October Magazine Supplement Introduces New Pass-Along Cards

  • 20 September 2012

A supplement to the October 2012 Ensign and English Liahona includes new, QR-coded pass-along cards to direct people to mormon.org and information about the Church.

Those receiving an October 2012 issue of the Ensign or English Liahona can expect something extra along with their magazine this month—a supplement meant to familiarize members with mormon.org and encourage more online gospel sharing.

The supplement includes a new version of pass-along cards members can detach and hand out. A QR code on the back allows those who receive the pass-along card to instantly access specific topics on mormon.org.

A message from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland states, “We encourage you to be as creative as you wish in using these new cards.”

The pass-along cards will be available for download from the digital versions of the October 2012 Ensign and Liahona. They may also be ordered through distribution centers or store.lds.org (item number 10035000).

Over the last several years, Church leaders have increasingly promoted using the Internet and other new media as a channel for digital missionary work and other righteous purposes.

To that end, the supplement also offers information on creating a mormon.org profile, where members can write their testimonies and answer fundamental gospel questions for others to view. It further provides some basic information about sharing the gospel through social media.

“The technology available on phones, tablets, and computers makes sharing the gospel easier than ever,” said Greg Droubay, director of media for the Missionary Department. “If you participate in social media, the October supplement provides a simple introduction to mormon.org and related pages on sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google+.”