New Stakes and Stake Reorganizations Announced

  • 12 May 2014


Three new stakes have been created.

A new stake has been created from the Bluffdale Utah Stake. The Bluffdale Utah South Stake, which includes the Bluffdale 1st, Bluffdale 5th, Bluffdale 8th, Bluffdale 9th, Bluffdale 10th, Bluffdale 13th, Bluffdale 14th, and Bluffdale 15th Wards, was created by Elder Paul B. Pieper of the Seventy and Elder R. Scott Runia, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Lynbrook New York District, Plainview New York Stake, and Queens New York Stake. The Lynbrook New York Stake, which includes the Flushing 1st, Flushing 3rd, Mineola, and Queens YSA Branches and Jamaica 1st, Jamaica 2nd, Little Neck, and Lynbrook Wards, was created by Elder Anthony D. Perkins of the Seventy and Elder Jeffrey E. Olson, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Saratoga Springs Utah South Stake. The Saratoga Springs Utah Israel Canyon Stake, which includes the Fox Hollow, Jacobs Ranch 1st, Jacobs Ranch 2nd, Jacobs Ranch 3rd, Stillwater, and Summerhill Wards, was created by Elder Bruce D. Porter of the Seventy and Elder Craig B. Terry, an Area Seventy.

BLUFFDALE UTAH SOUTH STAKE (April 20, 2014): President—Scott Larry Howell, 53, director of BYU Salt Lake Center; wife, Lori Bateman Howell. Counselors—Glen Kent Swallow, 43, self-employed; wife, Sara Lisa Tate Swallow. Mark Elliot Reid, 56, city manager for Bluffdale City; wife, Terri Ann Mecker Reid.

LYNBROOK NEW YORK STAKE (April 13, 2014): President—Robert Anthony DeRosa, 65, photographer; wife, Vivian Zaragoza DeRosa. Counselors—Spencer JaeHwan Shin, 44, vice president and banking center manager at Bank of America; wife, Sylvia SungYon Shin. Gregory John Anderson, 47, global head of foreign exchange strategy for BMO Capital Markets; wife, Christine Butler Anderson.

SARATOGA SPRINGS UTAH ISRAEL CANYON STAKE (March 23, 2014): President—Timothy Dean Willden, 43, information/technology security for 1-800-CONTACTS; wife, Danai Jackman Willden. Counselors—Stephen Homer Hilton, 70, retired; wife, Darlene Marie Ripley Hilton. Jonathan Jay Johnson, 36, president of More Good Foundation; wife, Heather Armstrong Johnson.


AREQUIPA PERU ZAMACOLA STAKE (Feb. 16, 2014): President—Samuel Sandoval Corimayta Rolando, 51, deputy of records for Arequipa City; succeeding Yvan Miguel Vilca Barra; wife, Marcelina Lipe Ticona. Counselors—Moises Francisco Pacheco Baca, 54, self-employed; wife, Zulma Elizenda Talavera Zapana. Pablo Pedro Cruz Salcedo, 41, human resource manager at Multiling USA; wife, Lizbeth Artemisa Ponce Delgado.

CASTLE DALE UTAH STAKE (March 23, 2014): President—Dennis Wayne Tuttle, 50, administrator at Workforce Services for the state of Utah; succeeding Allan M. Sharp; wife, Elise Wilson Tuttle. Counselors—Laren K Huntsman, 51, managing director of Pacificorp; wife, Lanell Martin Huntsman. Scott Ross Labrim, 48, owner/physical therapist at Pro Rehab Physical Therapy; wife, Mindi Sue Anderson Labrum.

GUATEMALA CITY LA ESPERANZA STAKE (March 16, 2014): President—Sergio Armando Castanon Lopez, 33, trainer/recruiter; succeeding Alberto Antonio Flores Lopez; wife, Blanca Luz Peñate. Counselors—Mario Estuardo Lopez Perez, 44, internal auditor; wife, Tania Eunice Rodas Elias. Jose Luis Rodriguez Ruano, 31, service delivery manager; wife, Sandra Paola Gonzalez Molina.

HUEHUETENANGO GUATEMALA ZACULEU STAKE (March 9, 2014): President—Hector Humberto Cargia Lopez, 35, legal office employee; succeeding William Luciano Gonzalez De Leon; wife, Mirna Vanessa Lopez Ruano. Counselors—Froilian Otilio Herrera Velasquez, 52, CES coordinator for the Church; wife, Marta Elizabeth Mota Catux. Noe de Jesus Rodriguez Herrera, 40, salesman; wife, Burnis Francheska Molia Mazariegoz.

JOINVILLE BRAZIL STAKE (March 16, 2014): President—Andre Mirand de Assumpçao, 34, planning specialist; succeeding Marco Antonio Ramos; wife, Carolina Fernandes de Assumpçao. Counselors—Jarbas Elias Abdala, 40, administrative technician; wife, Bianca Biscaia dos Santos Abdala. William Tamara, 32, director at Zap Cupim; wife, Maristela Siedschlag Tamara.

LONGUEUIL QUEBEC STAKE (March 23, 2014): President—Omer Guy Pirlet, 58, import manager at HTS Bio; succeeding Pierre-Paul Morin; wife, Lucie Anne Helene Vandries. Counselors—Jonathan Gingras, 40, previsualization artist for Ubisoft Montreal; wife, Jacinthe Poirier. Clement Ferland, 46, elevator mechanic; wife, Chantal Mallet.