Five Missionaries From Swaziland Enter Missionary Training Centre

  Sister Tina Murdock

  • 7 August 2012

Elder Muzi Dube, Elder Nkosikhona Sibandze, Elder Thulani Mabuza, Elder Ayanda Mabuza, and Elder Sizwe Shongwe in front of the South Africa Missionary Training Centre (MTC) in Johannesburg.   The two Elder Mabuzas are brothers.  Sister Janet Reber

“Seldom do you ever have five [missionaries] in one district at the same time, let alone five elders coming from the smallest country in the Southern Hemisphere.” President James Von Stetten

Five new missionaries bring the total of full-time missionaries from the Swaziland District to 13!  All four branches and one group comprising the district are currently contributing full-time missionaries. 

“This is a really big effort from such a small country,” said South Africa Durban Mission President James C. Von Stetten. “Seldom do you ever have five [missionaries] in one district at the same time, let alone five elders coming from the smallest country in the Southern Hemisphere.”  Swaziland District is part of the Durban Mission.

Good leaders are essential in helping youth prepare for missions.  The missionaries from Swazi had great examples of leadership by Young Men and Young Women leaders, missionaries serving in the area, and priesthood leaders.  With leader support, senior missionary couples helped prepare the youth for missions and missionary preparation classes.

Two of the new missionaries are brothers- Elders Mabuza.  After their mother’s death, the boys became “parents” to their younger sisters. The brothers stayed home providing for their family until their sisters were old enough to live with a relative and attend school.  It was difficult to leave their sisters in someone else’s care, but they knew the sacrifice would produce blessings for them.

The other three young men were also raised by extended family members, either because of death, separation, or parents being required to work far from home.  Each worked hard to help support family, and maintained their efforts and faith in the gospel.


President James C. Von Stetten with five new missionaries from Swaziland.

These young missionaries are pioneering, first generation members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints- the Mormons.  They will learn, and their testimonies will grow through their mission experiences. 

They will be prepared for the responsibility of leadership in the Church.   They will be prepared to be Melchizedek Priesthood leaders in their own eternal families- a concept they did not know while growing up.  “These young men and women will all come back, strengthen their branches, and help to further establish the Church in Swaziland,” said President Von Stetten.

What a blessing it will be to Swaziland when the missionaries return home with the strength they have acquired while serving the Lord.  “The future looks bright for Swaziland,” said President Von Stetten.  “Upon the return of these elders and sisters, they will add great strength to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to their communities, and to their families.”