New Stakes and Stake Presidencies Announced in February 2017

  • 1 March 2017

New stakes

A new stake has been created from the Des Moines Iowa and Ames Iowa Stakes. The Des Moines Iowa Mount Pisgah Stake, which consists of the Centerville, Indianola, Lenox, and Perry Branches and the Easter Lake, Osceola, Roccoon River, Walnut Hills, and Waukee Wards, was created by Elder Weatherford T. Clayton, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Rulon F. Stacey, an Area Seventy.

DES MOINES IOWA MOUNT PISGAH STAKE (November 20, 2016): President—Gary Lee Pence, 61, retired, Wells Fargo; wife, Debra Kay Van Valkenburg Pence. Counselors—David Michael Arzani, 64, national sales coordinator, Ramco Innovations; wife, Kathleen Jo Fenimore. Kevin Theron Kohler, 46, special agent, FBI; wife, Charisse Rose Kohler.

A new stake has been created from the Rajahmundry India District. The Rajahmundry India Stake, which consists of the Dowleswaram Ward, Kakinada Ward, Rajahmundry 1st Ward, Rajahmundry 2nd Ward, and Rajahmundry 3rd Ward, was created by Elder Randy Dennis Funk, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Robert Kumar William, an Area Seventy.

RAJAHMUNDRY INDIA STAKE (December 17, 2016): President—Prasad Badireddy, 29, business executive, Dabur India Ltd.; wife, Syamala Boddupalli Badireddy. Counselors—Prasad Pinipe Durga, 32, clerk, Cooperative Bank; wife, Pinipe Madhaui Bathula Madhavi. Naveen Kumar Murapaka, 28, professional sales; wife, Sagarika Vasadi Murapaka.

A new stake has been created from the Teresina Brazil Horto and the Teresina Brazil Stakes. The Teresina Brazil Planalto Stake, which consists of the Caxias Branch and the Angelim, Esplanada, Planalto, Poti, and Timon Wards, was created by Elder Marcos A. Aidukaitis, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Raimundo P. de Pinho, an Area Seventy.

TERESINA BRAZIL PLANALTO STAKE (November 20, 2016): President—José de Ribamar Silva de Souza, 43, owner, Mile Uma Profissões; wife, Karine Vieira Clemention. Counselors—Nilson Meredesa Furtado, 49, self-employed; wife, Nely Cristiane Soares. Wand Jorge da Silva Rodrigues, 38, representative, AKMOS; wife, Theresa Rachel Mendes da Silva Rodrigues.

A new stake has been created from the Colorado Springs East Stake. The Colorado Springs High Plains Stake, which consists of the Limon Branch and the Black Forest, Calhan, Falcon, Indigo Ranch, Meridian, Oakwood, Stetson, and Woodmen Wards, was created by Elder C. Scott Grow, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Matthew L. Carpenter, an Area Seventy.

COLORADO SPRINGS HIGH PLAINS STAKE (December 4, 2016): President—M. Jay Carroll, 49, contract manager, Department of Defense; wife, Shantell Hicken Carroll. Counselors—Kim Morrison Thomas, 56, business owner; wife, Karlene Rae Westfall Thomas. Jeffrey Taylor Brown, 41, teacher, Rampart High School; wife, Tiffany Rose Brown.

A new stake has been created from the Surprise Arizona and Good Year Arizona Stakes. The Surprise Arizona West Stake, which consists of the Cactus Lane, Canyon Trails, Cortessa, Savannah, Verrado, Waddell, and White Tank Mountain Wards, was created by Elder Anthony D. Perkins, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder C. Dale Willis, an Area Seventy.

SURPRISE ARIZONA WEST STAKE (December 11, 2016): President—Daniel Thomas Smith, 50, physician; wife, Anne Connelly Smith. Counselors—Matthew Jon Garrett, 42, dentist; wife, Randi Lynn Garrett. Brett Fredric Stabler, 39, director of retention, Knight Trans; wife, Courtney Michelle Horne Stabler.

