Missionary Work Turns Full Circle

Contributed By Sandy Maclean

  • 17 Mar 2012

Article Highlights

  • Grandson of missionary taught by descendants of his convert.


In 1961, Elder Gunderson from Idaho taught the gospel to the Loynes family in Wrexham. In 2012, cousins, Mathew and Philip Loynes, who work at the Preston MTC, have taught Brother  Gunderson’s grandson, Elder Gunderson, how to be a missionary.

John Loynes senior, his wife Gwen and 8 year old John junior were baptised in the old swimming baths in Tuttle Street, Wrexham, and walked 3 miles to and from church meetings which were held in the Acton Park Community Centre, near where the chapel stands today.

The family were sealed in the London temple in 1964 and John Loynes served as Branch President for 9 years.

John senior passed away in May 2008 leaving a family of 4 sons and 2 adopted daughters, 24 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren. Two sons and 7 grandchildren have served missions and two sons have served as bishops, and high councillors.

The family have maintained contact with and visited the Gundersons on their ranch in Idaho.

50 years separates Elder Gunderson and the Loynes cousins but they are united by 50 years of gospel living and missionary work.

Photo by Janet Williams