Pitching In for a Better Park

Approximately 281 volunteers from the Hopkinsville Kentucky Stake spent six hours painting, landscaping, and cleaning on April 9, 2011.

April 9, 2011

For weeks, Church members from 12 wards and branches in the Hopkinsville Kentucky Stake and other residents of Elkton and Todd Counties had been planning a service project to refurbish the community ballpark.

On the day of the project, April 9, 2011, looming storm clouds threatened to ruin those plans. As the volunteers gathered that morning, stake president Mark D. Miller prayed the Lord would calm the weather, and the work began.

Approximately 281 volunteers spent the next six hours painting, landscaping, and cleaning in some of the hottest weather recorded in the month of April for that area.

“We like to link arms with other faiths, other organizations, other communities throughout this area and just try to make things different in a positive way,” a local priesthood leader said.

The teamwork between Church members and other volunteers to accomplish a common goal was a unifying experience for all involved.

Two dozen organizations, clubs, and businesses linked arms with Elkton-Todd County and the Church to provide funds, donations of equipment, food, landscaping materials, painting supplies, paint, and other materials to complete the project.

The local senior citizens even joined in the action, preparing bag lunches for the hungry volunteers.

At that event, Mayor Nancy Camp commented, “The work, attitude, and coordination of all your members were so impressive. … This is something that will remain with us for many years and gives me the opportunity to let others know, how well you all worked together and helped us as no other could do.”

Watch a member-submitted video of the project.