Reorganized stakes

ALBUQUERQUE NEW MEXICO STAKE (December 4, 2016): President—Michael David Davis, 41, insurance agent; succeeding Robert P. Cutler; wife, Erica Brown Davis. Counselors—Larry Allen Schoof, 58, engineer, Sandia National Labs; wife, Amanda LaRee Whetten Schoof. Derek Christian Lines, 43, dentist; wife, Kristine Michelle Alkema Lines.

BELFAST NORTHERN IRELAND STAKE (December 4, 2016): President—Benjamin Aaron Noble, 40, director and co-owner, React Ireland; succeeding James M. McCrudden; wife, Heather Damaris Ferguson Noble. Counselors—Robert David Lowry, 38, call center manager, First Source Solutions; wife, Caroline Lowry Lowry. James Edward Joseph Parker, 42, CEO, Irish Life; wife, Rachel Adele Edwards Parker.

CHARLESTON WEST VIRGINIA STAKE (November 20, 2016): President—Reed Jay Nelson, 52, vice president of engineering, Frontier Communications; succeeding Jeffrey A. Poe; wife, Debra Lynne Parmelee. Counselors—Johnnie Edward Brown, 54, insurance attorney; wife, Amy Baughan. Kenneth Earl Tyree, Jr., 53, state fire marshal; wife, Leona Elizabeth Tyree.

COLLEGE STATION TEXAS STAKE (November 20, 2016): President—Nathan Young Sharp, 39, associate professor, Texas A&M University; succeeding Bradley D. Foster; wife, Holly Carroll Sharp. Counselors—Aaron Wilson Hull, 41, coordinator/director, Seminaries and Institutes; wife, Crystalyn Taylor Hull. Nathan Adam Roeth, 38, physician; wife, Caroline Smith Roeth.

COLUMBIA MISSOURI STAKE (November 20, 2016): President—Harvey Stanley James Jr., 51, professor, University of Missouri; succeeding Richard M. Houseman; wife, Heather Lyn Christensen. Counselors—Dean Parrish Hainsworth, 55, professor, University of Missouri; wife, Lora Lynn Nordyke. Steve Lyman Bohn, 48, manager, IBM; wife, Marybeth Adell Sutter Bohn.

DES MOINES IOWA STAKE (November 20, 2016): President—Brett Ethan Call, 44, project manager, US Army Corps of Engineers; succeeding Gary L. Pence; wife, Sherry Ann Stevens Call. Counselors—Jay C. Helton, 49, partner, Whitfield and Eddy; wife, Kimberly Ann Bachelder Helton. Paul Alexander Gilmour, 45, senior manager of sales operation, Hewlett Packard; wife, Holly Smoot Gilmour.

EDMONTON ALBERTA RIVERBEND STAKE (November 20, 2016): President—Jamie Calvin Johnson, 40, lawyer; succeeding Melvin Wong; wife, Erin Kay Olsen Johnson. Counselors—Darren Ka-Wai Wong, 40, senior IT project manager, Telus; wife, Minn Va Chau Wong. David Jonathan Coombs, 48, lawyer; wife, Christy Gallup Coombs.

FEIRA DE SANTANA BRAZIL STAKE (November 13, 2016): President—Hugo Marcelo Arostegui Viega, 42, partner, Arostegui Azpiroz Consulting; succeeding Luiz Mauricio Reale Lemos; wife, Elina Gregória Azpiroz Pereira de Araújo. Counselors—Luciano Araújo Brito, 38, accountant; wife, Macilene Antônia Dias da Conceição. Luciano Cosme Figueiredo Ferreira, 42, professor; wife, Andreia Luiza de Jesus Ferreira.

GUATEMALA CITY EL MOLINO STAKE (November 6, 2016): President—Alan Estuardo Morales Cos, 37, planner, TAG Airlines; succeeding Gustavo A. Mendez; wife, Ana Aldina Franco Morales. Counselors—Fredy Rolando Portillo Aldana, 54, pharmaceutical salesman; wife, Olga Leticia Palacios Portillo. Héctor Jacinto Vaides Medina, 55, petroleum engineer, Guatemala government; wife, Sonia Dalila Gaitán Vaides.

