 36, seminary instructor; wife, Vanessa Cruz Sanchez Fiorilla. Richard Raul Rojas Pizarro, 41, manager; wife, Betsy Anali Cabillo Eulogio.

IBADAN NIGERIA STAKE: (Nov. 2, 2014) President—O. Peter Apantaku, 38, administrative manager; succeeding Rufus Oluwasegun Oje; wife, Apantaku Olayemi Oluwaseun Foyose. Counselors—James B. Adedokun, 60, chief executive officer of Crowndohk Nigeria Limited; wife, Felicia Oladunni Akinyemi Adgdokun. Eleazer Ubadire Onwuka, 50, chief executive officer at Kokason Multi-Ventures; wife, Ulonwandi Karachi Onwuka.

JURUPA CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Nov. 2, 2014) President—Jeremy Dirk Jergensen, 36, vice president of operations at North American Healthcare; succeeding David C. Hansen; wife, Elizabeth Rutter Jergensen. Counselors—Carl Edward Harris, 52, president of Harris Business Solutions; wife, Tamara Faye Herbert Harris. Kevin Lynn Tolley, 41, instructor with Seminaries and Institutes; wife, Rashelle Tolley.

KAYSVILLE UTAH WEST STAKE: (Nov. 16, 2014) President—Ferren Carl Squires, 60, area welfare manager for the Church; succeeding Justin T. Brown; wife, Constance Elder Squires. Counselors—Reed Brett Ferrin, 49, vice president at Brandaris; wife, Elizabeth Evans Ferrin. William Dean Hunger, 56, division sales manager; wife, Shelli Haslam Hunger.

IDAHO FALLS SOUTH STAKE: (Nov. 23, 2014) President—Robert Joe Meek, 50, chief executive officer of Farms Marketing Group; succeeding Kenneth W. Turley; wife, Lynnette Violet Wilson Meek. Counselors—Kimball Ray Hansen, 53, president of Ensign Services; wife, Christine Erickson Hansen. John Jacob Strobel, 53, radiologist; wife, Jan Tucker Strobel.

LAYTON UTAH NORTHRIDGE STAKE: (Nov. 3, 2014) President—Michael Edward Macrum, 50, owner of Acquire Med.; succeeding Larry K. Adamson; wife, Alane Moncur Macrum. Counselors—Kent Feller Meacham, 58, president of CarePoint Network; wife, Angela J. Hansen Meacham. Christopher Michael Miller, 52, president/owner of Allegis Advisor Group; wife, Darcy Ann Blake Miller.

MEXICALI MEXICO LOS PINOS STAKE: (Sept. 21, 2014) President—Moroni Dominguez Jimenez, 45, business owner; succeeding Gregorio Enrique Casillas Bueno; wife, Mackoree Gonzalez Moran. Counselors—Angel R. Vargas Cadena, 53, legal mediator; wife, Beatriz Alvarez Tapia. Jesus Inda Lopez, 64, business manager; wife, Rosa Velasquez Perez.

PIMA ARIZONA STAKE: (Nov. 1, 2014) President—Mark Spencer Beus, 51, director/instructor for Seminaries and Institutes; succeeding Craig R. Taylor; wife, Marcy Elice Jones Beus. Counselors—Vaughn Lyle Grant, 57, insurance/financial representative at Country Financial; wife, Sylvia Ruth Claridge Grant. Channen Grady Day, 39, attorney; wife, Sarah Bryson Day.

RIGBY IDAHO EAST STAKE: (Nov. 2, 2014) President—Robert Donald Clarke, 47, teacher at BYU-Idaho; succeeding R. Michael Poston; wife, SueLee Peacock Clarke. Counselors—Randy Dean Stone, 55, business owner; wife, Anna Marie Watkins Stone. Joseph Dee Anderson, 43, physician assistant; wife, Stephanie Pi’ilani Clarke Anderson.

ROGERS ARKANSAS STAKE: (Oct. 26, 2014) President—Gregory Layne Chandler, 45, senior marketing director at Walmart Stores; succeeding Simon Keogh; wife, Valerie Jane Lewis Chandler. Counselors—Bradley Shane Querry, 52, key account manager at General Mills; wife, Maureen Atkin Querry. Barry Douglas Wall, 50, vice president of category analytics at Bradshaw Institute; wife, Mechel Curtis Wall.

SAO PAULO BRAZIL IPIRANGA STAKE: (Oct. 19, 2014) President—Milton Nigri, 53, director; succeeding Elyseu Ricardo de Castro; Liliana Cristina De Barros Nigri. Counselors—Fabio Santana da Oliveira, 33, assistant coach; wife, Viviane Lopes Santana Oliveira. Marcelo Aparecido Correa, 44, assistant coordinator; wife, Angela Pereira Coutinho.

SANDY UTAH YSA STAKE: (Nov. 2, 2014) President—Curtis B. Dahl, 61, senior executive producer at Bonneville Communications; succeeding Dean R. Burgess; wife, Joan Kathryn Elwood Dahl. Counselors — Gerald D. Swapp, 67, senior vice president/chief information officer at United HealthCare; wife, Kathy Elizabeth Watson Swapp. Kevin Jay Jensen, 52, president of Professional Management; wife, April Marie Lee Jensen.

ST. LOUIS MISSOURI NORTH STAKE: (Nov. 2, 2014) President—Bradley Neal Lewis, 51, IT manager at Nestle Purina Petcare; succeeding Terry M. Slezak; wife, Laura Austin Nelson Lewis. Counselors—Kenneth Alan Mayer, 39, marketer at UPS; wife, Kristi Michelle Flynn Mayer. Brian Dale Josephson, 53, international general manager at Rawlings Sports; wife, Jacqueline McDonald Josephson.