New Deseret Industries Refurbished Piano Video Shares Message of Hope and Renewal

Contributed By Denya Palmer, Church News contributor

  • 5 June 2017

In this new video “A Piano’s Purpose,” a forgotten piano donated to the Deseret Industries is renewed for a new generation of musicians.


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You might not generally associate music with thrift stores, but this month, Deseret Industries is all about pianos. It is even offering the chance to win one.

Deseret Industries released a video short June 5 that follows the journey of a once-beloved piano. In the midst of change, the piano gets left behind, forgotten, and even a little ruined. After getting donated to DI, it finds itself in the hands of real-life DIY blogger Kari Sweeten, who sees that there is still music in the worn and tired piano. With some new paint, professional tuning, and caring hands, the piano again becomes something beautiful for a new generation of pianists.

With some new paint, professional tuning, and caring hands, a forgotten piano again becomes something beautiful for a new generation of pianists.

Not only is the DI as a place to find secondhand deals, but Deseret Industries is also a job training facility that gives many people hope.

“The journey of the piano in the video mirrors the journey undertaken by many associates at Deseret Industries,” said Brenda Smith, a product manager in the Church’s Welfare Department.

“Associates at Deseret Industries receive individualized guidance on their career goals, and then they receive the help they need to reach those goals—whether that be education, training, work experience, or other assistance,” said Lee Hardy, director of Deseret Industries. “Many associates come to DI feeling discouraged and unsure about their potential, but through the Deseret Industries program, they find that, like the piano in the video, they still have songs left to play.”

One inspiring detail about this video is that the featured DI associate isn’t played by an actor—he’s a real associate named Mike who worked at the Deseret Industries location where the video was filmed. “His own journey is nothing short of amazing,” said Brooke Yates, Deseret Industries marketing manager. She explained that 15 months ago, Mike was faced with the possibility of going to prison. With the help of Deseret Industries, Mike has turned his life around.

“They [Deseret Industries] actually gave me my life back,” Mike said. “Everything involved has turned me into somebody who I like.” Watch this video to learn more about Mike and how he has transformed his life.

Mike, the Deseret Industries associate featured in the video, experienced his own transformation working at the store.

In addition to a real associate appearing in the video, the blogger who fixes up the piano is also an actual DIY blogger. In this video tutorial, Kari shares some of her tips and tricks on refurbishing a piano.

In the hands of real-life DIY blogger Kari Sweeten, the piano again becomes something beautiful for a new generation of pianists.

The videos have been released, but Deseret Industries isn’t done with this piano just yet. After its journey to new life, the piano needs one more thing: a new home. Deseret Industries is holding a giveaway to find a new home for the beautiful piano that stars in its video short.

Win this piano

If you'd like to enter to win this piano, simply follow these three steps:

  1. Like the Deseret Industries page on Facebook.
  2. Post a photo of one of your DIY projects on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtags #DeseretIndustries and #DIwhy.
  3. Send a screenshot of your post to

See official rules.

To learn where the piano ends up, follow the Deseret Industries Facebook page and blog. Future blog posts will include helpful piano information—everything from buying a secondhand piano to how to help your kids learn piano—as well as behind-the-scenes information from some of the masterminds behind the video—the producer, the director of photography, and the composer who created the music.

Because Deseret Industries receives much of its funding from donations and purchases made at stores, it encourages members to “help others find the music in their lives” by shopping at or donating to the nearest Deseret Industries store.