New Stakes and Stake Presidencies Announced in February 2016

  • 4 March 2016

Notices of new and reorganized stakes throughout the world.

New Stakes

A new stake has been created from the Accra Ghana Kaneshie Stake. The Accra Ghana Lartebiokorshie Stake, which consists of the Dansoman, Korle-Bu, Lartebiokorshie, Mamponse, and Mataheko Wards, was created by Elder Terence M. Vinson of the Seventy and Elder M. T. Ben Davis, an Area Seventy.

ACCRA GHANA LARTEBIOKORSHIE STAKE (October 25, 2015): President—Ignatius Kwamina Baidoo, 46, managing director; wife, Adelaide Spio Ashun Baidoo. Counselors—Charles Kwablah Akorligleh, 41, supervisor; wife, Cynthia Buerieior Lawbra Akorligleh. Arnold Ofoe Oddnicor, 50, area manager; wife, Sethrina Atsufi Degborise Oddnicor.

A new stake has been created from the Accra Ghana Adenta and Accra Ghana Tesano Stakes. The Accra Ghana Ofankor Stake, which consists of the Adoagyiri and Nsawam Branches and the Achimota, Amasaman, Chantan, Kwabenya, and Ofankor Wards, was created by Elder LeGrand R. Curtis Jr. of the Seventy and Elder Frederick O. Akinbo, an Area Seventy.

ACCRA GHANA OFANKOR STAKE (October 11, 2015): President—Daniel Anilohu Abeo, 49, area travel manager; wife, Evelyn Abla Dzikunu Abeo. Counselors—Patrick Kwame Daniels, 34, senior information systems technician; wife, Judith Oyiram Gassonu Daniels. George Atopi Thompson, 36, site foreman; wife, Offeh Yaa Gyimaah Thompson.

A new stake has been created from the Albuquerque New Mexico, the Albuquerque New Mexico West, and the Rio Rancho New Mexico Stakes. The Albuquerque New Mexico North Stake, which consists of the Academy Heights, Bernalillo, Cibola, Enchanted Hills, La Cueva, and North Valley Wards, was created by Elder Randall K. Bennett of the Seventy and Elder Daniel W. Jones, an Area Seventy.

ALBUQUERQUE NEW MEXICO NORTH STAKE (December 6, 2015): President—Robert D. Saxton, 54, account manager; wife, Cyneil Sayton. Counselors—Darren C. Norby, 35, prosthodontist; wife, Amy Carol Petersen Norby. Stephen H. Christiansen, 48, oral surgeon; wife, Jennifer L. Komadima Christiansen.

A new stake has been created from the Calgary Alberta East and Calgary Alberta South Stakes. The Calgary Alberta Bow River Stake, which consists of the Auburn Bay, Elliston Park, Mahogany, McKenzie, New Brighton, Sunridge, Valley View, Willow Park, and Carburn Park YSA Wards, was created by Elder Wilford W. Andersen of the Seventy and Elder G. Lawrence Spackman, an Area Seventy.

CALGARY ALBERTA BOW RIVER STAKE (December 6, 2015): President—Kevin Clark Thompson, 41, controller, Bidell; wife, Traley LeAnne Olsen Thompson. Counselors—Troy Rex Wood, 52, self-employed; wife, Sharon Joyce Prince Wood. Jerome James Wigg, 66, consultant, BP; wife, Gladys Joanne Syms Wigg.

A new stake has been created from the Eagle Mountain Utah East Stake. The Eagle Mountain Utah Silver Lake Stake, which consists of the Cedar Crest, Foxwood, Silver Creek, Silver Lake, and Woodhaven Wards, was created by Elder Bradley D. Foster of the Seventy and Elder Steven K. Randall, an Area Seventy.

EAGLE MOUNTAIN UTAH SILVER LAKE STAKE (October 25, 2015): President—Marvin Clayton Russell, 32, safety director; wife, Dulcie Burns Clayton. Counselors—Gregory Scott Hooke, 38, store director; wife, Frances Muriel Skoljarev Hooke. Benjamin Lee Reaves, 48, program manager; wife, Marie Louise Smith Reaves.

A new stake has been created from the Liberty Missouri and Platte City Missouri Stakes. The Far West Missouri Stake, which consists of the Albany, Chillicothe, Trenton, and Wood Heights Branches and the Cameron 1st, Far West, Gallatin, Kearney 1st, Kearney 3rd, and Maryville Wards, was created by Elder Mervyn B. Arnold of the Seventy and Elder Alvin F. Meredith III, an Area Seventy.

FAR WEST MISSOURI STAKE (October 18, 2015): President—Michael Dennis Call, 55, self-employed consultant; wife, Shannon Joyce Brown Call. Counselors—Richard Scott Holman, 58, OB gyn physician; wife, Kelli Schless Holman. Anthony Philip Myers, 51, director and principal architect; wife, Amber JaNeen Hunt Myers.

A new stake has been created from the Henderson Nevada Black Mountain and Henderson Nevada Eldorado Stakes. The Henderson Nevada McCullough Hills Stake, which consists of the Dutchman Pass, Eldorado Pass, Highland Hills, Laurel Hills, McCullough Hills, Palm Canyon, and Paradise Hills Wards, was created by Elder Wilford W. Andersen of the Seventy and Elder William H. Stoddard, an Area Seventy.

HENDERSON NEVADA McCULLOUGH HILLS STAKE (November 15, 2015): President—Jason Todd Morris, 42, endodontist; wife, Stephanie Walker Morris. Counselors—Claude Douglas Bernstein Nielsen, 55, public affairs/education officer; wife, Mesia Stewart Nielsen. Steele Reid Hendrix, SVP marketer; wife, Julie Ann Montgomery Hendrix.

A new stake has been created from the Dallas Texas and Carrollton Texas Stakes. The Irving Texas Stake, which consists of the Dallas 6th, Grand Prairie 1st, Grand Prairie 2nd, Irving, Pioneer, and Shady Grove Wards, was created by Elder Craig A. Cardon of the Seventy and Elder Leonard A. Greer, an Area Seventy.

IRVING TEXAS STAKE (February 7, 2016): President—Jason Allen Parr, 41, partner, Peisner Johnson; wife, Teddi Jay Gromley Parr. Counselors—Hector Munoz, 49, owner, M&G GCD; wife, Margarita Munoz. Kent Jones Graves, 51, president, MEDCO; wife, Shawna Deeann Reynolds Graves.

A new stake has been created from the Lagos Nigeria West Stake. The Lagos Nigeria Egbeda Stake, which consists of the Akowonjo, Ayobo, Egbeda, Ejigbo, Igando, and Ikotun Wards, was created by Elder Vern P. Stanfill of the Seventy and Elder Frederick O. Akinbo, an Area Seventy.

LAGOS NIGERIA EGBEDA STAKE (November 22, 2015): President—Sunday Oluwagbenga Adejuwon, 40, maintenance officer, First Inland Bank; wife, Taiwo Maria Ilo Adejuwon. Counselors—John Oghenekume Okah, 48, dentist; wife, Patience Riefire Okah. Sunday Folorunsho Oyedeji, 39, managing director, Heleman Global; wife, Cecilia Awortu Oyedeji.

A new stake has been created from the Lagos Nigeria South Stake. The Lagos Nigeria Festac Stake, which consists of the Ajangbadi, Badagry, Mosafejor, and Snake Island Branches and the Apapa, Festac, Okokomaiko, Olodi-Apapa, and Satelite Wards, was created by Elder LeGrand R. Curtis Jr. of the Seventy and Elder Z. Dominique Dekaye, an Area Seventy.

LAGOS NIGERIA FESTAC STAKE (November 22, 2015): President—David Emeka Amajali, 44, technician; wife, Mercy Itohan Iyare Amajali. Counselors—Herbert Member, 48, manager; wife, Ifeoma Angela Member. Sunday Imeh Umoh, 55, administrator; wife, Gift Umoh.

A new stake has been created from the Las Vegas Nevada Highland Hills and the Las Vegas Nevada Tule Springs Stakes. The Las Vegas Nevada Shadow Mountain Stake, which consists of the Aviary Park, Copper Crest, Deer Springs, Los Prados, San Miguel, and Waterfall Wards, was created by Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge of the Seventy and Elder William H. Stoddard, an Area Seventy.

LAS VEGAS NEVADA SHADOW MOUNTAIN STAKE (December 13, 2015): President—Brian George Stucki, 35, president and owner, Macminicolo; wife, Candace Shereé Bowers Stucki. Counselors—David Brandis Johnson, 43, co-owner, Leavitt Group; wife, Jennifer Michelle Stewart Johnson. Lee Micheal Reese, 47, physician; wife, Cathleen Andrea Beyer Reese.

A new stake has been created from the Las Vegas Nevada Lone Mountain and the Las Vegas Nevada Elkhorn Stakes. The Las Vegas Nevada Skye Canyon Stake, which consists of the Beatty and Indian Springs Branches and the Centennial, Egan Crest, Grand Teton, Providence, Skye Canyon, and Valley Crest Wards, was created by Elder Enrique R. Falabella of the Seventy and Elder Todd B. Hansen, an Area Seventy.

LAS VEGAS NEVADA SKYE CANYON STAKE (December 6, 2015): President—Michael C. Gardner, 44, orthodontist; wife, Lianne Virginia Bancroft Gardner. Counselors—Ronald K DeMille, 55, project manager; wife, Alicia Marie VanBuskirk Demile. Brian Copley, 50, self-employed; wife, Rebekah Lynn Marshall Copley.

A new stake has been created from the Maceió Brazil Stake. The Maceió Brazil Colina Stake, which consists of the Aeroclube, Boa Vista, Clima Bom, Colina, and Paraíso Wards, was created by Elder Jairo Mazzagardi, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder José C. F. Campos, an Area Seventy.

