New Video Documents Ghana’s 1989 Ban on Church Activities

  • 29 January 2016

Watch this new video that documents the faith and courage of members in Ghana after the government announced a ban on all meetings of the Church in 1989.

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The Church History Department has released a new short video on the 1989–90 ban on Church activities in Ghana.

Acting on misinformation, the Ghanaian government placed a temporary freeze on LDS meetings while it investigated rumors circulating concerning the Church. The freeze lasted 18 months. During this time, Church members saved their tithing, met for sacrament services in their homes, and comforted one another through home and visiting teaching.

The new video, titled You Can’t Close My Heart, is based on interviews with participants in the events of the freeze.

Screenshot from the film You Can't Close My Heart.

“It captures a variety of perspectives,” says Matthew McBride of the Church History Department, “including those of local leaders as well as of individuals who were new to the Church at the time.”

In addition to this video, the Church History Department released several shorter videos, based on the same interviews, about the perspective Church members gained from the freeze about Sabbath worship, home teaching, and religious freedom.

In addition to these videos, the department has also published archival footage of the first baptisms and congregations in Ghana and other parts of West Africa.

These and other videos about LDS Church history can be found on