New Stakes and Stake Presidencies Announced in November 2016

  • 8 December 2016

New stakes

A new stake has been created from the Arlington Texas, Fort Worth Texas, and Weatherford Texas Stakes. The Burleson Texas Stake, which consists of the Keene Branch (Marshallese) and the Burleson, Centennial, Cleburne, Joshua, Mansfield 1st, and Mansfield 2nd Wards, was created by Elder Bradley D. Foster, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Karl M. Tilleman, an Area Seventy.

BURLESON TEXAS STAKE (September 11, 2016): President—Kris Ray Dearden, 49, engineering manager, Abbot Laboratories; wife, Susan Woodbury Dearden. Counselors—Stephen Dale Beauchamp, 62, construction manager, History Maker Homes; wife, Linda Joyce Goff Beauchamp. Jodie Lorin Barrus, 69, retired; wife, Cheryl Lynn Barrus.

A new stake has been created from the Abobo Cote d'Ivoire East and Cocody Cote d'Ivoire Stakes. The Dokui Cote d'Ivoire Stake, which consists of the Abobote 1st, Abobote 2nd, Agbekoi, Angré, Belle-ville, Dokui 1st, Dokui 2nd, Plaque, and Quatre Etages Wards, was created by Elder Terence M. Vinson, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder John A. Koranteng, an Area Seventy.

DOKUI COTE D'IVOIRE STAKE (September 11, 2016): President—Yobo Severin Antonin Ignace Niampi, 59, laboratory technician; wife, Ahou Odette Kation. Counselors—Jean Charles Sibailly, 39, program director and managing editor, Business 24 Africa; wife, Cynthia Danielle Sibailly. Koffi Wulfran Yao, 45, director general, McAllister Burson-Mardeller; wife, Angéle Asse Ediacsouo.

A new stake has been created from the Passo Fundo Brazil Stake. The Passo Fundo Brazil South Stake, which consists of the Bosque, Erechim, Lagoa Vermelha, Marau, Petrópolis, and Planaltina Wards, was created by Elder Claudio R. M. Costa, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Luiz M. Leal, an Area Seventy.

PASSO FUNDO BRAZIL SOUTH STAKE (September 4, 2016): President—Dirceu Braz da Rocha, 52, mechanic; wife, Loraci Cerutti da Rocha. Counselors—Lucas Bortolini Cerutti, 29, attorney; wife, Jéssica Ingrid Henz Cerutti. Jonathan Elton Trage, 33, coordinator, IMED; wife, Michelly Gonzales Castro.

A new stake has been created from the Provo Utah YSA 4th Stake. The Provo Utah YSA 20th Stake, which consists of the Provo YSA 46th, Provo YSA 48th, Provo YSA 49th, Provo YSA 53rd, Provo YSA 56th, Provo YSA 57th, Provo YSA 58th, and Provo YSA 59th Wards, was created by Elder Larry R. Lawrence, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Eric J. Schmutz, an Area Seventy.

PROVO UTAH YSA 20TH STAKE (August 28, 2016): President—Jason Justin Taufer, 44, client success manager, InMoment, Mindshare; wife, AmySue Puckett Taufer; Counselors—Jesse Shumway Higgins, 53, senior designer, Dynamic Industrial Technologies; wife, Kristine Rigby Higgins. Bruce Oler Searle, 49, solutions manager, LDS Church; wife, Susan Lorene Sollis Searle.

A new stake has been created from the Provo Utah YSA 8th Stake. The Provo Utah YSA 21st Stake, which consists of the Provo YSA 108th, Provo YSA 110th, Provo YSA 114th, Provo YSA 115th, Provo YSA 117th, Provo YSA 118th, and Provo YSA 119th Wards, was created by Elder Larry J. Echo Hawk, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder R. Scott Runia, an Area Seventy.

PROVO UTAH YSA 21ST STAKE (August 28, 2016): President—Mark Evan Larsen, 49, sales manager, HD Supply; wife, Marianne Harvey Larsen. Counselors—Lawrence Bruce Ewell, 61, HVAC/controls, Nebo School District; wife, Sandra Bellows Ewell. Terry R. Menlove, 66, quality control manager, Mountain Country Ford; wife, Darlynn Monson Menlove.

A new stake has been created from the Allen Texas, Frisco Texas Shawnee Trail, and McKinney Texas Stakes. The Sherman Texas Stake, which consists of the Bonham, Celina, Durant, Melissa 1st, Melissa 2nd, Sherman 1st, and Sherman 2nd Wards, was created by Elder James J. Hamula, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Donald D. Deshler, an Area Seventy.

