Elder Holland Ministers in Middle East

  • 24 May 2011

In visiting several Middle Eastern countries, Elder Holland expressed gratitude for Church members being able to hold meetings by adhering to local rules and regulations

Article Highlights

  • Elder Holland visited several Middle Eastern countries.
  • He emphasized the importance of following local rules and regulations.
  • In each country, he prayed for peace.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles recently visited members in several Middle Eastern countries, including Bahrain and Israel.

Although the Church does not actively proselyte in these areas, Church membership continues to grow as Church members move to the Middle East.

“Wherever we are in the world, Latter-day Saints will always be law-abiding citizens and good neighbors to everyone around us,” Elder Holland said.

In each country, Elder Holland ministered to individual Church members and prayed for peace.

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