New Stake Presidents Called to Serve

  • 7 July 2014

BUTTE MONTANA STAKE: (June 8, 2014) President—Scott Kenneth Steinfeldt, 59, healthcare administrator; succeeding Vernan G. Hogge; wife, Mary Kay Ostermiller. Counselors—Chad Bean Hansen, 55, farmer; wife, Heather Ann Jay Seguire Hansen. Curtis Kyo-Shin Andrews, 37, orthodontist; wife, Laurie Chiemi Kawasaki Andrews.

COCOA FLORIDA STAKE: (June 8, 2014) President—Michael Scott Fowler, 44, dentist; succeeding Jamie D. Humphreys; wife, Marlee Watkins Fowler. Counselors—Charles VanBuren Gantz, 52, director of marketing and sales at Richards Paint Manufacturing; wife, Tina Joyce Rogers Gantz. Richard Nordell Rasmussen, 49, integrated logistics support manager at Harris Corporation; wife, Peggy Jean Killian Rasmussen.

COLORADO SPRINGS COLORADO STAKE: (June 8, 2014) President—Lynn Leslie Fredrickson, 60, director of finance at Hewlett-Packard; succeeding Mark L. McConkie; wife, Julie Harris Fredrickson. Counselors—Phillip Earl Pontious, 39, dentist; wife, Denise Ann Smith Pontious. Daniel Waldron Baer, 47, physician; wife, Julie Rae Lattin Baer.

FONTANA CALIFORNIA STAKE: (June 1, 2014) President—J. Todd Knudsen, 50, vice president for academic affairs at Southern California University of Health Sciences; succeeding Michael R. Sears; wife, Kristi Lynn Leake Knudsen. Counselors—Benjamin Alexander Badal, 46, account manager at Southern California Edison; wife, Lettie Mae Patten Badal. Edward Lee Young, 54, software business consultant for Black Knight Financial; wife, Teri Lynne Sewell Young.

KEARNS UTAH WESTERN HILLS STAKE: (June 8, 2014) President—Carey Alan Perkins, 59, director of rates at Questar Pipeline; succeeding Guy J. Riches; wife, Connie Lynn Butterfield Perkins. Counselors—Thomas Kenneth Rodgers, 43, teacher for Granite School District; wife, Natalie Goodliffe Rodgers. Glen Ryan Davis, 39, insurance agent for Allstate; wife, Melissa Ann Palmer Davis.

LOGAN UTAH CACHE STAKE: (May 18, 2014) President—David Manning Simmons, 49, assistant regional operations officer with Intermountain Medical Group; succeeding Steven R. Leishman; wife, Laurel D. Taylor Simmons. Counselors—Mark Chadwick Porter, 72, business owner; wife, Jill Karren Porter. Michael David Gill, 48, forklift operator for Pepperidge Farm; wife, Cindy Leishman Gill.

LOGAN UTAH MOUNT LOGAN STAKE: (June 8, 2014) President—Paul D. Parkinson, 45, president at Gradual Elevate Media LLC; succeeding Bryan R. Larsen; wife, Rebecca Johnson Parkinson. Counselors—John G. Miller, 63, CEO at Cache Valley Bank; wife, Karen M. Miller. Michael Keith Child, 50, business development officer at Lewiston State Bank; wife, Cherie Louise Beckstrand Child.

PLEASANT GROVE UTAH STAKE: (May 31, 2014) President—Duane Edwin Cutler, 48, COO at Boulder Ranch Property Management; succeeding Darold D. Henry; wife, Jenny May Brockbank Cutler. Counselors—Scott Taylor Anderson, 60, division director for the State of Utah; wife, Annette Buffo Anderson. Todd Louis Veenker, 44, vice president at Intermountain Precision; wife, KyLee Young Veenker.

ROOSEVELT UTAH WEST STAKE: (June 1, 2014) President—Brent Harley Hales, 51, CFO for Uintah Basin Medical Center; succeeding Bradley D. LeBaron; wife, Darcy Sue Swain Hales. Counselors—Kyle Gordon Snow, 42, CEO at Northeastern Counseling Center; wife, Melinda Wilson Snow. Robert Angus Alexander, 59, operations manager at Distribution NOW; wife, Winona Truman Alexander.

SEOUL KOREA SOUTH STAKE: (May 11, 2014) President—Young Joon Kwon, 43, professor at Seoul National University; succeeding Byung Seok Hea; wife, Yeonshin Lee. Counselors—Lee Soo Hwan, 60, temple engineer at Seoul Korea Temple; wife, Inho Lee. In Seong Jeong, 48, senior manager at Motorola Solutions; wife, Young Hee Yang.

SMITHFIELD UTAH SOUTH STAKE: (May 18, 2014) President—David Keith Price, 56, veterinarian; succeeding Douglas A. Nielson; wife, Connie Meyers Price. Counselors—Bruce H Godderidge, 56, dentist; wife, Julie Skidmore Godderidge. Mont Bev Didericksen, 45, CEO of Total Rehab, Inc.; wife, Mindi Ruth Chambers Didericksen.

ST. GEORGE UTAH EAST STAKE: (April 13, 2014) President—Craig Douglas Seegmiller, 52, math professor at Dixie State University; succeeding John K. Ence; wife, Jeanette Bennett Seegmiller. Counselors—Kenneth Lawrence Poulsen, 49, service manager at Stephen Wade Auto; wife, Kristin Jane Fawson Poulsen. Lance Franklin Greer, 43, clinical audiologist at Advanced Hearing & Balance; wife, Shannon Woodland Greer.

TOOELE UTAH STAKE: (May 18, 2014) President—Todd C Thompson, 47, consultant at Cardinal Health; succeeding Sergio Abarca; wife, Melanie Rae Poelman Thompson. Counselors—Barry Vance Taggart, 46, manager in the Church’s Correlation/Intellectual Property Office; wife, Susan Judkins Taggart. Alfred Brent Christensen, 63, controller at Ingroove Inc.; wife, Valery Sorensen Christensen.

WESTCHESTER NEW YORK STAKE: (June 1, 2014) President—John Bradley Jefferies, 55, senior vice president at Banco Santander, S.A.; succeeding Jeffrey A. Taylor; wife, Ester Jasmine Oliveira Jefferies. Counselors—Mark William Newman, 43, partner at Hunter Public Relations; wife, Kathryn Jane Baer Newman. Guillermo Enrique Cuevas, 35, senior graduate coordinator at Lehman College; wife, Lisbeth Pada Uribe De Cuevas.

WORLAND WYOMING STAKE: (May 31, 2014) President—Carl Christiansen Cottrell, 43, optometrist; succeeding J. Michael Snyder; wife, Candace Doerr Cottrell. Counselors—Lance Clair Cheatham, 53, owner of Cheatham Construction; wife, Darlene Reed Cheatham. Jimmy K Nelson, 42, dentist; wife, Heidi Pearl Hatch Nelson.