Life in the South Africa Missionary Training Centre (SAMTC)

  Sister Edy Howes

  • 14 January 2013

When President Thomas S. Monson announced the new missionary eligibility ages (18 for young men and 19 for young women), a ripple effect- perhaps the size of a tsunami- swept through the missionary system.  Missionary Training Centers are on the front line receiving the sudden increase of new missionaries.

Since opening its doors in July, 2003, the South Africa MTC in Johannesburg has received new missionaries every three weeks.  The smallest of the 15 MTC’s in the Church, it has beds for 38 young missionaries who arrive from throughout the world. 

A bedroom in the South Africa Missinary Training Centre

Missionaries trained at the SAMTC will serve in eight of the eleven missions of the Africa Southeast Area.  The missions include: Kenya; Madagascar; South Africa’s Missions in Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg; Uganda; Zambia; and Zimbabwe.  Occasionally missionaries who are having difficulty getting visas to the Ghana and New Zealand MTC’s arrive at the SAMTC.

President Kenneth D. Reber in his office at the SAMTC

President Kenneth D. Reber currently presides over the MTC with his wife, Sister Janet Reber.  They will now be welcoming a new batch of missionaries every two weeks.  Training which used to be done in three weeks must be honed to be effective in 2/3 the time.

Sister Reber at the front door of the SAMTC

Programmes in each of the MTC’s worldwide are tailored for their particular area but follow the same general schedule.

In following weeks, three other articles will appear on the web about life at the SAMTC.  Your response and input about the SAMTC is invited at Please include your name and e-mail address with your comments.