MACEIÓ BRAZIL COLINA STAKE (January 24, 2016): President—Manoel Messias Alves Dos Santos, 41, commercial manager, Sigvaris do Brasil; wife, Sevilaire dos Santos Alves. Counselors—Clesivan Carlos da Silva, 40, manager, Elinica Añvone do Sida; wife, Taciana Gomes Ferrevra da Silva. Cicero Fábio Ferreira da Silva, 28, auditor, TCI BPO; wife, Comila Nicolles Ferrira di Lima.

A new stake has been created from the Tucson Arizona North Stake. The Marana Arizona Stake, which consists of the El Rio Spanish Branch and the Avra Valley, Continental Ranch, Cortaro, Picture Rocks, Red Rock, and Tucson YSA 1st Wards, was created by Elder Mervyn B. Arnold of the Seventy and Elder Karl Tilleman, an Area Seventy.

MARANA ARIZONA STAKE (October 25, 2015): President—Kenneth Russell Moeller, 60, attorney; wife, Pamela Sue Hubbard Moeller. Counselors—George C. Alexander, 62, farm manager; wife, Josephine Lynn Potter Alexander. Chris Gardner, 49, pharmacist; wife, Keri Ann Bearden Gardner.

A new stake has been created from the Miami Florida District. The Miami Florida Stake, which consists of the Miami YSA Branch and the Blue Lagoon, El Portal (Spanish), Flagler, Fountainebleau (Spanish), Miami Beach 1st, Miami Beach 2nd, and Riverside Wards, was organized by Elder Ulisses Soares of the Seventy and Elder Stephen E. Thompson, an Area Seventy.

MIAMI FLORIDA STAKE (September 20, 2015): President—Matthew Ryan Davis, 34, creative director; wife, Jennifer Louise Nichols Davis. Counselors—Johnny Ruben Laguna Peña, 58, operations manager; wife, Sandra Joa de Laguna.Charles Robert Marriott, 43, business developer; wife, Tiffany Barbara Wood Marriott.

A new stake has been created from the San Pedro Honduras El Progreso Stake. The Palermo Honduras Stake, which consists of the Morazan Branch and the Bendeck, La Sarrosas, Las Palmeras, Palermo, and Santa Rita Wards, was created by Elder Kevin R. Duncan of the Seventy and Elder José E. Maravilla, an Area Seventy.

PALERMO HONDURAS STAKE (January 24, 2016): President—Nelson Zavala Manzanares, 40, self-employed, Nelmori Systems; wife, Martha Julia Gómez Zavala. Counselors—Cristian Alexander Meza Castillo, 27, information systems chief; wife, Cinthya Joel Peña Meza. Jorge Javier Banegas Reyes, 51, owner, Gemelos Colors; wife, Maria Dolores Gutiérrez Banegas.

A new stake has been created from the Apex North Carolina and the Raleigh North Carolina Stakes. The Raleigh North Carolina South Stake, which consists of the Fuquay-Varina, Garner, Harris Lake, Holly Springs, Knightdale, Swift Creek, and Zebulon Wards, was created by Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge of the Seventy and Elder J. Vaun McArthur, an Area Seventy.

RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA SOUTH STAKE (November 8, 2015): President—Raymond Joe Runyan III, 52, project manager; wife, Kimberley Ann Funke Runyan. Counselors—Spencer Ray Mortensen, 50, principal scientist; wife, Annette Barton Mortensen. Robert J. Foster, 39, optometrist; wife, Carleen Davis Foster.

A new stake has been created from the Vancouver Washington North and Vancouver Washington West Stakes. The Ridgefield Washington Stake, which consists of the Alpine Heights, Battle Ground 1st, Battle Ground 2nd, La Center, Ridgefield, and Salmon Creek Wards, was created by Elder W. Craig Zwick of the Seventy and Elder Robert M. Call, an Area Seventy.

RIDGEFIELD WASHINGTON STAKE (January 24, 2016): President—Joseph Vance, 47, partner, Miller Nash Graham & Dunn; wife, Lori Anne Keck Vance. Counselors—Spencer William Southwick, 47, director of physical therapy; wife, Renae Lynn Manthey Southwick. Ronald Kim Kramer, 60, senior HR manager, Georgia-Pacific; wife, Debra Jones Kramer.

A new stake has been created from the San Antonio East Stake. The San Antonio Texas Cibolo Valley Stake, which consists of the Cibolo, Converse, Garden Ridge, Live Oak, Randolph, Schertz, Universal City, and Woodlake Wards, was created by Elder Joseph W. Sitati of the Seventy and Elder Daniel W. Jones, an Area Seventy.

SAN ANTONIO TEXAS CIBOLO VALLEY STAKE (January 10, 2016): President—Don Kimball Larson, 53, regional VP, Post Consumer Brands; wife, Peggy Sue Ashbocker Larson. Shawn Eric Vandenberg, 51, attorney; wife, Rachel Hollis Rodgers Vandenberg. John Bruce Durnford, 60, dentist; wife, Sandra Elaine Calkins Durnford.

A new stake was created from the San Benito Guatemala District. The San Benito Guatemala Stake, which consists of the Dolores, Poptún, San Luis, and Sayaxché Branches and the La Libertad, San Andrés, San Benito, Santa Elena, and Trébol Wards, was created by Elder José L. Alonso of the Seventy.

SAN BENITO GUATEMALA STAKE (November 1, 2015): President—Julio Gionvanni Hernández Samayoa, 36, veterinarian; wife, Eugenia Vitalina Velásquez Muñoz. Counselors—Roberto Moroni Monzon Miss, 37, surveyor; wife, Osmaily Azucena Salguero Rosales. Erick Ronaldo Castellanos Torres, 32, clerk assistant; wife, Astrid Fabiola Monroy Leiva.

A new stake has been created from the Saratov Russia District. The Saratov Russia Stake, which consists of the Balakovo, Engels, Marks, and Saratov Russia District Branches and the Dachny, Penza, Solnichny, Volzhski, and Zavodskoy Wards, was created by Elder Bruce D. Porter of the Seventy and Elder Alexey V. Samaykinan, an Area Seventy.

SARATOV RUSSIA STAKE (November 15, 2015): President—Anatoliy K. Reshetnikov, 63, college instructor; wife, Svetlana Viktrovna Samsonova. Counselors—Yevgeniy A. Markelov, 34, Church Educational System coordinator; wife, Yelena Sergeyevna Revyakina. Yevgeniy Kosmynin, 65, Church Educational System employee; wife, Tatyana Grigoryevna Ponomareva.

A new stake has been created from the South Jordan Utah Country Crossing Stake. The South Jordan Midas Utah Stake, which consists of the Midas Creek 1st, Midas Creek 2nd, Midas Creek 3rd, Midas Creek 4th, Midas Creek 5th and Midas Creek 6th Wards, was created by Elder Christoffel Golden of the Seventy and Elder Michale H. Bourne, an Area Seventy.

SOUTH JORDAN MIDAS UTAH STAKE (October 11, 2015): President—Jonathan Roger Frank, 44, dentist; wife, Larissa May Metcalf Frank. Counselors—Roger Green Chapman, 63, senior director, Medtronic; wife, Julianne Winkler Chapman. Todd Eric Drummond, 47, owner, Affordable Printing; wife, Dion Carlson Drummond.

A new stake has been created from the Bloomington Utah Stake. The St. George Utah Southgate Stake, which consists of the Bloomington 3rd, Bloomington 7th, Bloomington 9th (Samoan), Southgate 1st, Southgate 2nd, and Southgate 3rd Wards, was created by Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge of the Seventy and Elder Alin Spannaus, an Area Seventy.

ST. GEORGE UTAH SOUTHGATE STAKE (November 15, 2015): President—James William Bown, 55, managing partner, Utah Gastroenterology; wife, Paula McCullough Bown. Counselors—L. Travis Blach, 41, loan officer; wife, Tana Chappell Blach. Robert Boyd Swensen, 52, project manager and engineer; wife, Laura Gay Durrant Swensen.

A new stake has been created from the Tucson Arizona Rincon Stake. The Tucson Arizona South Stake, which consists of the Tucson Wilmot Branch and the Cienega, Corona, Midvale, Vail, Valencia, and Los Reales Wards, was created by Elder Rafael Pino of the Seventy and Elder Leonard D. Greer, an Area Seventy.

TUCSON ARIZONA SOUTH STAKE (December 6, 2015): President—Sidney B. Henderson, 45, senior scientist; wife, Tina L. Wakild Henderson. Counselors—Robert Scott Morehead, 61, lab analyst; wife, Lila LeBaron Morehead. Eddie G. Gonzales, 39, self-employed; wife, Loreli Lamadrid Gonzales.

A new stake has been created from the Cocoa Florida, Sarasota Florida, and Stuart Florida Stakes. The Vero Beach Stake, which consists of the Lake Placid and Okeechobee Branches and the Fort Pierce, Palm Bay 1st, Palm Bay 2nd, Sebring, and Vero Beach Wards, was created by Elder Erich W. Kopischke of the Seventy and Elder R. Randall Bluth, an Area Seventy.

VERO BEACH FLORIDA STAKE (January 10, 2016): President—Kevin Harold Smith, 39, electrical engineer; wife, Kristina Anne Kidwell Smith. Counselors—Mark Charles Hauber, 46, mediator; wife, Bonnie Jean Packer Hauber. Richard Nordell Rasmussen, 50, system support engineer; wife, Peggy Jean Killian Rasmussen.