HARARE ZIMBABWE STAKE (December 4, 2016): President—Sawman Machakaire, 33, country manager, Forever Living; succeeding Albert Mutariswa; wife, Ogwang Mary Machakaire. Counselors—Robert Que Spencer, 56, MD, Victuals Investment; wife, Sharon Catherine Nield Spencer. Onward Chivunga, 38, dispatch manager, Forever Living; wife, Maureen Chivunga.

MANDAUE PHILIPPINES STAKE (November 13, 2016): President—Roy Asok Baculio, 38, Seminaries and Institutes coordinator, LDS Church; succeeding Romeo G. Duero; wife, Lednila Romero Cortes Baculio. Counselors—Michael Castro Daclan, 43, senior analyst, Trax Technologies; wife, Marwinids Timoa Aveninero Daclan. David Ray Sacro Villanueva, 38, area manager, FamilySearch; wife, Charmaine Agustin Aguilar.

MEXICO CITY XALOSTOC STAKE (November 6, 2016): President—Ricardo Garcia Fragoso, 53, general director, Troqueles THR; succeeding Arturo Toribio Ordoñez; wife, Laura Ramos Barrera. Counselors—Victor Samuel Gallegos Velazquez, 35, support services manager, LDS Church; wife, Cristal Paloma Lopez Landeros. Josue Israel Quintero Soriano, 39, physical therapist, wife, Luz Maria Baeza Gonzalez.

NATAL BRAZIL PAJAÇARA STAKE (November 13, 2016): President—Jucelio da Silva Santos, 32, work safety technician, VIPETRO; succeeding Edelson Silvestre de Lima; wife, Elizanila da Silva Xavier Santos. Counselors—Flávio Alves Guilherme, 45, production supervisor, Vicunha Textile S/A; wife, Cirle Maria da Silva. Gildásio da Costa Teixeira, 32, computer technician, InfoSoft; wife, Roberta Kelly de Oliveira Barbosa Teixeira.

ORIZABA MEXICO STAKE (November 27, 2016): President—Sergio Andres Cancino Reyes, 46, teacher, Orizaba Technological Institute; succeeding Omar Canaan Ramirez; wife, Beatriz Ramos Guarneros. Counselors—Efren Cocotle Xicalhua, 40, maintenance and numeric control chief, FRYMSA; wife, Clara Ivette Alvarez Peña. Oscar Alejandro Cisneros Miranda, 40, university instructor, Gulf of Mexico University; wife, Wendy Cancino Reyes.

MARICOPA ARIZONA STAKE (December 4, 2016): President—Robert Willis Weyrauch, 43, manager, Information Arch.; succeeding Malin W. Lewis; wife, Stacie Burns Weyrauch. Counselors—Sonny Jay Randall, 40, functional area manager, Intel; wife, Kimberla Lynn Vaden Randall. Troy Christopher Duncan, 38, business owner; wife, Sandra Louise Eagar Duncan.

MUNCIE INDIANA STAKE (December 4, 2016): President—John Berghout Horowitz, 57, economics professor, Ball State University; succeeding P. Thomas Burdett; wife, Lori Ann Pedraza Horowitz. Counselors—Douglas Lee Beamer, 53, project developer, T&W Corporation; wife, Ana Patricia Molina. Joshua Abraham Nunnery, 42, CRNA, Henry Community Health; wife, Jeanette Ann Clark Nunnery.

OREM UTAH ASPEN STAKE (December 4, 2016): President—David Quinn Dallin, 41, project manager, Notatek; succeeding Phillip W. Hadfield; wife, Stacy Geneal Lott. Counselors—Michael Shawn Meiners, 56, seminary instructor; wife, Holly Kay Walker Meiners. Barry McKay Merrell, 49, sales, Alexander’s Print Advantage; wife, Annette Marie Spackman Merrell.

PAGO PAGO SAMOA STAKE (December 4, 2016): President—Michael Barry Lavea, 43, safety and health department head, Starkis; succeeding Johnny S. Mapu; wife, Elisapeta Malia Malia Mulipola. Counselors—Faalaulelei Louā Faasipa, 49, laborer, Chicken of the Sea; wife, Rosalina Taape Faasipa. Clarence Reid Crichton, 52, business owner; wife, Oretam Mapu Crichton.

