Millions Viewing Church’s “A Savior Is Born” Video

Contributed By Sarah Jane Weaver, Church News associate editor; and Camille West, Church News

  • 21 December 2015

Millions worldwide have viewed the Church's latest Christmas video, “A Savior Is Born.” The Church is encouraging members to share the video on social media and invite others to learn more about the birth, life, and mission of the Savior Jesus Christ by visiting

The Church’s new Christmas video, “A Savior Is Born,” has been viewed and shared millions of times this season. As of Tuesday, December 22, the video had more than 45 million views worldwide, and more than 2.6 million people had visited

The video also ranked #4 on Advertising Age magazine's top 10 chart of viral videos this week, according to a December 22 online article, and the ninth most viewed holiday campaign, according to a December 18 article.

As part of the Church’s 2015 Christmas initiative, leaders encouraged Latter-day Saints to view and share the video beginning November 29 and then invite others to learn more about Jesus Christ by visiting

“During the Christmas season, the thoughts of millions of people around the world are turned to the birth of Jesus Christ. We have a special opportunity to declare our belief in Christ, celebrate His birth, and invite others to come unto Him at this time of year,” said Elder Brent H. Nielson of the Seventy and Executive Director of the Church’s Missionary Department. “The Christmas season is an ideal time for members and missionaries to invite all to learn more about the Savior Jesus Christ.”

The worldwide multimedia initiative for the 2015 Christmas season focuses on the importance of the Savior’s birth and includes the following elements:

  • “A Savior Is Born” video
  • Updated website, featuring shareable content on the importance and mission of Jesus Christ
  • Pass-along cards, posters, and other materials available for member and missionary use at

Armenian pass-along card stating “A Savior Is Born”

  • Shareable content on Church social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and YouTube

In addition to the video, has other resources that help explain the importance and mission of Jesus Christ:

  • An animated video called “A World without a Savior” that explains how the birth of the Savior blesses us in our everyday lives (available only in English, Spanish, and Portuguese)

Nativity scene from “Why We Need a Savior,” a video from the 2015 Christmas initiative, “A Savior Is Born.” View the video on

  • An advent calendar of 8– to 10-second animations (gifs) that tell the story of Jesus’s birth from the New Testament and Isaiah 9:6
  • Inspirational picture quotes (memes) that can be downloaded and shared on social media using #ASaviorIsBorn

A meme from the “A Savior Is Born” media campaign.

  • Three downloadable “Print and Share” posters that can be printed, filled out, and shared using #ASaviorIsBorn

The video and website are available in 29 languages. Through January 2, advertisements on billboards in Times Square and atop taxis in New York City will share the message that members of the Church love, believe, and follow Jesus Christ.

In addition, the public is viewing billboards in Salt Lake City and St. George, Utah; Idaho Falls, Idaho; Los Angeles, California; and Mexico City. Church visitors’ centers in the United States, Mexico City, Hyde Park in London, the London Temple, and the Hamilton New Zealand Temple have “A Savior Is Born” displays where guests can watch the video during the Christmas season.

Through January 2, advertisements on billboards in New York City’s Times Square and in other cities are part of a Church initiative, “A Savior Is Born,” that relays the love Latter-day Saints have for Jesus Christ.

Through January 2, advertisements atop taxis in New York City share the message that members of the Church love, believe, and follow Jesus Christ. The signs are part of “A Savior Is Born,” a worldwide multimedia initiative.

Last December’s “He Is the Gift” initiative focused on Heavenly Father’s love as demonstrated in the sacred gift of Jesus Christ. The Church reached millions of people worldwide through its social media efforts, displays in visitors’ centers, member and missionary tools, online paid promotion, and outdoor advertising in New York City’s Times Square.

The video alone received more than 33.8 million views (in 20 languages) by the end of the campaign. This year’s video surpassed last year's total, with two weeks still left in the campaign.