SHERMAN TEXAS STAKE (March 20, 2016): President—Christian Arthur Cooper, 56, physician; wife, Tammy Kim Stice Cooper. Counselors—Lynn L. Woodrum, 49, division vice president, LeaderOne Financial; wife, Sandra Lynn Sjorgren Woodrum. Cody Scott Boren, 44, senior training specialist, Sateco; wife, Sherrie Noel Lorre Boren.

Reorganized stakes

BAGÉ BRAZIL STAKE (September 11, 2016): President—Luciano Martins de Souza, 45, public official, Prefeitura Municipal; succeeding Tiago Quintana Ortiz; wife, Magda Mara Teixeira Monteiro de Souza. Counselors—Eleomar Calçado Gonçalves, 35, machine operator, Engenho Coradine; wife, Liani Zambrano da Fontoura Gonçalves. Tiago Luiz de Sousa Barbosa, 30, accountant; wife, Letícia Nunes Deamici.

BEND OREGON STAKE (September 18, 2016): President—Gregory Lee Stevens, 54, tax director, Les Schwab Company; succeeding Steven P. Rau; wife, Christina Lynne Demery. Counselors—Dale George Thompson, 50, chief marketing officer, Les Schwab Company; wife, Joyce Peggy Sadowski Thompson. Robert LaMont Paramore, 49, real estate business owner; wife, Elizabeth Ann Hoyt Paramore.

BREMERTON WASHINGTON STAKE (September 11, 2016): President—Kurt Gibson Wiest, 59, executive director, Bremerton Housing Authority; succeeding Mikel J. Anderson; wife, Karen Feddock Wiest. Counselors—Craig Robert Spangler, 46, tax director, Milliman; wife, Krisette Lee Woods Spangler. Christopher Michael Holyoak, 35, director of physical therapy; wife, Jennifer Jill Carter.

CALOOCAN PHILIPPINES STAKE (September 18, 2016): President—Cesar Chette Santos Leon, 37, owner, Levard Enterprise; succeeding Lemuel B. Nebleza; wife, Annalyn Borja Navarro. Counselors—Viktor Geusepe Gorrez Oliveros, 37, senior product manager, Novo Nordisk Plus; wife, Christase Imson Herrero Oliveros. Joy Anderson Baldonado Mata, 41, national manager P.M.E.; wife, Jacquiline Mayuyu Pascual Mata.

CAMARAGIBE BRAZIL STAKE (September 18, 2016): President—Alexandre Oliveira Dos Santos, 40, health agent, Prefeitura Municipal; succeeding João Batista de Carvalho; wife, Estephânia Walleska Gomes Rodrigues. Counselors—Selmo Vieira Rego, 43, AADEE, Recife City Council; wife, Cleide Aragão de Souza Rego. Roberto Ferreira da Rocha, 31, technical administrator, City of Olinda; wife, Nathekua Lindekra Souza do Monte.

CHIMBOTE PERU SOUTH STAKE (September 11, 2016): President—Segundo Gongora Bocanegra, 50, administrator, Hotel Canton; succeeding Eynar E. Guillen Carretero; wife, Gallardo Alibe Cardozo. Counselors—Luis Henry Mendez Robles, 46, specialist and support, LDS Church; wife, Maribel Francisca Risco Domingez. Jose Luis Carranza Pelaes, 49, salesman; wife, Rosario Idalia Luna Neyra.

CHUBBUCK IDAHO STAKE (September 18, 2016): President—Cameron Dennis Brower, 38, agronomist; succeeding Troy J. Dye; wife, Denise Lindsay Murrow Brower. Counselors—Shane Arlo Blanchard, 49, design engineer, ON Semiconductor; wife, Jenilee Staker Blanchard. Brett Earl Fuhrimon, 45, manager of finance, Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance; wife, Kristie Jean Weaver Fuhrimon.

FORTALEZA BRAZIL LITORAL STAKE (September 18, 2016): President—Alex Guimarães Costa Falcão, 33, soldier, CBM-CE; succeeding Cary Moser Martinez; wife Luzélia Falcão Rocha Lima. Counselors—Francisco José Gonçalves, 43, administrative manager, MEC CAVALC; wife, Maria Joselita Pereira. Lázaro Oliveira dos Santos, 41, representative, Kayen Cosmédico; wife, Francisca Geroiza Ferreira de Souza Santos.

LIMA PERU MAGNOLIAS STAKE (September 11, 2016): President—Felix Rolando Mora Zamora, 40, designer, planner, Gloria S.A.; succeeding Yenmi Cabrera Ponce; wife, Arevalo Luna Maria Leandra. Counselors—Francisco Simon Calderon Mitma, 30, taxi driver; wife, Zoila Janet Rojas Valer. Eduardo Willy Ramirez Gonzalez, 40, judicial collections manager, Conecta; wife, Maria Herlita Julca Rosalino.

