New Launched

  • 23 November 2010

The new homepage will offer inspiring features, quick links to other Church-related sites, and other material to help you find what you need.

A new version of will greet visitors on the morning of December 1, complete with a new visual design, an upgraded search engine, and translated content. The new site, which has been available for several months at, has been designed to incorporate some of the Internet’s strengths, becoming more useful and easier to navigate.

The new will provide Church members around the world with a place to study the gospel online, follow the ministries of living apostles and prophets, find news and events from around the Church, and organize units with calendar and directory tools. 

All of the technical work involved in making the new site the official will open the door for a continual flow of new content in multiple languages.

New Photo Gallery

New Screenshot


To make the transition to the new easier, the old version of the site will still be available at In addition, a Learn About page has been created with instructional videos that explain how to navigate the new site.

Existing bookmarks to pages on will be automatically redirected to equivalent pages on the new site. If the new does not have a page a bookmark can accurately refer to, it will either remain linked to the page on or redirect to the new site’s home page. 


While the site was created in English, much of it is now available in Spanish and German with Portuguese scheduled to launch in coming weeks. Eventually, the site will be available in seven more languages: Cantonese, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, and Russian. To view the website in a certain language, choose from the drop-down menu found in the upper right corner of the home page labeled Languages.

Video, audio, and text versions of the November 13 worldwide leadership training are available in 40 languages at In addition, the text of the new Handbook 1 and Handbook 2 will be posted on the new site’s Serving in the Church section as translations become available. (Only bishops and stake presidents who have logged into the site using their LDS account will have access to Handbook 1 online.)

Prophets and Apostles Speak Today

The Prophets and Apostles Speak Today area chronicles the ministries of living apostles and prophets, providing access to the Brethren’s messages, insight into their ministries, and stories about and interviews with members of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

Prophets and Apostles Speak Today also provides links to general conference and First Presidency messages, The Family: A Proclamation to the World, The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles, and “classic” addresses by apostles and prophets that remain relevant today.

My Study Tools

Much of the content on (including scriptures, general conference addresses, magazine articles, and lesson manuals) is annotatable. Once users log in, they can highlight, note, and tag content that is saved in My Study Notebook. As these tools are used, the notebook becomes a personal collection of quotes and notes that are searchable through the user’s tags. 

News and Events

The Church News and Events section, located at, includes original content and also provides stories from or links to each of the Church’s official news sources. These include Public Affairs’s Newsroom, Church magazines, Mormon Channel radio, and Church News.

Church News and Events works closely with these outlets to cover news and events of interest to Church members, provide global perspective, and cover stories from multiple angles. Articles can be filtered by topic on the Church News and Events page to help visitors quickly find information that’s important to them. 

Calendar and Directories

Though they aren’t new features, the Ward and Stake Calendar and Ward and Stake Directory tools have been restructured to be easier to use and more useful for wards, stakes, branches, and districts throughout the world. Church members can access them from the new home page under Tools.

The Church has developed an online application called Import Wizard to import events from the old calendar to the new. With the new calendar, ward and stake leaders can create calendars for various organizations in their units and members can choose which of those calendars they see. 

The directory has also been enhanced. In addition to members’ names and contact information, the new directory includes a place to upload pictures of individuals and families and allows members to edit their information. 

The calendar and directory are both already available in 10 languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Coming Features

The changes to set the stage for the publication of new content across the site. In coming weeks, more features and tools will become available, including the following:

My Study Tools

In December, My Study Notebook will be enhanced to allow for separate entries that can be controlled completely within the notebook itself. These journal entries—which might function as personal history entries, thoughts in a study notebook, or even lesson plans—are contained within the notebook independent of content from

Soon, My Study Notebook will be synchronized between and the Gospel Library mobile phone application so notes taken on a mobile device will be accessible through the website and vice-versa. 

Youth Website is being redesigned to be more appealing to youth and bring new content to the forefront when it is published. Once the site is completed, will house videos, articles, quizzes, polls, and music downloads created especially for youth. It will also include pages highlighting basic doctrines of the gospel and standards from For the Strength of Youth.

New content will be added to the site every few days and will be easily identifiable both on the website and on the site’s mobile application. The mobile application is currently available for iPhone, with iPad, Android, and other versions being developed over time. The application will be populated with the same videos and articles as the youth website. 


On the home page of the new, a whole section is dedicated to the family. When it becomes available, this section will have pages dedicated to happiness in the family, family history, youth, and children.

Family Home Evening resources will also be housed in this section to assist parents as they teach gospel principles in the home. These resources include lesson topic ideas, activities, and Church-produced videos, music, and art. 

Media Library

A new media library is also scheduled to launch on the new site soon. When complete, this section will contain a comprehensive collection of Church-oriented rich media resources, including video, audio, and image resources.