Ethiopian Water Project Serves Thousands

  Susan Roberts

  • 1 March 2013

Villagers rejoice for the water points

“Now maybe my children won’t be sick so often.”  

Over the past three years, LDS Charities have completed nine water projects in areas all over Ethiopia. 

On January 31, 2013, one of the water projects was handed over to the local people at ShamoGado Village in Abomsa to manage. This project has been under development since August 2011. 

The project consists of five water points where local residents can fill their containers for family use. There is also a sanitation center with showers and toilets.  

An older man with tears in his eyes said, “Now maybe my children won’t be sick so often.” Before the water project, the villager’s only water source was a local river which was also used for bathing, for other sanitary purposes, and by animals. This project will improve the quality of life for approximately 9,000 people in this rural village area.

It was a very exciting day for everyone involved. The villagers butchered an ox and three sheep to feed about 600 people who came to celebrate. The festivities included dancing, singing, and honoring the full-time LDS Charities missionaries, Elder and Sister Campbell.