Reorganized Stakes

ACCRA GHANA KANEISHIE STAKE (October 25, 2015): President—Flint Ekyem Mensah, 40, area publishing services manager; succeeding Isaac Kobina Monsah; wife, Felicia Mensah. Counselors—Kofi Foovi Dosseh, 48, carpenter; wife, Jennifer Naa-Ofeibea Wellington Dosseh. Francis Kwane Sosu Jr., 30, account officer; wife, Miriam Eleanor Sosu.

ACCRA GHANA KASOA STAKE (October 25, 2015): President—Samuel Annan-Simons, 40, planning analyst; succeeding Eugene N. Engmann; wife, Gertrude Theodora Afful. Counselors—Alexander Tandoh, 45, manager; wife, Phyllis Morrison Tandoh. Dwangna Akenten Frimpong, 43, area purchasing manager; wife, Patience Dwapena-Frimpong.

ACCRA GHANA TESANO STAKE (November 8, 2015): President—Marc Badou Gohi, 37, self-reliance supervisor; succeeding Daniel Ankonu Abeo; wife, Faustina Anane Gohi-Badou. Counselors—Adiel Okon Ntuk, 40, CEO, Ad-Connect; wife, Gladis Adiel Ntuk. Damoah Manu, 31, senior accountant; wife, Emmanuella Anita Appiah Manu.

ADELAIDE AUSTRALIA MODBURY STAKE (November 22, 2015): President—Matthew J. Nairn, 39, senior clinical; succeeding David S. Sandelin-McCann; wife, Katherine B. Rice Nairn. Counselors—Kenneth S. McKim, 51, self-employed; wife, Lindsey Palmer McKim. Jamie E. Herrick, 49, mental health nurse; wife, Lisa J. Bennallack Herrick.

ANOKA MINNESOTA STAKE (November 15, 2015): President—Paul W. Wilson, 42, IT manager; succeeding Don J. Clark; wife, Sarah L. Sorensen Wilson. Counselors—Kenneth G. Rasmussen, 55, director of engineering; wife, Alene R. Allgaier Rasmussen. Mark A. Macdonald, 52, seminary and institute coordinator; wife, Denise Robb Macdonald.

AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND MANUKAU STAKE (January 17, 2016): President—Taulia Tafiti, 36, senior careers adviser; succeeding Sione F. Tuione; wife, Televalani Aiufi Pei Tafiti. Counselors—Tommy Ilionai Laban Jr., 34, works supervisor, Spotless Services; wife, Saisamoa Monise Fata Laban. Sekisoni ‘Anitaiamoni Sapoi, 41, builder; wife, ‘Uheina Tupou Sapoi.

AYACUCHO PERU STAKE (September 20, 2015): President—Carlos Atarima Mañuico, 44, commercial zone chief; succeeding José Antonio Cary Clavijo; wife, Marilia Tanampa Ochoa. Counselors—Moises Obregon Tanta, 36, government employee; wife, Lourdes Arnao Hejia. Julio Cesar Gonzalez Feria, 47, professor; wife, Marleny Eva Campos Arteaga.

BLOOMINGTON UTAH STAKE (November 15, 2015): President—Robert M. Jensen, 47, attorney; succeeding Hal G. Anderson; wife, Susan Sinnott Gail Jensen. Counselors—Aaron Edward Sandvik, 58, self-employed; wife, Connee Sue Trotter. Bradley C. Harr, 48, attorney; wife, Marta Paulsen Harr.

BOGOTA COLOMBIA CIUDAD JARDIN STAKE (November 1, 2015): President—Franklin Montoya Garcia, 47, engineer; succeeding Lyndon A. Cuscagua; wife, Nubia Esperanza Rodriguez Vasquez. Counselors—Brayan A. Lopez Luna, 38, planning manager; wife, Lizeth Ines Lopez de Garzon. Mario F. Riascos Bolanos, 39, self-employed; wife, Johanna Pizarro Jaramillo.

BRASÍLIA BRAZIL TAGUATINGA STAKE (October 25, 2015): President—Antonio Alex de Almeida Castro, 45, treasurer; succeeding Dewilson Miguel de Arruda; wife, Barbara de Melo Castro. Counselors—Ricardo Tadanori Rezende Makino, 40, federal public servant; wife, Angela Regina Valentin Makino. Luiz Antonio Alves Cormo, 48, manager; wife, Erika Fuchida.

BRISBANE AUSTRALIA NORTH STAKE (November 22, 2015): President—Louis G. Ziesel, 54, self-employed; succeeding Robert N. Gilkes; wife, Cornelia Crista Schober Ziezel. Counselors—Craig B. Dobinson, 51, solutions architect; wife, Deena Michelle Endersby Dobinson. Steven Anthony Fazakellet, 45, director; wife, Katherine Elizabeth Fazakellet.

BROOKLYN NEW YORK STAKE (December 6, 2015): President—Robert Shull, 40, district attorney; succeeding Jeff V. Nelson; wife, Amy Lynne Dirle Shull. Counselors—Gerardo A. Herrera, 54, superintendent; wife, Thelma Yolanda Herrera. David Elias Glick, 47, self-employed; wife, Kristin Polizzolto.

BUCARAMANGA COLOMBIA TERRAZAS STAKE (September 20, 2015): President—Simon Sandoval Quintero, 63, diesel mechanic; succeeding Luis Alfredo Navaro Monsalve; wife, Taneth Sarmiento Mantilla. Counselors—Carlos Horacio Camacho, 45, nurse; wife, Plata Bautista Mayerly. Diego Fernando Carreno Ayaia, 33, manager; wife, Angelica Ayaia Bererra Lismar.

BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA CHACABUCO STAKE (December 6, 2015): President—Sergio Galbuchi, 46, commercial manager; succeeding Nelson Catala; wife, Silvia Cristina Romero. Counselors—Hector Angel Jimenz, 44, train ticket seller; wife, Maria Marta Rodriguez. Dario Juarez, 51, storeroom manager, Ministry of Defense; wife, Susan Batriz Corvalan.

BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA ESCOBAR STAKE (December 13, 2015): President—Luis Gustavo Diaz, 47, sales executive; succeeding Walter E. Rodriguez; wife, Karina Andrea Gerez. Counselors—Osvaldo M. Soria, 44, self-employed; wife, Erica Beatriz Carballo.Sixto R. Pascual, 34, health and safety technician; wife, Maria Laura Penaranda.

BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA MONTE GRANDE STAKE (November 8, 2015): President—Marcelo Javier Paz, 44, area security manager; succeeding Damian E. Puodziunas; wife, Nancy Barli Adriana. Counselors—Jorge Omar Franco, 48, business owner; wife, Marcia Cristina Ribeiro. Fernando Ariel Guarino, 39, technician; wife, Marina Cecilia do Santos.

CABO SAN LUCAS MEXICO STAKE (November 29, 2015): President—Luis M. Olachea Tapiz, 33, office manager; succeeding Ezequiel Fernando Ramirez Quinones; wife, Ninive Esther Sanchez Cervantes. Counselors—Cesar A. Duran Ixtlahuaca, 32, traffic manager; wife, Monserrat Galvez Ahedo. Arturo Tagle Medina, 41, manager; wife, Cristina Zavala Jimenez.

CALI COLOMBIA CALIMA STAKE (October 18, 2015): President—Fabian Ronaldo Gallego Now, 33, auditor; succeeding Gerson A. Madrid Reyes; wife, Claudia Lopna Diago Montenlagio. Counselors—Miguel Andres Escobar Aguilar, 32, contractor; wife, Julie Alexandra Manique Gaizor. Emilson Ming Grisales, 38, operator; wife, Diana Pamela Daz.

CEDAR CITY UTAH CROSS HOLLOW STAKE (January 31, 2016): President—Vance Kay Smith, 45, president, Leavit Group Enterprises; succeeding Gregory J. Powell; wife, Carrie Hansen Smith. Counselors—Robert Stringham Wankier, 58, owner, Pioneer Floor Coverings; wife, LeAnn Tobler Wankier. Ricky Eldon Dustin, 61, landscape architect; wife, Melanie Jayne Matthews Dustin.

CEDAR HILLS UTAH WEST STAKE (October 11, 2015): President—Charles Edward Arnold, 55, software engineer; succeeding Richard M. Noble; wife, Judy Jameson Arnold. Counselors—Robert Dee Louder, 59, retired; wife, Valerie Elizabeth Lewis Louder. Darrell Arthur Anderson, 46, chief marketing officer; wife, Laurie Ann Stanger Anderson.

CELAYA MEXICO STAKE (January 24, 2016): President—Israel Guzmán Tovar, 36, medical representative; succeeding Sergio Garcia Diaz; wife, Sandra Fabiola Robles Muñiz. Counselors—José Sergio Quinter Olvera, 36, sales consultant, INA; wife, Norma Hernández Capetillo. Josu Marinno Del Angel Abrego, 34, adminsitrator and project manager, FIRCO-SAGARPA; wife, Diana Cristina Quintero Olvera.

CHANDLER ARIZONA STAKE (September 20, 2015): President—Matthew Benson Lewis, 53, education teacher; succeeding J. Mitchell Jones; wife, Amy Suzanne Cluff Lewis. Counselors—Jeremy Paul Grohman, 43, insurance agent and broker; wife, Victoria Jensen Riggs Grohman. Matthew A. Campbell, 49, senior analyst; wife, Kerri Alice Boas Campbell.

CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL STAKE (October 25, 2015): President—Steven Jay Page, 51, technology developer; succeeding Bryant A. Baker; wife, Lisa Anne Jenkins Page. Counselors—Jeffrey Lee Davis, 50, lean manufacturing manager; wife, Sue Ellen Ashton Davis. Jason Monroe Mattingley, 43, inspection leader; wife, Karen Brueck Mattingley.

