Media, Scholars and Others Invited to Learn about Mormons

  • 13 April 2012

Due to a number of factors there is an increasing interest in Mormonism.

AUCKLAND, New Zealand — “Due to a number of factors there is a growing interest in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, its members, and their beliefs and practices,” says Richard Hunter, Pacific Area Director of Public Affairs for the Church.

“We are a seeing a sharp rise in the number of newspaper articles, as well as television and radio conversations about Mormonism,” he says. “For example, presenters on two New Zealand radio programs recently discussed The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

Due to a number of factors there is an increasing interest in Mormonism.

Hunter suggests that media professionals, academics and others who may have an interest in the Church and its members could go to and for accurate information about the Church's teachings and practices.

“There are some things we would like others to understand about us,” says Hunter. “First, that we are followers of Jesus Christ. The name of the Church certainly makes that clear, but spending time with Latter-day Saints will confirm that. We are trying to follow the Saviour's teachings and example in our lives.”

“Secondly,” he adds, “is that the Church is politically neutral. This is relevant due to the fact that there are some members of our faith who are in elected office in the United States and in other places, and others seeking to become elected.”

Recently Mormon Newsroom added an article titled: “Mormonism 101: FAQ,” which includes answers to a set of frequently asked questions about Church history, doctrine and practices.

“Mormonism in the news: getting it right,” is also a helpful resource to media professionals wishing to be informed and balanced in their approach.

“Spending time with Mormons,” Hunter says, “ is the best way to get to know us and our faith. Journalists, scholars and members of the public with an interest in our church are always welcome to attend one of our Sunday worship services around New Zealand and in other countries.”

Media professionals with enquiries can contact Richard Hunter at   or on +64-9-488 5572.