SALT LAKE LITTLE COTTONWOOD STAKE (December 4, 2016): President—Michael Allan Cameron, 53, CEO, Christopherson Business Travel; succeeding Bradley C. Partridge; wife, Camille Barlow Cameron. Counselors—William Joseph Baker Jr., 51, CEO, Wasatch Leasing, LLC.; wife, Kaye Frances Harris Baker. Clayton John Wilkinson, 33, loan originator, Academy Mortgage; wife, Haylee Jones Wilkinson.

SAN PAULO BRAZIL ITAQUĀ STAKE (December 4, 2016): President—André dos Santos Franco, 37, business owner; succeeding Jose Caetano de Morais; wife, Simone Xavier dos Santos. Counselors—Renato Senna Galbes, 30, partner, Primier Prime; wife, Ana Paula Motta de Almeida Galbes. Wagner Cristóvão, 30, international buyer, Volkswagon; wife, Sheila Rodrigues de Oliveira.

CENTREVILLE VIRGINIA STAKE (December 11, 2016): President—Robert Stanley Walter, 46, director of delivery, Trivir, LLC; succeeding Jon E. Dionne; wife, Sherri Kay Wixon Walter. Counselors—Ralph Howard Johnson, 65, attorney; wife, Marie Edwards Johnson. Jonathan Ward Duersch, 47, associate chief accountant; wife, Michelle Harker Duersch.

COLORADO SPRINGS EAST STAKE (December 11, 2016): President—David George McConkie, 39, attorney; succeeding M. Jay Carroll; wife, Ramona Joy Jacob McConkie. Counselors—Timothy Court Barron, 46, business owner; wife, Wendy Irene Sharp Barron. Jonathan Royle Harvey, 43, dentist; wife, Kymberlee Denise Almond Harvey.

GOOD YEAR ARIZONA STAKE (December 11, 2016): President—Kent Hsien-Chen Chou, 46, orthodontic surgeon; succeeding John C. Hayes; wife, Anne Michelle Pincock Chou. Counselors—Don L. Rainey, 55, chief estimator, Archer Western Construction; wife, Dana Lynn Burns Rainey. Jace Coly Larkin, 39, manager, Humana Pharmacy; wife, Heidi Rence Nielson Larkin.

INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA WEST STAKE (December 11, 2016): President—Richard William Anderson, 50, director of channel strategy; succeeding William C. Cowley; wife, Jacqueline Edith Cohen Anderson. Counselors—Richard Fairbanks Cope, 58, research engineer, Dow Chemical; wife, Sheila Smith Cope. Douglas Ford Crockett, 52, operations executive, United Healthcare; wife, Susan Parker Crockett.

MOSSORÓ BRAZIL STAKE (December 4, 2016): President—Marcos Aurêlio Lima Costa, 33, administrative manager, Esplendor Colchões; wife, Maria Caria da Silva Valente. Counselors—Alexandre Manoel da Silva, 31, commercial representative; wife, Antônia Gelsa da Conceição. Abrahão Christopho Bezerra Lopes, 36, professor; wife, Silvia Kaline de Freitas Santos.

PINHAIS BRAZIL STAKE (November 27, 2016): President—Lucas Tulio Pelta, 35, business owner; succeeding Imar Batista Pires; wife, Andressa F. Pires Petla. Counselors—Cesar Henrique Ocampos Villela, 37, development coordinator, Brado Logistics; wife, Selma Aparecida das Neves Villela. Daniel de Araujo Rodrigues, 33, Seminaries and Institutes coordinator; wife, Camila Princival Marques.

PORT HARCOURT NIGERIA EAST STAKE (November 27, 2016): President—Anderson Anyaso Ukeh, 50, senior manager, Niger Delta Development; succeeding Aaron Imoh; wife, Helen Nwabuogu Terry Ukeh. Counselors—Anslen Ike, 40, head of chambers, A. Ike & Associates; wife, Grace Ontinye Ereh Ike. Jackson Amah Alum, 48, accountant; wife, Oluchi Alum.