He is Risen

  • 7 April 2012

He is Risen

The Church has released a special Bible Video Easter message titled He is Risen, a compilation of several Bible Videos depicting the Savior's last week. The video begins with the Savior's triumphal entry into Jerusalem and ends with his glorious appearance to Mary as a resurrected being. 

The video is available through several channels, including YouTube, Roku, iTunes, BibleVideos.org and the LDS Media Library. Language versions of the video are also available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese and Italian.

This video is part of the gift from the First Presidency of the Church to the world. This video can be easily shared with others through social media, blogs or email.

In conjunction with the release of this video, Mormon.org is launching a major Easter advertising campaign. More information about the campaign can be found in the following article.