CHIHUAHUA MEXICO TECNOLÓGICO STAKE (September 20, 2015): President—Raul Ernesto Oyarzabal Aragon, 36, department head; succeeding Carlos A. Gabaldón Hoyval; wife, Myrna Roxana Hernandez Gallardo. Counselors—Daniel Sayto Corona, 36, laboratory head; wife, Arelí Galindo Hernandez. Fernando Castañeda Ortega, 40, territory manager; wife, Maria del Carmen Tranco Garcia.

CHINANDEGA NICARAGUA WEST STAKE (November 29, 2015): President—Marlon G. Meraz Guevara, 38, project supervisor; succeeding Axel Javier Narvaez Tercero; wife, Kennia Lucia Arriaza Martinez. Counselors—Dany L. Bonilla Espinoza, 39, mechanic; wife, Guirlen Zolieth Garcia Juarez. Luis Alberto Salazar Martinez, 44, self-employed; wife, Esperanza de los Angeles Montiel Meza.

CHINO CALIFORNIA STAKE (November 8, 2015): President—William Siddoway Rockwood, 62, teacher and coach; succeeding Daniel K. Stevensen; wife, Joye Eileen Suggs Rockwood. Counselors—Paul Timothy Stevens, 57, VP and general manager; wife, Shawna Lynn Perrine Stevens. Bryan Keith Gutierrez, 41, neuro specialist; wife, Liliana Tovar Gutierrez.

CIUDAD BOLÍVAR VENEZUELA STAKE (October 25, 2015): President—Livio Sánchez Rosman, 42, police intelligence chief; succeeding Ronald J. Cedeño Bellorin; wife, Ana Elena Fuemayor. Counselors—Jesus Rafael Luces Manrique, 40, IT resource; wife, Yngrid Anabel Lara Marquez. Keynis Frynel Franco Rondon, 31, tourism consultant; wife, Francia Josefina Fernandez de Franco.

CIUDAD DE MEXICO CULTURAS STAKE (January 24, 2016): President—Jose Luis Ramon Lopez, 50, temple engineer; succeeding Salvador Hernádez Bároonas; wife, Norma Miranda Cruz. Counselors—Atilano Nava Lorenzo, 45, account manager, BMC Software; wife Veronica Baesa Garcia. Gaspar Aguirre Meneses, 47, institute director; wife, Blanca Erendira Alcauter Bustamante.

COBAN GUATEMALA STAKE (November 1, 2015): President—Duglas Ruddy Eddy Coy Duering, 46, teacher; succeeding Oscar Jafet Vásquez Guevara; wife, Dercy Wendy Odett Maas Barrios. Counselors—Daniel Alejandro Ovalle Cabrera, 35, administrative assistant; wife, Cindy Maria Elena Pape Sagüi. César Leonel Corleto Green, 45, supervisor; wife, Nidia Gabriela Molina Rey.

COLORADO SPRINGS EAST STAKE (December 13, 2015): President—Matthew Jay Carroll, 48, program manager; succeeding David K. Muirhead; wife, Shantell Hicken Carroll. Counselors—Chad H. Slaugh, 54, software engineer; wife, Anita Larsen Slaugh. Timothy C. Barron, 45, self-employed; wife, Wendy Irene Sharp Barron.

CORAL SPRINGS FLORIDA STAKE (January 10, 2016): President—Stephen Russel Smith, 41, finance market manager; succeeding William F. Current; wife, Lisa Erin Dawson Smith. Counselors—José Alberto Castaños, 44, principal; wife, Eleanor de los Santos Castaños Racio. David Craig Jenkins, 59, CES coordinator; wife, Cindy Warburton Jenkins.

CUENCA ECUADOR STAKE (November 22, 2015): President—Gordon P. Foreman, 62, retired; succeeding Juan Carlos Lara Ochoa; wife, Susan Krebs Foreman. Counselors—Juan G. Cabrera Cornejo, 53, health visitor; wife, Julia Garcia Cordero. Rodrigo L. Rosero Quiroz, 47, project director; wife, Maria Lorena Tello Figueroa.

DALLAS TEXAS STAKE (February 7, 2016): President—Mark William Romney, 62, owner, Romney Law Firm; succeeding J. Alden Porter; wife, Belinda Evans Romney. Counselors—David Wayne Patterson, 60, field supervisor, Ameritex Vending; wife, Susan Monica Quesnel Patterson. Jeffrey David Anderson, 42, software engineer; wife, Kristine McMurdie Anderson.

DAVID PANAMA STAKE (November 15, 2015): President— Reinel Antonio Rios Miranda, 33, systems assistant; succeeding Miguel A. Garrido Madrid; wife, Edilsia Jannyss Chavez Urriola. Counselors—Marvin Vigil Rodriguez, 32, warehouse chief; wife, Genesis Pinto Abrego. Francisco Alvarado Vasquez, 55, professor; wife, Marianela Concepcion.

DURÁN ECUADOR NORTH STAKE (October 11, 2015): President—Freddy Marlon Gonzalez Pomader, 33, business adviser; succeeding Maximo Joffre Litardo Benavides; wife, Roxana Jolley Bohorquez Ramos. Counselors—Henri Omár Herrera Moran, 41, mechanic; wife, Fresia Sonia Cardenas Torres de Herrera. Lorenzo Joselito Vera Decker, 46, self-employed; wife, Marlene del Roéro Sahas Pérez.

EAST BRUNSWICK NEW JERSEY STAKE (October 11, 2015): President—Brandon Chance Bagley, 39, marketing; succeeding Gregory J. Stokes; wife, Taji Peterson Bagley. Counselors—Robert Brent Nielsen, 49, director of project management; wife, Heather Tennant Nielsen. Elvin Leonel Sevilla Corea, 35, territory manager; wife, Lioa Yamile Sevilla.

‘EUA TONGA STAKE (October 18, 2015): President—Lamisï Makitoni Ma’u, 39, laborer; succeeding Felenili Havea; wife, Hafanga Matelau Ma’u. Counselors—Sunia Kauvara Havea, 39, operator; wife, Salone Mau. Lasalosi Wangyu, 40, farmer; wife, Pamela Fesita.

FAIRFIELD CALIFORNIA STAKE (December 13, 2015): President—James A. Edman, 62, self-employed; succeeding Richard F. Jergensen; wife, Marsha Anne Lewis Edman. Counselors—David J. Marianno, 55, principal; wife, Crystal June Retherford Marianno. Mark S. LeCheminant, 54, key accountant manager; wife, Tammy Jane Lee LeCheminant.

FILER IDAHO STAKE (December 6, 2015): President—Scott E. Hunsaker, 44, certified public accountant; succeeding Jeffrey J. Ackerman; wife, Melanie Cristine Rich Hunsaker. Counselors—Kenneth E. Hulse, 56, self-employed; wife, Betty Ilene Durrant. Nate A. Kelsey, 40, CEO; wife, Carie Lyn Whittaker Kelsey.

FLORENCE SOUTH CAROLINA STAKE (October 25, 2015): President—Joseph Craig Jennings, 34, salesman; succeeding W. Clifton Barfield Jr.; wife, Shawna Marie Passey Jennings. Counselors—Rodney Thurman Brown, 58, president, Plantation Resort of Myrtle Beach Inc.; wife, Mary Cynthia Newman Brown. Dennis Lane McDaniel, 45, principal; wife, Christi Barfield McDaniel.

GÖTEBORG SWEDEN STAKE (October 18, 2015): President—Lars Kluukervold Lamdro, 48, Swedish migratory board; succeeding Ulf Börje Strömbom; wife, Eva Inoelôv Forsberg Landro. Counselors—Kent Olof Perciwall, 61, president, Perciwall AB; wife, Erica Vennerholm Perciwall. Daniel Gősta Malm, 45, founder/CEO, Value Add Solutions; wife, Eva Linnea Malm.

GUAYAQUIL ECUADOR GARCIA MORENO STAKE (August 30, 2015): President—Richard Olvera Martínez Bolivar, 46, teacher; succeeding Jorge W. Guerra Rizzo; wife, Susana Ayala Orozco. Counselors—Willian Enrique Jaramillo Cedeño, 26, independent vendor; wife, Dennise Solange Govea Alvarado. Jean Carlos Ramón Lainez Mendoza, 40, teacher; wife, Viviana Elizabeth Peralta Moran.

HENDERSON NEVADA BLACK MOUNTAIN STAKE (November 15, 2015): President—Douglas Warren Hedger, 49, judge; succeeding Stephen K. Jones; wife, Tiffany Lee Close Hedger. Counselors—Darwin Alan Swapp, 58, estimator; wife, Carey Viola McMutry Swapp. Jeffery Robert Thomson, 43, epic development; wife, Jamie Dawn Holmes Thomson.

HOUSTON TEXAS EAST STAKE (October 11, 2015): President—Robert Boyd Brown III, 46, head of business control; succeeding Erik M. Howard; wife, Lara Brown. Counselors—Lorenzo Lezcano, 40, auto salesman; wife, Cynthia M. Gorcia Lezcano. Matthew Max Freeman, 56, VP and CFO, U.S. Global Fuels; wife, Ines Riggins Freeman.

JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA EAST STAKE (November 22, 2015): President—Stephen E. Heywood, 41, associate professor; succeeding Thomas N. Spackman; wife, Heather Danae Gibson Heywood. Counselors—Steven W. Button, 55, president, Proheat Inc. and Heaterco Inc.; wife, Tracy Barkhau Button. Gaylord Lee Bridegan, 64, ergonomist; wife, JoAnne M. Bridegan.

