New Stakes and Stake Presidencies Announced in September 2017

Contributed By the Church News

  • 29 September 2017

The following are newly created and recently reorganized stakes announced during September of 2017.

New Stakes

A new stake has been created from the San Salvador El Salvador Stake. The San Vicente El Salvador Stake, which consists of the La Torre and Sensuntepeque Branches and the Cojutepeque, Ilobasco, La Espiga, La Paz, Los Nonualcos, and Zacatecoluca Wards, was created by Elder José L. Alonso, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Luis C. Chaverri, an Area Seventy.

SAN VICENTE EL SALVADOR STAKE (June 18, 2017): President—Carlos Antonio Ayala Duran, 35, self-employed administrator; wife, Carmen Elena Ayala Cañada. Counselors—Carlos Alfredo Flores Gonzalez, 55, collection manager; wife, Roxana Patricia Santos Acevedo. Rafael Ernesto Hernandez Flores, 30, store manager; wife, Irene Guadalupe Calderón Rafael.

A new stake has been created from the Eagle Mountain Utah Cedar Pass, Eagle Mountain Utah North, Eagle Mountain Utah North, and Eagle Mountain Utah Silver Lake Stakes. The Eagle Mountain Utah Nolen Park Stake, which consists of the Chimney Rock Ward, Eagle’s Gate 1st, Eagle’s Gate 2nd, Kennekuk, Parkside, Rock Creek, Rush Valley, Sundance, and Willow Springs Wards, was created by Elder Michael T. Ringwood, General Authority Seventy, and Elder William B. Woahn, an Area Seventy.

EAGLE MOUNTAIN UTAH NOLEN PARK STAKE (August 27, 2017): President—Scott Steven Langford, 39, community development director, City of West Jordan; wife, Heidi Ranae Heward Langford. Counselors—Shayne J Hansen, 47, owner, Tire Pros; wife, Rikki Michelle Urrutia Hansen. Justin Brent Pitcher, 41, elementary school principal; wife, Ashley Arloa Starnes Pitcher.

A new stake has been created from the Lehi Utah Stake. The Lehi Utah Central Stake, which consists of the Lehi 1st, Lehi 5th, Lehi 6th, Mill Pond, Spring Creek 1st, Spring Creek 2nd, and Spring Creek 3rd Wards, was created by Elder Weatherford T. Clayton, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Douglas L. Dance, an Area Seventy.

LEHI UTAH CENTRAL STAKE (August 27, 2017): President—Andrew Todd Wagstaff, 51, strategic relationship manager, LDS Church; wife, Stephanie Thorne Wagstaff. Counselors—Garry Scott Sampson, 53, risk and emergency manager, Lehi CIty Corp.; wife, Catherine James Sampson. Mark Thomas Barry, 39, dentist; wife, Katie Jo Stellmon Barry.

A new stake has been created from the YSA units from the Cardston Alberta, Lethbridge Alberta, Lethbridge Alberta East, and Lethbridge Alberta West Stakes. The Lethbridge Alberta YSA Stake, which consists of the Cardston YSA, Lakeview YSA, London Road YSA, University Heights YSA, Victoria Park YSA, Westbridge YSA, and Westview YSA Wards, was created by Elder Vern P. Stanfill, General Authority Seventy, and Elder James E. Evanson, an Area Seventy.

LETHBRIDGE ALBERTA YSA STAKE (August 27, 2017): President—Eric Ross Wild, 54, pulmonary and critical care physician; wife, Stacy Jean Pitcher Wilde. Counselors—David Lynn Orr, 57, professor; wife, Nony Jean Cuppen Orr. Anthony Clayton Leavitt, 55, owner and operator, Paradise Canyon Golf Resort; wife, Collette Howes Leavitt.

Reorganized Stakes

BOISE IDAHO WEST STAKE (August 20, 2017): President—Kendall Lee Miller, 44, managing counsel, Trinity Health; succeeding Bryce C. Porter; wife, Jan Nielsen Miller. Counselors—Doru R. Rademacher, 59, managing partner, Relyea Funeral Chapel; wife, Holley Elizabeth Grant Rademacher. Skye Adam Root, 33, vice president, Westchester Group; wife, Rebecca Louise Rogers Root.

BRAZIL BAURU STAKE (August 13, 2017): President—Francisco Ramos Bueno, 35, commercial manager, Mongeral Aegon; succeeding Fernando P. Bentim; wife, Nathalia Karolina de Oliveira Genazo. Counselors—Wellington Ferreira da Silva, 41, prison guard; wife, Gláucia Luciana de Almeida. Luciano Gonçalves Cordeiro, 43, planning manager, Plasútil; wife, Alexandra Aparecida da Silva Cordeiro.

