Family Search Digitization Project on Tassie Nightly News

  • 14 October 2011

Len and Cecily Watson - Long serving volunteers at the State Archives in Hobart

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints calls missionaries to film archival records all over the world. Two of them were recently spotlighted on “7:30”, the ABC News current affairs program in Tasmania.

Len and Cecily Watson showed reporter Linda Hunt their painstaking work in the State Archives in Hobart. They are filming the pages of hundreds of volumes. Through Family Search, the Church's online database, 168,000 records will now be available at no cost to researchers.

“Tasmania has a rich source of colonial and convict heritage for history buffs to explore,” says the broadcaster. Much of that history will now be accessible at the click of a button. “In the past,” says Ross Latham, Tasmania's archivist, “you would have had to get a research agent to undertake, in your behalf, finding the information.”

Listen to the entire newscast at “ABC 7:30 TASMANIA” .