JEROME IDAHO STAKE (September 20, 2015): President—Jordan Sean Leak, 37, operations manager; succeeding Paul K. Tateoka; wife, Barbara Eyre Leak. Counselors—Blain C Hope, 59, precision agriculture specialist; wife, Sarah Thomas Hope. Dean Lusk Galen, 37, veterinarian; wife, Candria Jeppesen Lusk.

KIRTLAND NEW MEXICO STAKE (January 17, 2016): President—Clete Norman Finch Jr., 42, pharmacist; succeeding DeWayne M. Whipple; wife, Heather Lee Finch. Counselors—Steven Arthur Pierro, 58, production manager, BHP Billiton; wife, Denise Ann Batterson Pierro. Jon Darrick Sherwood, 55, owner, Sherwood Foam; wife, Tamie Faye Foutz.

KIRYU JAPAN STAKE (December 6, 2015): President—Kazuya Nakano, 41, manager, Musasino medical clinic; succeeding Yutaka Inaba; wife, Rieko Suzuki Nakano. Counselors—Darwin William Halvorson, 53, Church area self-reliance manager; wife, Tomomi Koya. Kazutoshi Amada, 54, electrical engineer; wife, Midori Miyahara.

KLAMATH FALLS OREGON STAKE (September 20, 2015): President—C Kip Phillips, 51, sales/fleet associate; succeeding Paul R. Stewart; wife, Brenda Fleetwood Phillips. Counselors—Terry Dean Metler, 67, regional sales manager; wife, Jane Ellen Olson Metler. Evan Don Mortenson, 59, educator; wife, Lynelle Jean Casey Mortenson.

KNOXVILLE TENNESSEE CUMBERLAND STAKE (October 11, 2015): President—Thomas Lloyd Dahl Jr., 40, ophthalmologist; succeeding D. Shane Cruze; wife, Hannah Melisa Hansen Dahl. Counselors—Douglas Larry Rose, 37, attorney; wife, Lindsey Diane Dee Rose. Stephen Alan Cupp, 42, owner, Graphic Touch; wife, Lori Ladawn Cruze Cupp.

LAGOS NIGERIA IKEJA STAKE (November 22, 2015): President—Adegbenro Olawale Adekunle, 52, electronical engineer; succeeding Raymond Maxwell Oraegbu; wife, Adekemi Omowumi Olukanni Adekunle. Counselors—Victor B. Ukorebi, 41, manager; wife, Katie Mae Carr Ukorebi. Richard K. Ogodogu, 45, self-employed; wife, Esther Okusaga Ogodogu.

LAGOS NIGERIA YABA STAKE (November 22, 2015): President—Raymond Maxwell Oraegbu, 47, business lead, Mobil Production Nigeria unit; succeeding Umana Effiong Umana; wife, Lucy Ovuodoroye Ipheghe Oraegbu. Counselors—Lekwa Kalu, 39, accountant; wife, Amadi Chinenye Kalu. Chinedu J. Enwereuzo, 38, chairman, Skychine Oil & Gas; wife, Taofiic Jemilat Wuraola.

LAWTON OKLAHOMA STAKE (November 8, 2015): President—Brian L. Blaisdell Gladwell, 42, family physician; succeeding Robert H. Petersen; wife, Lisa Johnson Gladwell. Counselors—Jarom R Burbank, 35, endodontist; wife, Desiree L. Nyborg Burbank. Daniel M. Babbel, 39, orthopedic surgeon; wife, Sarah L. Lamb Babbel.

LÁZARO CÁRDENAS MEXICO STAKE (October 18, 2015): President—Antonio Silva España, 46, worker; succeeding Adrian Treviño Vazquez; wife, Ma Elena Marquez Garcia. Counselors—Ceferino Rivera Garcia, 47, miner; wife, Sonia Dolores Cruz Villarreal. Martin Moreno Payan, 50, resident worker; wife, Karla Alejandra Barba Hernandez.

LEEDS ENGLAND STAKE (December 6, 2015): President—James M. Whitehead, 44, assistant head teacher; succeeding James A. J. Stewart; wife, Elizabeth Anne Rooney Whitehead. Counselors—Evan J. Kitsell, 60, director; wife, Rosemarie Anne Peake Kitsell. Andrew P. Hillary, 34, regional facilities manager; wife, Sarah Whitaker Hillary.

LEHI UTAH GATEWAY STAKE (October 11, 2015): President—Peter Jay Ehat, 37, CEO, Accelerator Marketing; succeeding Melvyn F. Gurney; wife, Janelle Marie Hurd Ehat. Counselors—Ryan Clayton Anderson, 43, training manager; wife, Jennifer Marie Jimas Anderson. Gary Kenneth Carlton, 59, estimator/superintendant; wife, Jean Greenwood Carlton.

LEHI UTAH YSA STAKE (November 8, 2015): President—Gordon Ned Wilson, 55, associate VP of auxiliaries; succeeding Robert F. Elzey; wife, Dixie Thomas Wilson. Counselors—Lee Willard Caldwell, 53, executive director and owner, Stillwater Academy; wife, Jamie Atkinson Caldwell. Robert Craig Cuff, 48, executive director; wife, Sonya Garner Cuff.

LIMA PERU EL TREBOL STAKE (December 13, 2015): President—Walter Delgado Carbonel, 48, salesman; succeeding Carlos E. Lizama Sanchez; wife, Mariela Quiroz Ferre. Counselors—William A. Urbano Jimenez, 51, salesman; wife, Cecilia Munubero Cornelio. Udiberto Udraltez Nunez, 57, accounting manager; wife, Elizabeth Herlinda Vidal Vega.

LITTLETON COLORADO STAKE (December 13, 2015): President—Mark L. Sabey, 56, lawyer; succeeding Thomas T. Priday; wife, Elizabeth Blair Sabey. Counselors—Gary B. Blaylock, 58, retired; wife, Cheryl Ann Eadington Blaylock. Jack Reed Marble, 66, self-employed; wife, Cathy Lynn Priddy Marble.

LOGAN UTAH STAKE (December 6, 2015): President—Curtis Nulan Phillips, 45, physical therapist; succeeding Rocky K. Maughan; wife, Brooke Frances Boyd Phillips. Counselors—Brent Dwayne Fillmore, 50, associate director; wife, Joan Woodbury Fillmore. Timothy Adam Royer, 38, terrestrial and watershed scientist; wife, Erica Pearle Griggs Royer.

MACEIO BRAZIL LITORAL STAKE (December 6, 2015): President—Marcos P. Da Silva, 34, partner; succeeding Josualdo dos Santos Mota; wife, Janaina Michelle Costa Silva. Counselors—Claudivan de Lima, 38, teacher; wife, Divanete dos Santos Silva. Jobil Soares de Moraes, 36, information technician; wife, Silvane Serafim de Couto Moraes.

MACEIO BRAZIL TABULEIRO STAKE (December 13, 2015): President—Genival dos Santos, 41, commercial representative; succeeding Alvis Costa Ponder; wife, Geneval dos Santos. Counselors—Romildo L. Santos, 47, member of Brazilian army; wife, Celia Ferreira da Silva Santos. Jackson Medina da Silva, 45, business owner; wife, Izaelva Medino Silva.

MADISON ALABAMA STAKE (November 8, 2015): President—William Kuehn Drake, 56, software developer; succeeding Keith R. Draughon; wife, Cyndy Lee Brandon Drake. Counselors—Michael David Campbell, 47, Allstate Insurance agency owner; wife, Evelyn Aaron Campbell. Robert Barlow Blake, 57, account executive; wife, Kristina Anne Homer Blake.

MARACAY VENEZUELA STAKE (January 10, 2016): President—Jonathan Jesús Carrillo Castro, 39, assistant manager, MinFor C.A.; succeeding Ramon Ernesto Sarmiento Arcila; wife, Mayerlis Angélica León Aguirre. Counselors—Félix Enrigue Garmendia, 48, managing storekeeper; wife, Francy Yuraima González Escalante. Nelvis Ibrahim Guzmán Roger, 32, salesman, Moto Tuning C.A.; wife, Roxana Jaxilin Varela Duque.

MASAYA NICARAGUA STAKE (September 20, 2015): President—José Andrés Cerda López, 33, accountant assistant; succeeding José B. Contreras Rosales; wife, Yossira de la Concepción Maltez Orozco. Counselors—Juan Bautista Hernández Duran, 28, business recovery; wife, Jeylind Jazhira Davila Cuadra. Jonathan Alejandro Masias Delgadillo, 31, administrative manager; wife, Glenda Madelina Chavarria Uriarte.

MATSUDO JAPAN STAKE (September 6, 2015): President—Hiroshi Kinjo, 56, seminaries and institutes coordinator; succeeding Yutaka Shindo; wife, Takako Asato Kinjo. Counselors—Kimiya Yamamoto, 55, senior sales officer; wife, Yumi Kitagawa Yamamoto. Kazuma Nakazawa, 45, senior controlling manager; wife, Yuki Okamoto Nakazawa.

MAZATLAN MEXICO STAKE (December 6, 2015): President—Victor H. Cortez Padilla, 51, physician; succeeding Jaime Lopez Rios; wife, Martha Graciela Flores Cruz. Counselors—Olimpo Cienfuegos Paredes, 43, professional service provider; wife, Lesem Flores Ayala. Lehi Calderon Rojas, 30, fumigator; wife, Nohemi Guzman Calderon.

MERIDA MEXICO BRISAS STAKE (November 22, 2015): President—Emmanuel Santiago Bedolla, 37, technician; succeeding Luis Humberto Aguilar Lavadores; wife, Isabel Vanessa Ruiz Velazquez. Counselors—Martin Montano Alonso, 40, sales manager; wife, Martha Carolina Arias. Gabriel R. Parra Rodriguez, 39, maintance technician; wife, Katia Selene Solis.

