Members From Africa Southeast Area Discuss Conference

  • 10 October 2012

President Thomas S. Monson presided at general conference in both April and October of 2012.

After the general conference held in April 2012, members shared several suggestions for their personal preparation and enjoyment of conference.  These suggestions could be considered in preparation for the upcoming general conference.

Jillian Rieckhoff with her husband Robert C. Rieckhoff, Pinetown, Ward, South Africa Durban Hillcrest Stake.

“Going to Conference is the ultimate.  We use to wait so long to get messages and direction from our Prophets and leaders.  Now it is almost immediate. It is such a blessing.”

“The Conference theme was very family oriented and had a strong emphasis on responsibility to the family.  I have listened to conference and now I will go and reread the talks and take specific points and apply them to my life.”


Rose Mwilu, KIsanga 2nd Ward, Democratic Republic of Congo, Katuba Stake

“I have been a widow for only a few months. It is a very difficult situation to live in. I always appreciate the special attention that Church leaders give to widows and orphans. I was very touched and impressed by the brother who spoke about single parent homes. The exactness with which he spoke about our situation made me understand that our Heavenly Father sees us and takes care of us because it is only His inspiration that could enlighten the speaker on experiences of these courageous women.”


Chanda Kabwe, Munali Branch, Zambia

Chanda attended conference as an investigator of the church.  He was impressed by Elder Holland who encouraged even those who are not yet baptized to continue on.  He felt the conference contained the fullness of the gospel, touching on every aspect.  [Chanda Kabwe was baptized on May 27, 2012]


Thato Albert Sebonyane and his wife, Kesisaletse Dorothy Sebonyane

Brother and Sister Sebonyane said that conference provided “answers to their questions.”  They “really enjoyed the sessions and have learned much.”