CYPRESS CALIFORNIA STAKE (August 27, 2017): President—Robert John Redding, 42, school psychologist; succeeding Frank G. Mackay; wife, Heather Elizabeth Redding. Counselors—Steven Robert Jankovich, 43, software engineer; wife, Gina Laurette Mitchell Jankovich. Carl LeRoy Hansen, 57, business owner, Xiamen Sourcing; wife, Shelly Molen Hansen.

DRAPER UTAH YSA STAKE (April 23, 2017): President—Charles Louis Cutler, 53, principal/partner, The Insight Group; succeeding L. Todd Budge; wife, Michelle Maxfield Cutler. Counselors—Joseph J. Joyce, 58, attorney; wife, Leslie Susan Taylor Joyce. Douglas Kenneth Smart, 55, owner, Smart Millworks; wife, Koni Kae Esplin Smart.

NOVALICHES PHILIPPINES STAKE (August 13, 2017): President—Dick James de Guzman, 40, physician's assistant; succeeding Marcelino C. Mata; wife, Sherryl Fabizos Torio de Guzman. Counselors—Marcos Baisa Liad, 50, area sales supervisor, Pentagon Agri-business Corp.; wife, Channon E. LIad. Eddie Tegio Feliciano, 48, president, Gineo Blog Solutions Inc.; wife, Gina Pasia Arcega.

PLEASANTON CALIFORNIA STAKE (August 27, 2017): President—Brian Edward Black, 50, director of product marketing, Analog Devices; succeeding Jeremy D. McFadden; wife, Stephanie Lynne McConkie Black. Counselors—James Wilfred Gardanier, 44, owner, Vision Media; wife, Kerry Lee Kinateder Gardanier. Clinton Mark Jensen, 39, director of tech risk, Kaiser Permanente; wife, Marianne Turner Jensen.

RENNES FRANCE STAKE (August 27, 2017): President—Erik Bertola, 34, administrative assistant, LDS Church; succeeding Jean-Yves M. Raveneau; wife, Alina Bertoca. Counselors—Thomas Pierre Ernest Grattepanche, 37, operations manager, Sherwin-Williams; wife, Aude Stéphanie Grattepanche. François Luc David Bousseau, 37, general director, Deling; wife, Rozenn Marie Fournis.

SAN FERNANDO LA UNION PHILIPPINES STAKE (August 20, 2017): President—Josue Gonzales Jundos, 34, sales executive, Coca-Cola; succeeding Luis V. Tadina; wife, Millicent Pajarillo Valdez Jundos. Counselors—Rufo Agaloos Baro, 37, assistant professor; wife, Thea Navarro Federico. Marc de la Penña Barredo, 32, seminaries and institutes coordinator, LDS Church; wife, Christine Lore Valdez Bodota Barredo.

SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA STAKE (August 13, 2017): President—David Rulon Garfield, 61, executive vice president and general counsel, Charles Schwab Corp.; succeeding Pui Yan Kwok; Nina Marie Sparks Garfield. Counselors—Fotuonuutaua Lee Morai, 44, managing agent; wife, Gursteen E Teaupa Morai. Robert Staffan Turley, 38, portfolio strategy and economics, Dodge & Cox; wife, Brittany Lott Turley.

SHREVEPORT LOUISIANA STAKE (August 27, 2017): President—Ross Evan Smith, 49, associate professor of music; succeeding H. J. Platt; wife, Maria Luisa Paciotti Smith. Counselors—Wyatt Church Simpson, 44, manager of manufacturing excellence, International Paper; wife, Katie Rebecca Titsworth Simpson. Kevin Hugh Platt, 46, physician assistant; wife, Jileen Gwen Gale Platt.

SPANISH FORK UTAH STAKE (August 13, 2017): President—Geramy Shad Martin, 40, preservice trainer, Seminaries and Institutes of the Church; succeeding Daniel M. Geslison; wife, Robin Creer Martin. Counselors—Kurt D. Huntington, 50, assistant dean and controller, BYU; wife, Carol Lyn Nelson Huntington. Everett Nabau Kelepolo, 52, high school principal; wife, Nikki Jo Brandon Kelepolo.

VERNAL UTAH GLINES STAKE (August 20, 2017): President—Jeremy Brian “J. Brian” Abrams, 45, dentist; succeeding Keith B. Caldwell; wife, Mary Kathleen “Katie” O'Brien Abrams. Counselors—Scott Orden Ruppe, 58, chief financial officer, Brady Trucking; wife, Carrie Jill Armitage Ruppe. Davis LeRoy Ryan, 46, FBI special agent; wife, Jodi Sartori Ryan.

WELLSVILLE UTAH STAKE (August 20, 2017): President—Jed J Hancock, 40, director of civil space, Space Dynamics Lab; succeeding Scott G. Evans; wife, Natalie Williams Hancock. Counselors—Todd Rex Brown, 45, vice president of premium audit, Lowry & Associates, Inc.; wife, Heather Lowry Brown. Brian G. Smith, 41, software engineer; wife, Tori Ann Lee Smith.