MERIDIAN IDAHO AMITY STAKE (November 15, 2015): President—Richard Allen Johnson, 51, aviation attorney; succeeding Clair A. Waite; wife, Christine Ann Standley Johnson. Counselors—Justin Shane Forsberg, 40, investor relations; wife, Jennifer Lambson Forsberg. William Don Loveland, 48, physician; wife, Susan Yancey Loveland.

MESA ARIZONA STAKE (February 7, 2016): President—Stuart Ryan Turley, 43, owner, Turley Construction Company; succeeding Michael D. Cooley; wife, Mary Kathryn Pace Turley. Counselors—Dale William Robinson, 61, partner, Robinson & Allen; wife, Nancy Porter Robinson. Scott McMillian Grimes Jr., 37, principal; wife, Rachel Miles Grimes.

MEXICO CITY CULHUACAN STAKE (November 8, 2015): President—Marco Polo Hinojosa Perez, 41, college administrator; succeeding Ricardo Flores Alvarez; wife, Reina Cristina López Gómez. Counselors—José Cardenas Atayde, 54, merchant; wife, Andrea Pia Ayala. Paúl Trujillo García, 32, manager; wife, Mariana Lizeth Armenta Aispuro.

MEXICO CITY PANTITLAN STAKE (November 15, 2015): President—Ricardo Terron Piña, 47, federal adviser; succeeding Ricardo Arroyo Lozano; wife, Lucia Soledad Serratos. Counselors—Moises Pablo Bautista, 56, self-employed; wife, Manuela Flores Ortega. Arturo E. Rosales Valdes, 30, line worker; wife, Ana Laura Gamez Lopez.

MEXICO CITY TECAMAC STAKE (November 29, 2015): President—Arturo Martinez Escamilla, 38, seminary coordinator; succeeding Jose Guerrero Roman; wife, Susana Trujillo Roman. Counselors—Jorge Ayala Garcia, 46, manager; wife, Marivel Gabriela Cuevas Incapie. Hugo Fonseca Aguilar, 41, consultant; wife, Edith Hernandez Montoya.

MONTICELLO UTAH STAKE (September 20, 2015): President—Kurt Eldon Lewis, 43, farmer; succeeding Scott E. Boyle; wife, Tamra Bunker Lewis. Counselors—Steven Floyd Duke, 45, occupational therapist; wife, Suzanne Skousen Duke. John Robert Fellmeth, 62, IT manager; wife, Jolynn Lyman Fellmeth.

MURFREESBORO TENNESSEE STAKE (November 22, 2015): President—Joseph S. Pennington, 46, district sales manager; succeeding Kevin M. Tipps; wife, Lisa M. Stuart Pennington. Counselors—Scott H Matthews, 54, vendor manager; wife, Julie Ann Walker. Douglas B. Cole, 45, insurance adviser; wife, Sarah K. Tinker Cole.

NEIAFU VAVA’U TONGA WEST STAKE (October 25, 2015): President—Sione Ngúngútau Monu, 44, traffic officer; succeeding ‘Asipeli O. Hausia; wife, Vasiti Manui Monu. Counselors—Siale Matavaha ‘Eliesa, 40, seminaries and institutes coordinator; wife, Iolani Koli ‘Eliesa. Kelepi Tau Tonga, math department head and teacher; wife, Mele fa Langi Tonga.

NEIVA COLOMBIA STAKE (November 22, 2015): President—Oswaldo Martinez Mur, 36, teacher; succeeding Fabian A. Casallas Ortiz; wife, Yurleny Cecilia Murcia Castro. Counselors—Ferney Cardozo, 49, inspector; wife, Elsa Cristina Pineda Perdomo. Felipe Henao Caicedo, 31, supervisor; wife, Elenn Carolina Perdomo Gomez.

NEW HAVEN CONNECTICUT STAKE (September 20, 2015): President—Scott Frederic Martin, 53, senior project manager; succeeding Bruce B. Stratford; wife, Robinette Bird Martin. Counselors—Christopher James Condie, 54, SVP operator; wife, Anne Wetzel Condie. Letterio Asciuto, 60, physician; wife, Adriana Teresita Gimenez Asciuto.

NUKU’ALOFA TONGA LIAHONA STAKE (January 17, 2016): President—Fifita Taufa, 42, maintenance and repair manager; succeeding ‘Inoke F. Kupu; wife, Moonia Taufa. Counselors—Vataniloka Fifita, 58, self-employed; wife, Halafue Fatafehi Fifita. ’Etuate Niu, 48, fleet and warehouse manager, LDS service center; wife, Emeline Afu Pututau.

OAKLAND CALIFORNIA STAKE (September 20, 2015): President—Darryl Paul Rains, 59, partner, Morrison & Foerster LLP; succeeding Dean E. Oriddle; wife, Jana Lee Hausen Rains. Counselors—Gregory Clark Davis, 45, partner, Ropes & Gray; wife, Heather Renee Oxley Davis. Mauricio Torres Romero, 38, property manager; wife, Susana Villanueva Torres.

OGDEN UTAH WEBER STAKE (November 15, 2015): President—Joel Porter, 55, family physician; succeeding Mark F. Burton; wife, Deanna M. Jones Porter. Counselors—Ronald C. Hyde, 65, president, AmeriBag Outdoors; wife, Kristen Hurst Hyde. Guy R. Perry, 45, CEO and owner, Salt Lake Running Co.; wife, Deborah C. Howard Perry.

OKAYAMA JAPAN STAKE (October 25, 2015): President—Yuichi Imai, 56, president, STRAWB inc.; succeeding Rodney D. Swasey; wife, Makiko Ito Imai. Counselors—Shigeo Nagata, 43, chief manager; wife, Miyuki Akagi Nagata. Yamane Yasuhiro, 52, farmer; wife, Fumiko Kobayashi Yasuhiro.

OREM UTAH ORCHARD STAKE (January 17, 2016): President—Jan Terence Goodrich, 58, chief operating officer, IHC Homecare; succeeding William J. Young; wife, Cindy Lue Fausett Goodrich. Counselors—Doyle Moss Mortimer, 61, senior VP, Alexander’s; wife, Kitty Jean Pearson Mortimer. Brandon Douglas Zollinger, 46, project manager, ALM & Associates Inc.; wife, Shauna Lyn Yaskus Zollinger.

OREM UTAH STAKE (January 24, 2016): President—Cameron Michael Vaughn, 53, seminary teacher; succeeding J. Paul Warnick; wife, Cynthia Danese Rasmussen Vaughn. Counselors—Ronald Melvin Burgener, 71, retired; wife, Linda Lewis Burgener. David Evans Monsen, 54, director of broadcasting, LDS Church; wife, Shellie Moore Monsen.

PAISLEY SCOTLAND STAKE (October 25, 2015): President—Andrew P. Dewey, 42, managing director; succeeding Douglas A. Yates; wife, Dewey Febbie Jone Carr. Counselors—Andrew Keir, 54, project manager; wife, Michelle Adriana Tyrrell. Douglas A. Yates, 69, non-executive director, Scottish police; wife, Marjorie Jean Brooks Yates.

PALMAS BRAZIL STAKE (November 29, 2015): President—Carlos Cleyton Mendes Moraes, 38, operations technician; succeeding Tobias Ferreira Leal; wife, Railma Vieira Lima Moraes. Counselors—Elton Ferreira Leal, 32, tax consultant; wife, Sabrina Assakawa Ludgeno. Marcelo Ramos da Cunha, 32, administrator; wife, Bianca de Amorim Brito.

PALMDALE CALIFORNIA STAKE (November 15, 2015): President—Justin T. Knowles, 44, senior manager of strategy and competitive intelligence, Northrop Grumman; succeeding Brad Higley; wife, Sandy Stewart Knowels. Counselors—Joseph C. Cornwell, 53, teacher; wife, Janell Jarvis Cornwall. Craig W. Rees, 60, teacher; wife, Mary B. Rohbock Rees.

PHOENIX ARIZONA WEST MARICOPA STAKE (December 6, 2015): President—Timothy W. Overton, 37, attorney certified; succeeding Ronald D. Waldron; wife, Bethany Noel Denmon Overton. Counselors—Chad R. Price, 41, director; wife, Bedie LeAnne Parker Price. Florencio Cid, 52, self-employed; wife, Adriana Cid.

PLAINVIEW NEW YORK STAKE (October 25, 2015): President—Barrett Lynn Richards, 41, senior manager, E&Y; succeeding Mark O. Hardman; wife, Catherine N. Chiclester Richards. Counselors—Richard W. Wright, 43, department chair; wife, Ruth A. Brinson Wright. Keith J. Soressi, 56, executive director, Nassau County Bar Association; wife, Janet A. Gilligan Soressi.

POCATELLO YSA 1ST STAKE (January 24, 2016): President—Reed Kim Smith, 57, dentist; succeeding David N. Hermansen; wife, Dana Lee Tueller Smith. Counselors—Vance Pendleton Nielsen, 41, agent/consultant, Associated Benefit Consultants; wife, Gina Phillips Nielsen. Shawn Arnell Jepsen, 43, surgeon/owner, Facial and Oral Surgery; wife, Rebecca Anne Schmutz Jepsen.

PONTA GROSSA BRAZIL CAMPOS GERAIS STAKE (December 13, 2015): President—Neverson Paes, 33, proprietor; succeeding Jose Carlos do Carmo; wife, Deborah Gonzaga de Camargo. Counselors—Joao Cleber Generoso, 35, president, Best Use; wife, Suellen Hillgemberg Generoso. Edison Roberto de Gois, 42, real estate broker; wife, Sirlene Premebida Urba.

