Helps for Teaching

  • 26 October 2010

Article Highlights

  • Available videos include testimonies from modern apostles and prophets
  • The pictures page includes dozens of visual resources
  • A music library includes seventeen categories

Are you looking for the perfect picture to make a point in a lesson? For a piece of music to help? Or maybe for a video to help you introduce someone to the Church? Chances are you can find what you need at a site sponsored by the Church’s Public Affairs Department.

Pictures, music, and videos that can help in teaching about gospel principles have been posted on three separate pages. The pages carry the label “Official Resources for Public Affairs Councils and Priesthood Advisers.” But these resources could easily be used by parents or teachers trying to teach in the classroom or home.

They could also be valuable to members wanting to join in online dialogue with others about gospel teachings.

Church members might not be the only ones interested in using them. Many of the pictures and videos, particularly Homefront spots, illustrate lessons of value to everyone.

Available videos include:

  • Homefront spots.
  • Missionary messages from members.
  • Public Affairs videos that help correct misconceptions about the Church.
  • The World Report, a semiannual summary of news and events in the Church.
  • Reports on the Church’s humanitarian service and welfare efforts.
  • “Special Witnesses of Christ,” video clips containing testimonies from modern apostles and prophets as they speak of our Savior.

The videos can be found here.

The art and photos posted on the pictures page include dozens of visual resources in 18 categories—“Beliefs and Practices,” “Portraits of the Savior,” “Church Leaders,” “Temples,” “Families,” “Women of the Church,” and more.

The musical clips come from a variety of Church videos ranging from “The Mountain of the Lord” or the Nauvoo Temple open house video to Employment Resource Service training videos and Deseret Industries advertisements. Each of the 17 music categories includes multiple tracks with variations on different themes.