Fires Ravage Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada

  • 17 May 2011

Article Highlights

  • By Tuesday, one-third of Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada, had been destroyed by fire since Sunday afternoon.
  • All Church members and missionaries have been evacuated.
  • There are no reports of member injury or death, and local Church leaders have contacted most member families.

The branch meetinghouse and several members' homes are among the losses as forest fires consumed more than one-third of the northern Alberta, Canada, community of Slave Lake between Sunday afternoon and Tuesday.

All missionaries are safe and have been moved to Edmonton. There are no reports of member injury or death, although at least 10 member homes were destroyed along with the meetinghouse. Residents of Slave Lake have been evacuated to neighboring communities, including Edmonton and Athabasca.

Schools, the town center, and several government buildings and homes have been devastated by the wind-fueled fires that continued out of control as of Tuesday.

Priesthood leaders have contacted most of the branch’s 51 families and are continuing efforts to reach the remaining families.

Stake priesthood and Relief Society leaders have assembled and delivered food, bedding, and hygiene supplies to displaced members, and additional hygiene kits are being prepared for donation to the community.

Church leaders are meeting with government representatives and relief organizations to discuss ongoing needs and opportunities for assistance.