LIMA PERU WIESSE STAKE (September 4, 2016): President—Dorian Javier Cortez Cotrina, 44, manager, JC Air Conditioning SAC; succeeding Jaime A. Meza Guillen; wife, Jessica Janina Dominguez Cardenas. Counselors—Ricardo Enrique Solis Malpartida, 40, teacher, Cesar Vallejo University; wife, Jackeline Arevalo Muñoz. Marco Antonio Gallindo Narquina, 31, budget manager; wife, Karen Pilar Santos.

LYMAN WYOMING STAKE (September 11, 2016): President—Michael Jay Kunzler, 45, dentist; succeeding Mark P. Isom; wife, Nicole Mitchell Kunzler. Counselors—Douglas Jud Redden, 61, CEO, Bridger Valley Electric; wife, Ledah Hunsaker Redden. Michael LeRoy Jackson, 50, business owner, Wyoming Fabrication & Machine; wife, Tamara Meadows Jackson.

MCALLEN TEXAS STAKE (September 11, 2016): President—Jesus Romeo Villarreal, 59, owner, Villarreal Construction; succeeding Larry B. Wilson; wife, Leticia Cazares. Counselors—Nefi Israel Guzman, 41, corporate manager, Petroleum Solutions; wife, Marta Helena De Anda Guzman. Roger Dee Rawlings, 46, certified athletic trainer; wife, Charlene Louise Spencer Rawlings.

MERIDIAN IDAHO EAST STAKE (September 11, 2016): President—James Arthur Edwards, 45, preservice trainer, Seminaries & Institutes; succeeding Brian K. Zarkou; wife, Rebekah Lee Higginson Edwards. Counselors—Steven Robert Wayman, 57, HR manager, Albertsons; wife, Rebekah Kay Fawson Wayman. Clint Allen Foote, 53, real estate agent; wife, Kandi Susanne Whitehead Kane Foote.

MÉXICO CITY COACALCO STAKE (August 28, 2016): President—Jonathan Rodriguez Langarica, 35, senior account executive, CEVA Logistics; succeeding Arturo Rodriguez Ibañez; wife, Arlette Sanchez Villalobos. Counselors—Pedro Marquez Soto, 51, BR, LDS Church; wife, Julieta Martinez Hinojos. Angel Gerardo Hurtado Villegas, 38, legal representative, Azteca Bank; wife, Lesie Janine Cabrales De Hurtado.

MOUNTAIN HOME IDAHO STAKE (September 18, 2016): President—Daniel Brigham Young, 44, teacher; succeeding Melvin R. Chick; wife, Heidi Hazel Redman Young. Counselors—Jeffrey Eugene Gibbons, 47, optometrist; wife, Kathryn Madsen Gibbons. Brandon Rex Johns, 36, financial advisor, Axa Advisors; wife, Aubri Ann Southwick Johns.

MONTERIA COLOMBIA STAKE (October 23, 2016): President—Ronald Antonio De La Ossa Dickson, 48, teacher, Cecar Monteria; succeeding Efrain E. Chavez Cabrales; wife, Enahis del Carmen Padilla Berno. Counselors—Luis Miguel Peñate Guerra, 40, Claro coordinator, Claro; wife, Sandra Milena Perez Vilona. Edier David Oliveros Barrios, 29, electronic technician, El Condor Construction; wife, Silvia Raquel Hoyos Hernandez.

PASTO COLOMBIA STAKE (September 18, 2016): President—Angel Javier Zambrano Jaramillo, 47, manufacturer: built-in-kitchen; succeeding Norman J. Marquinez; wife, Diana Milena Rincon Sastoque. Counselors—Francisco Alberto Monocayo Riascos, 48, medical representative; wife, Dayra Oliva Villarreal Pazos. Victor Alredo Lopez Rubiano, 42, salesman; wife, Sandra Mabel Garcia Jaramillo.

SÃO PAULO BRAZIL MOGI DAS CRUZES STAKE (June 5, 2016): President—Thiago Godofredo Reis Lacerda, 33, security supervisor, São Paulo Metro; succeeding Antonio Bernando da Silva; wife, Juliana Moreira. Counselors—José Claudio de Oliveria, 56, painter; wife, Nelva Martins Vegido. Julio Cesar Ramos Albuquerque, 46, administrative manager, BBA Engenharia; wife, Maria José Santos.

SIMI VALLEY CALIFORNIA STAKE (April 10, 2016): President—Scott Benjamin Moberly, 46, vice president/CFO, Ventura Pest Control; succeeding Craig A. Sheranian; wife, Pamela Jane Gray. Counselors—Charles Allen Newberry, 45, chief financial officer and partner, The Suremark Company; wife, Karalee Ann Jessop Newberry. David Irvin Stevens, 60, CEO, Mobil Sense Technologies; wife, Tammi Lynn Woltmon Stevens.