PORIRUA NEW ZEALAND STAKE (December 13, 2015): President—Paul W. Roberts, 37, project manager; succeeding Wayne B. Rogers; wife, Haidee Renee Wilson Roberts. Counselors—Chu Shing Gaw, 50, glass cutter; wife, Ugapo Sifon. Daniel D. Atai Torea, 56, supervisor, Taylor Preston Ltd.; wife, Tania Lisa Hinehau Forbes.

POWDER SPRINGS GEORGIA STAKE (October 18, 2015): President—Jonathan Ruel Anderson, 41, professor of management; succeeding Thomas E. Owen; wife, Kristyn West Anderson. Counselors—Kinley Glen Shell, 46, VP of web development; wife, Lauri Ellen Krogh Shell. Brian Scott Merling, 49, aircraft technician; wife, Stephanie René Werth Merling.

PRICE UTAH STAKE (October 18, 2015): President—Jason Craig Olson, 41, institute director; succeeding J. Jae Potter; wife, Ree Ann Olson. Counselors—Frank James Peczuh Jr., 53, president, Peczuh Printing Co.; wife, Brenda Marrelli Peczuh. Glen C Fredrickson, 56, business owner; wife, Debbie Lee Peterson Fredrickson.

PROVO UTAH EDGEMONT STAKE (September 20, 2015): President—Scott Taylor Jackson, 62, orthopedic surgeon; succeeding John A. Bunting; wife, Ruthanne Hansen Jackson. Counselors—Curtis Carl Johnson, 56, orthopedic surgeon; wife, Tamara Bacon Johnson. William Alan Freedman, 47, principal; wife, Alyson Seeley Freedman.

PROVO UTAH OAK HILLS STAKE (September 20, 2015): President—James Groberg Blair, 46, CEO, Fusion Ed.; succeeding Allen G. Ostergar Jr.; wife, Traci Hall Blair. Counselors—George Browning Handley, 51, professor; wife, Amy Lynne Paugh Handley. William Scott Lohner, 49, physician/eye MD; wife, Kimberly Garnette Lohner.

PROVO UTAH YSA 18TH STAKE: (October 11, 2015): President—James Ray Engebretsen, 60, board member; succeeding Tim W. Layton; wife, Tamera Jones Engebretsen. Counselors—Robert Merrill Moon, 56, IT director; wife, Jennifer Lynn Jacobs Moon. Newel Anthony Brown, 42, professor; wife, Emily Alice Barrett Brown.

PROVO UTAH YSA 7TH STAKE (October 18, 2015): President—Kevin L Curtis, 58, CEO, Heritage Behavioral Health Systems; succeeding Mark J Lusvardi; wife, Laureen Willis Curtis. Counselors—Paul LeRoy Monson, 56, institute teacher; wife, Leslie Ann Anderson Monson. Dallin Dixon Oaks, 55, professor; wife, Marleen Gwen May Oaks.

PUGLIA ITALY STAKE (November 15, 2015): President—Francesco Rodio, 40, teacher and master chef; succeeding Vito Mongelli, wife, Silvia Dominici. Counselors—Marco Carnevale, 56, team leader; wife, Pasqualina Mastrorilli. Maurizio Michele Conforte, 48, salesman; wife, Grazia Manzo.

QUEEN CREEK ARIZONA EAST STAKE (October 25, 2015): President—Daniel Graham Oakes, 48, owner, Therapeutic Consulting Services; succeeding Ernest R. Lawes; wife, Shannon Renee Adams Oakes. Counselors—Randon Hauert Riffey, 55, purchasing manager; wife, Sheri Lee Galatly Riffey. Erik John Masitis, 42, structural engineer and owner, EJM Engineering; wife, Melissa Lynette Erb Masitis.

QUEZON CITY SOUTH STAKE (December 6, 2015): President—Edwin Valencia Malit, 51, seminary and institute coordinator; succeeding Richard C. Baquiran; wife, Laura Aldana Leveriza Malit. Counselors—Nilo B. Hisita, 49, security supervisor; wife, Minerva Llanera Magalina Hisita. Joseph Benedicto R. Gonzales, 44, proprietor; wife, Lyvia Mei Lee Gonzales.

REYNOSA MEXICO STAKE (November 15, 2015): President—Francisco José Martínez Rivera, 44, quality manager; succeeding José Antonio Armenta Quintanilla; wife, Jenny Patricia Garcia Balderas. Counselors—Gustavo Alberto Zapata Flores, 39, supervisor of operations and logistics; wife, Jessica Cottier Gonzalez. David Ochoa Ramirez, 30, personal banker; wife, Amalia Lizeth Fraijo Nuñez.

RIO RANCHO NEW MEXICO STAKE (November 15, 2015): President—Casey C. Allman, 38, dentist; succeeding Jared P. Rounsville; wife, Elizabeth White Allman. Counselors—Grant K. Stoddard, 55, chiropractor; wife, Kaylyn Stoddard. Jesus E. Quispe, 48, CEO; wife, Julie Nielsen Quispe.

ROCHESTER NEW YORK STAKE (October 11, 2015): President—John Charles Howell Jr., 44, professor of physics; succeeding Cary M. Jensen; wife, Heather Mitchell Howell. Counselors—Tate L. Tischner, 40, lawyer; wife, Nancy Jeanne Tischner. Daniel Levin Kimbler, 60, systems analyst; wife, Karen Lee Foster Kimbler.

ROSARIO ARGENTINA WEST STAKE (November 22, 2015): President—Jorge A. Peralta Trejo, 34, violinist; succeeding Jose R. Zacarias; wife, Jazmin Leotta. Counselors—Nicolas A. Carlini, 32, IT consultant; wife, Jorgelina N. Arocha. Ruben A. German, 39, accountant; wife, Carina Alejandra Menghi.

ROUND ROCK TEXAS EAST STAKE (November 22, 2015): President—Channing Robert Williams, 46, finance manager; succeeding Kent L. Huntsman; wife, Renae Marleen Johnson Williams. Counselors—Daniel J Millett, 48, product manager; wife, Sara Van Orman Millet. Ryan Jay Allowitz, 43, endodontist; wife, Christina Lynn Poulsen Allowitz.

ROY UTAH WEST STAKE (January 10, 2016): President—Wendell William Rich, 43, director of financial reporting and investments, Weber State University; succeeding V. Seth Jensen; wife, Michelle Brady Rich. Counselors—Robert Adams Williamson, 57, outside sales, Century Lighting; wife, Phyllis Benson Williamson. LaMar Holt, 63, retired; wife, Marilyn Hill Holt.

SALT LAKE CANNON STAKE (January 17, 2016): President—Brian William Baker, 46, research engineer; succeeding Richard Kaufusi; wife, Kristi Ann Mendenhall Baker. Counselors—Tipasa Lavulavu Tukuafu, 52, manager, White Horse; wife, Melini Hehea Tukuafu. Marco Antonio Geronimo, 44, clinical scientist; wife, Melynda Lee Ingersoll Geronimo.

SALT LAKE LITTLE COTTONWOOD STAKE (December 13, 2015): President—Bradley C. Partridge, 55, publishing services partner; succeeding John F. Olson; wife, Alison Ogden Partridge. Counselors—Michael A. Cameron, 61, CEO; wife, Camille Barlow Cameron. Clayton J. Wilkinson, 32, mortgage originator; wife, Haylee Jones Wilkinson.

SALVADOR BRAZIL IMBUI STAKE (November 1, 2015): President—Francisco de Assis Souza Costa, 31, lawyer; succeeding Mario Cesar da Silva Cuntia; wife, Joilda Pereira Dos Santos. Counselors—Heltmar M. Gunça, 43, coordinator; wife, Mariluce Batista Gunca. Francisco C. Burlacchini, 67, manager; wife, Rita Sonilba Sukerman Santos.

SAN ANTONIO TEXAS EAST STAKE (January 10, 2016): President—James Edward Mears, 55, assistant high school principal; succeeding Don K. Larson; wife, Theresa Ann Hale Mears. Counselors—Juan Cruz, 61, sales agent, American National; wife, Christina Martinez Cruz. Scott Bee Sowards, 57, temple recorder; wife, Heidi Ruth Smith Sowards.

SAN LUIS POTOSI MEXICO BENITO JUÁREZ STAKE (December 20, 2015): President—Fernando Hernandez Balderas, 45, systems and personnel head; succeeding Gerardo Pascual Gomez Hernandez; wife, Norma Adrian Rojas. Counselors—Marco Antonio Morales Pachelo, 40, daycare manager; wife, Sandra Vital Ramirez. Oscar Alonso Martinez, 35, department head, Central Warning Alarms; wife, Maria del Rosario Torres Espinoza.

SAN PEDRO HONDURAS EL PROGRESO STAKE (January 24, 2016): President—Ernesto Aquiles Pacherco Amador, 51, bridge supervisor; succeeding Marco Antonio Baquedano Ayala; wife, Anny Gissela Córdova Pacherco. Counselors—Marvin Enrique Enamorado Larios, 34, freelance magazine writer; wife, Amada Yesina Medina Enamorado. Desmond Alrich Gough Manzanares, 36, teacher; wife, Karol Rosario Paz Gough.

SAN SALVADOR EL SALVADOR SOYAPANGO STAKE (January 10, 2016): President—Nestor Baltazar Bonilla Novoa, 46, net administrator, ISSS; succeeding Nelson D. Bonilla Estrada; wife, Sonia Elizabeth Hintz Bonilla. Counselors—Humberto Antonio Martinez Flores, 46, sales adviser, Basulas y Balanzas; wife, Julia Cristina Peña de Martinez. Walter Alfredo Estrada Rivera, 40, Church employee; wife, Nancy Stephany Castro Estrada.

