New Stakes and Stake Presidents

Contributed By By Kara McMurray, Church News staff writer

  • 9 June 2014

Two new stakes have been created.

A new stake has been created from the Denton Texas and Frisco Texas Stakes. The Frisco Texas Shawnee Trail Stake, which includes the Cross Roads, Frisco Second, Little Elm, Prosper First, Prosper Second, and Prosper Third Wards, was created by Elder Erich W. Kopischke of the Seventy and Elder Daniel Jones, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Bismarck North Dakota Stake. The Minot North Dakota Stake, which includes the New Town, Rugby, and Stanley Branches and Minot First, Minot Second, Minot Third, Williston First, and Williston Second Wards, was created by Elder Shayne M. Bowen of the Seventy and Elder Brent J. Hillier, an Area Seventy.

FRISCO TEXAS SHAWNEE TRAIL STAKE (May 4, 2014): President—Richard Ballantyne Platt, 55, CTO at Netsocket, Inc.; wife, Christa Gall Ferguson Platt. Counselors—Douglas Kent Freeman, 47, nutraceutical sales at doTERRA; wife, Shannon Dee Schenck Freeman. Brent J Argyle, 46, account executive at Lanvera; wife, Shahna Lea Stevens Argyle.

MINOT NORTH DAKOTA STAKE (May 4, 2014): President—Tyson David Williams, 46, podiatrist at Trinity Health; wife, Janelle Nadine Patterson Williams. Counselors—David Arthur Parker, 58, field equipment coordinator at Schlumberger; wife, Renee Nield Parker. Gregory Michael Tonini, 47, supply chain manager at Hess Corporation; wife, Raena Romney Tonini.


BALTIMORE MARYLAND STAKE (May 18, 2014): President—Michael Patrick Brady, 43, chief operating officer at Abascus Corporation; succeeding Craig T. Halsey; wife, Heidi Elizabeth Przybyla Brady. Counselors—Raul E. Braun, 55, insurance agent at State Farm; wife, Sani-Dee M.K. Kekauoha Braun. Douglas William Desmarais, 53, attorney and partner at Smith & Downey, P.A.; wife, Julia Mietus Desmarais.

BOUNTIFUL UTAH STAKE (Jan. 12, 2014): President—Russell David Holt, 59, owner of Holt Productions Inc.; succeeding Mark B. Gibbons; wife, Loralei Brockbank Holt. Counselors—Gregory George Nichols, 55, vice president of operations at Farr’s Fresh, Inc.; wife, Kim Nichols. Gregory Beesley Maxwell, 38, attorney at Tombs Maxwell, LLP; wife, Sunny Lyn Smith Maxwell.

EMMETT IDAHO STAKE (April 27, 2014): President—Kelsey M. Peterson, 34, orthodontist at Peterson Orthodontics; succeeding Martin N. Walker; wife, Brit Adeline Rasmussen Peterson. Counselors—Richard Bruce Winegar, 40, assistant principal in the Emmett School District; wife, LeOri Browning Winegar. Thomas Richard Grover, 45, business owner; wife, Tammy Pearl Stevens Grover.

EUGENE OREGON SANTA CLARA STAKE (March 2, 2014): President—Todd Lowell Knapp, 48, dermatologic surgeon; succeeding Iain Cryer; wife, Signe Suzanne Sorensen Knapp. Counselors—Martin Wayne Hansen, 41, insurance agent with Hansen Financial Services; wife, Rachelle Annette Houk Hansen. Harold Owen Foutz, 46, corporate controller at Wildish; wife, Susan Cay Schultz Foutz.

LOGAN UTAH MARRIED STUDENT SECOND STAKE (April 27, 2014): President—Henry LaMont Poulsen, 61, farmer/cattle dealer; succeeding Anthony J. Hall; wife, Connie Porter Poulsen. Counselors—Brooks W. Tarbet, 57, owner/president of Tarbet Farms Inc.; wife, Sally Jo Hutchison Tarbet. Curt Kidd, 52, journeyman lineman with PacifiCorp; wife, Nancy Gibbons Kidd.