Members From Africa Southeast Area Give Impressions of Conference

  • 8 October 2012

After the general conference held in April 2012, members shared several suggestions for their  personal preparation and enjoyment of conference.  These suggestions could be considered in preparation for the upcoming general conference.


Maureen and Harrison Lumbama, District President, Zambia Lusaka District

The Lumbamas prepared for conference by more faithfully reading the scriptures as a family.  They were reminded by their 15 year old daughter who made a schedule for the family.  They also reflected on the coming conference and arranged their schedule to be on time and even offered to give others a ride to the meetings.   President Lumbama enjoyed the chance to sit with his wife instead of on the stand at these meetings

Brother Eliazer Ikela, originally from Ongwediva, Namibia, said the missionaries taught him that he would “get direction from messages in conference.”

He has found that advice to be true.  “There is always a talk, even just a few sentences in a talk, that relate to me.  It is like a message will be directed to your own concerns and challenges.”

Brother Ikela was able to view at least one conference talk on the internet, then again with his ward.  He appreciated being able to learn even more after seeing the talk a second time.

Margaret Khumalo, Pinetown Ward, South Africa Durban Hillcrest Stake,

“I came to listen to the prophet.  It’s like he speaks to me directly and I find his words constructive and a great lift in my life.”

Lord Mbambu, Elders’ Quorum President, Zambia Lusaka Branch

Brother Mbambu liked Elder Ballard’s talk about families.  As a new young father, it inspires him to be better, helped him to understand how to be a better father.