How Can I Maximize the Benefit of General Conference?

  • 3 October 2012

President Monson (right) greets Elder Neil L. Andersen (left) and Elder David A. Bednar at General Conference

Members of the Africa Southeast Area have suggestions to gain the most from conference:

Prepare before conference:

            -Mark your calendar with the dates of conference. 

            -Arrange your schedule to be available to view conference

            -Ask for time off work, if necessary

            -Invite others to come with you to conference

            -Read scriptures regularly with your family and individually

-Use Family Home Evenings to learn to identify members of the First Presidency, and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.  (May and November Liahonas have their pictures)

          -Each of these leaders will speak at conference.  Watch for them.

-Write down specific questions about concerns in your life.  Listen for answers to those questions in conference.

-Pray for the Spirit of the Lord to be with you during conference.

Following conference:

            -Read and reread the talks and apply them to your life

            -Make goals in harmony with conference teachings