Friendship is the Message

  Sipeti Sixishe

  • 25 May 2012

Young Ambassadors present mini-performance at South Africa Benoni Stake Centre.

Young Ambassadors feel privileged for the opportunity to tour in Southeast Africa.

Brigham Young University’s Young Ambassadors (YAs) have visited 67 countries. This was their second visit to Africa - what a blessing it was for us to have them.  In addition to performances, the YAs gave Family Home Evening presentations, firesides, outreaches, mini and impromptu performances

I made my way to Benoni where the YAs would be sharing their message and a mini performance of “Harmony, the music of life”.  Although the venue was small, members were to enjoy the production on a reduced scale. This however, did not diminish the presence of the Spirit that was felt there that night.

“Friendship is the message” said Brother Randall Boothe, Director of the YAs. It is what the YAs are about. While they may engage with others through artistic talent and entertainment, their message is that of sacrifice and willingness to serve.

Brother Boothe stated that not all of our Heavenly Father’s children are blessed with amazing voices, the ability to dance and act; some are not even blessed with the opportunity to develop these talents. The Lord has, however, blessed us all with time, opportunities and means to assist others and build friendships with those around us, no matter what our station is in life. 

The men and women of the Young Ambassadors feel privileged for the opportunity to make the tour. The spirit and light they carry make others feel like they are part of a larger sisterhood and brotherhood in the church and indeed the world.

As part of several performances, the YAs had a musical exchange with the SABC choir where they sang “Thula Sizwe”. While the song may have been a struggle song for South Africa during the apartheid years, its message now transcends beyond the South African borders and speaks for people of all walks of life throughout the world, as they face many trials of mortality. The song gives hope, not only of a temporal nature but rather of an eternal nature. It was performed in the spirit it was intended to be performed and was a hit for those who received its message. 

      Young Ambassadors at the Johannesburg Temple.