SOBRAL BRAZIL STAKE (August 14, 2016): President—Ângelo Bruno Lucas De Oliveira, 30, university professor; succeeding Jose Silvestre Guimaraes Coelho; wife, Maria Alcântara Melo Manoela. Counselors—Antonio Filomeno Rodrigues do Nascimento, 50, research assistant, EMBRAPA; wife, Maria Claudemir Nascimento Rodrigues. Marcos Anto Alves Silva, 41, attorney; wife, Ana Karina Vasconcelos Alves.

ST. GALLEN SWITZERLAND STAKE (May 29, 2016): President—Christian Bolt, 44, owner, Ars Bolt Gmbh; succeeding Curndin Conrad; wife, Dominique Nachine Krāhenbūhl. Counselors—Thomas Manuel René Ottiker, 40, head of department, Zurich Canton Police; wife, Evylyne Bader Ottiker. Guido Uchtdorf, 46, real estate fund project manager, UBS; wife, Carolyn Barbara Waldner Uchtdorf.

TARAWA KIRIBATI EAST STAKE (August 28, 2016): President—Banririe Benati Nenebwati, 37, principal, Moroni High School; succeeding Sam N. Maunga; wife, Aotai Benuakai Nenebwati. Counselors—Lefulefu Venu Kelese, 60, supervisor, Moroni High School; wife, Bwebwennang Kelese. Taohai Eiba, 44, manager, Kiribati Police Service; wife, Bcuzereia Tamoa.

TEGUCIGALPA HONDURAS STAKE (August 28, 2016): President—German Laboriel Espinal, 32, project manager; succeeding Pablo H. Chavez Rios; wife, Alejandra Isabel Valladares Flores. Counselors—Kenneth Michelly Ortega Nieto, 31, clinic laboratory technician, Laboratorio Central & Hospital Militar; wife, Waleska Sarahí Aceiturno Ortega. José Rafael Figueroa Yanez, 35, store manager, Almacén Pájaro Azul; wife, Melissa María Del Cid Figueria.

TOOELE UTAH EAST STAKE (August 28, 2016): President—Bryant Floyd Pankratz, 47, planning advisor, Corp. of Presiding Bishop; succeeding Charles O. Lawrence; wife, Stacey Loveless Pankratz. Counselors—Timothy Edward Taggart, 45, director, Sundance Catalog; wife, Kori Ann Brower Taggart. Steven Brian Ward, 54, attorney; wife, Tami Lee Muir Ward.

TOTONICAPÁN GUATEMALA STAKE (September 11, 2016): President—Mario Rodolfo Juárez, 27, sales advisor, Textiles Los Altos; succeeding Jose M. Tzic Tzul; wife, Heidy Karina Robles Gramajo. Counselors—Byron René Barrios González, 38, owner, accounting office; wife, Claudia Azucena. Edwin Roberto Tzic Amezquita, 33, instructor, INTECAP; wife, Ingrid Genoveva Baquiax García.

VERNAL UTAH STAKE (August 28, 2016): President—Keith Allan Despain, 44, office manager, CRS Engineer; succeeding Gordon A. Seitz; wife, Pamela Ann Turner Despain. Counselors—Paul Milton Searle, 75, self-employed; wife, Nancy Ellen Pierce Searle. David Andrew Bestenlehner, 49, director of pharmacy, Ashley Regional; wife, Tami Beatrice Yorgason Bestenlehner.

VILLAHERMOSA MEXICO STAKE (September 4, 2016): President—Martin Perez Lastra, 53, dental prosthesis technician; succeeding Jose Fernando Chui Jimenez; wife, Moria Vazquez Gomez. Counselors—Daniel Garcia Aguirre, 39, seminary coordinator; wife, Patricia Tapia Mejia. Santiago Mejía Gómez, 48, loss supervisor, Mapfre Seguros; wife, Beatriz Adriana García Lara.

WAUSAU WISCONSIN STAKE (August 28, 2016): President—Jacob William Lonsdale, 41, physician; succeeding Patrick D. Pleshek; wife, Lisa Lillywhite Lonsdale. Counselors—Michael J. Munk, 60, territory sales manager, Foremost; wife, MaryAnne Cooke Munk. Nathan Richard Thiel, 35, city administrator; wife, Krystle Lyn Price Thiel.

YORKTOWN NEW YORK STAKE (June 5, 2016): President—Todd Delton Herget, 47, portfolio manager, Columbia Threadneedle; succeeding David W. Checkette; wife, Nancy Alice Bryant Herget. Counselors—Brett A. Keller, 49, COO/CEO,; wife, Marcie Maria Moss. David Scott Higbee, 43, senior managing director, Goldpoint Partners; wife, Melinda Giles Higbee.