SANDY UTAH WILLOW CREEK STAKE (October 11, 2015): President—Jon Ross Kimo Esplin, 53, CFO, Huntsman Corp.; succeeding Jonathan W. Parker; wife, Kaye Davis Esplin. Counselors—Kevin Lynn Ludlow, 59, president, Sequoia Development, Inc.; wife, Kitt Elizabeth Souter Ludlow. Joseph Alan Staples, 55, chief marketing officer; wife, Robyn Hadley Staples.

SANTA ROSA CALIFORNIA STAKE (November 15, 2015): President—Gary E. Kitchen, 50, CEO, RIC Insurance Agency; succeeding Raymond L. Henderson; wife Celeste Kitchen. Counselors—Stoney A. Newton, 52, senior relationship manager, City National Bank; wife Heidi A. Planinz Newton. Rolando Augusto Ampuero, 55, senior technical lead; wife Kerry Lewis.

SANTIAGO CHILE JAVIERA ALICAHUE STAKE (August 30, 2015): President—Samuel E. Colicheo Soto, 47, assistant director; succeeding Jorge Y. Riquelme Rivera; wife, Marcela Viviana Caamano Lagos. Counselors—Miguel A. Pablopulos Saccatore, 38, property administrator; wife, Vinett Herquinigo Pascal. Moises M.A. Arevalo Mesias, 53, chief of operation; wife, Paula Andrea Alegria.

SANTIAGO CHILE JAVIERA CARRERA STAKE (October 11, 2015): President—Manuel P. Vera Herrera, 47, founding associate, Alumar LTDA; succeeding Carlos A. Faundez Maureira; wife, Felisa Patricia Martinez Ayala. Counselors—Milton M. Lopez Palavecino, 43, fleet supervisor; wife, Neville Benita Flores Cerda. Ivan C. Mendoza Indo, 60, self-employed; wife, Maria Soledad Quinteros.

SÃO PAULO BRAZIL PARQUE BRISTOL STAKE (August 30, 2015): President—Ronaldo Môzart Mendes, 30, social engineer; succeeding Joaquim B. Neto; wife, Stephanie Nuñez Lopez. Counselors—Francisco Marcio Dantas, 37, systems architect; wife, Mariana Barbosa Rodrigues Dantas. Rennan Orefice D’Agostino, 29, new business manager; wife, Deborah Stafussi.

SNOHOMISH WASHINGTON STAKE (January 10, 2016): President— James Earle Schwartz, 53, director of sales operations, Omeros Corporation; succeeding Alan J. Whipple; wife, Diane Neff Schwartz. Counselors—Todd Allen Petersen, 48, manager, Microsoft Corporation; wife, Rhonda Pettey Petersen. Christopher Anthony Bresciano, 51, engineer, Boeing; wife, LeAnne Henderson.

SPRING TEXAS STAKE (November 1, 2015): President—Michael G. Myers, 39, senior counsel; succeeding Randy C Tolman; wife, Shelley Higham Myers. Counselors—Frederick Michael Lasswell, 48, corporate manager; wife, Rebecca Jean Ricks Lasswell. Fred Fernandez Whipple, 52, vice president community and diversity; wife, Lorraine Jen Bloomer Whipple.

TAYLORSVILLE UTAH SOUTH STAKE (January 17, 2016): President—Randy Lee Foote, 52, assistant manager, Deseret Industries; succeeding Jimmy Matsumura; wife RaAnn Woodbury Foote. Counselors—Kayle Densley Loertscher, 49, president, KL Woodworks Inc; wife, Jill Wardle Loertscher. Jeremiah Daniel Stettler, 39, executive, Social 5; wife Tahja Marie Newson Stettler.

TEMPE ARIZONA SOUTH STAKE (January 10, 2016): President—Kevin Howard Otteson, 58, dentist; succeeding Paul Y. Thomas; wife, Jody Lynn Garner Otteson. Counselors—Craig Lee Webb, 61, exceutive vice president, USI Insurance; wife, Cameron Coombs Webb. Richard James Charters, 51, planning manager, Intel Corp; wife, Melissa Hatch Charters.

TEMUCO CHILE ÑIELOL STAKE (November 8, 2015): President—Camilo C. Lopez Palavecinos, 38, manager, COM; succeeding Edison L. Merino Contreras; wife, Jessica Ester Merino Contreras. Counselors—Victor D. Zapata Padilla, 30, civil servant; wife, Claudia Yanina Mella Pinela. Ismael R. Riquelme Contreras, 32, researcher; wife, Daniela Alexandra Vargas Ortiz.

TOA BAJA PUERTO RICO STAKE (August 30, 2015): President—Roman Juan Torres, 52, warehouse technician; succeeding Tomas J. Olmo; wife, Doris Pagan Gil. Counselors—José Raul Toro Cruz, 34, government employee; wife, Nadja Negran Gonzalez. Renaldo Iñesta Padilla, 45, PR manager; wife, Magda Olmo Colōn.

TOLEDO OHIO STAKE (September 13, 2015): President—Kenneth Vaughn Eddington, 46, product manager; succeeding Dennis R. Smith; wife, Sheri Ann Callister Eddington. Counselors—Eric Allen Marks, 39, attorney; wife, Renae Alyse Christensen Marks. Fritz William Griffioen, 39, owner, IHT Agency; wife, Rebecca Kristine Borton Griffioen.

TOLUCA MEXICO STAKE (December 6, 2015): President—Jorge A. Peralta Trejo, 37, project manager, HSBC Bank; succeeding Cesar Jimenez Penaloza; wife, Liz B. Landa Bustamante. Counselors—Josafat A. Torres Reyes, 40, businessman, Optimus Welding; wife, Sandra Guzman Mendoza. Jorge Garcia Enriquez, 46, nutritionist; wife, Luz Maria Gonzalez Jimenez.

TUCSON ARIZONA NORTH STAKE (January 17, 2016): President—Steven Thomas Broadbent, 59, COO, Critical Path Institute; succeeding Todd B. Polley; wife, Mary Ann Nahnas Broadbent. Counselors—Joseph Castleberry Winfield, 40, landscape architect; wife, Mariann Huber Winfield. Jess A Haymore, 40, dentist; wife, Tania Busby Haymore.

TUCSON ARIZONA WEST STAKE (October 25, 2015): President—Loren T. Somerville, 43, institute instructor; succeeding Zane A. Kartchner; wife, Caryn Garner Somerville. Counselors—Anthony A. Bach, 64, self-employed; wife, Karolyn Kay York Bach. Shawn B. Harline, 41, mechanical engineer; wife, Christine Bennion Harline.

VANCOUVER WASHINGTON NORTH STAKE (January 24, 2016): President—Rodney Scott Rushing, 47, gynecologic oncologist; succeeding Bruce G. Randall; wife, Heidi Stewart Rushing. Counselors—Robert Jason Butterfield, 45, general manager, Providence Health Plan; wife, Rachelle Lee Anderson Butterfield. Kevin Andrus Doty, 59, consultant, AKT Benefit Advisors; Cassandra Joan Melton Doty.

VANCOUVER WASHINGTON WEST STAKE (January 24, 2016): President—Wade Bradshaw Pickett, 54, district sales manager, Lincoln Electric; succeeding Dean M. Burrus; wife, Karen Marie Jones Pickett. Counselors—George Russell Church, 58, dentist; wife, Karen Grifiths Church. Douglas Alan Ruth II, 44, general manager, Micropump IDEX; wife, Shalee Chanslor Ruth.

VILLA NUEVA GUATEMALA EL FRUTAL STAKE (October 11, 2015): President—Saúl David Jonnathan Castellanos Hurtado, 46, purchasing specialist; succeeding Sergio A. Poncio Alvarez; wife, Ana Elizabeth Rodríguez Castellanos. Counselors—Miguel Ángel Salazar Arenas, 52, operations manager; wife, Norma Mariana Argueta Salazar. Jorge Mario Arizandieta Guamuche, 36, salesman; wife, Mayra Amanda Morales Arizandieta.

VIRGINIA BEACH STAKE (January 10, 2016): President—VonLogan Burnett Brimhall, 49, logistics analyst; succeeding Robert G. Lambourne; wife, Kari Berge Brimhall. Counselors—Richard Joel Ankney, 51, attorney; wife, Jennifer Rose Merrill Ankney. John Otis Ashby Jr., 44, orthodontist; wife, Rachel Sue Hanselmann Ashby.

WASHINGTON DC STAKE (November 22, 2015): President—James R. Baird, 59, marketing, Pella; succeeding Ronald T. Harrison; wife, Melinda Lambert Baird. Counselors—David N. Sheets, 51, public servant; wife, Kimberly A. Thompson Sheets. Robert D. Nelson, 59, branch chief, project managment; wife, Kathy Lynn Okerlund Nelson.

WEST JORDAN UTAH OQUIRRH POINT STAKE (October 18, 2015): President—Derrel William Grappendorf, 40, floorplan exam manager; succeeding Troy D. Virgin; wife, Magen Ann Cunningham Grappendorf. Counselors—Randall Kent Tate, 40, senior financial associate; wife, Jenny Mariah Hunt Tate. Steven Curtis Lingwall, 40, systems administrator; wife, Kristi Wahlquist Lingwall.

YUBA CITY CALIFORNIA STAKE (December 13, 2015): President—Stephen Frederick Hammarstrom, 46, hospital administrator; succeeding Peter L. Hall; wife, Celeste Holland Hammarstrom. Counselors—Aaron Bruce Chatfield, 44, senior manager, Tenney & Company; wife, Gina Marie Lefebvre Chatfield. Earl C. Keith III, 43, division controller, Lennar; wife, Laura Leigh Givens Keith.