New Stake Presidents Called to Lead

  • 13 November 2014

BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA STAKE (October 12, 2014): President—Gary Frank Carter, 54, pharmaceutical salesman for Merck; succeeding Michael L. Hawkins; wife, Marci Holgate Carter. Counselors—Russell Tip Schafer, 57, general manager at Fabbri Farming; wife, Robin Lynn O’Reilly. Brett Val Kesler, 49, physician; wife, Leslie Marie Sackewitz Kesler.

BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA EAST STAKE (September 21, 2014): President—Robert Brian Taylor, 60, business development and planning manager at Chevron; succeeding Kirk A. Russell; wife, Mallorie Kay Rogers Taylor. Counselors—Robert Bradley Anderson, 56, retired; wife, Connie Jeanne Lawson Anderson. Michael Christopher Jaster, 38, design engineer for Scaled Composites; wife, Crystal Lynn Walter Jaster.

CHICLAYO PERU STAKE (October 18, 2014): President—Eduardo Alejandro Monja Cordova, 42, insurance consultant; succeeding Julio A. Gonzales Gomez; wife, Gloria Marisol Yrrazabal Ojeda. Counselors—Jose Luis Arroyo Obando, 34, audiovisual producer; wife, Frida Milena Bustamante Pastor. Jose Alberto Llontop Larios, 46, professor; wife, Rosario Martino Perez Castro.

CLINTON UTAH WEST STAKE (October 26, 2014): President—Jeffery H. Rosenlund, 44, supervising U.S. probation officer; succeeding Robert A. Reed; wife, Jodee Knight Rosenlund. Counselors—Targhee Jack Child, 40, vice president of marketing at Discover Realty; wife, Julie Ann Green Child. Alan Lamar Hall, 39, pharmacist; wife, Aimee Nussbaum Hall.