Our Job Is to Teach and Inspire

Julie B. Beck, Relief Society general president, spoke on a number of topics to nearly 10,000 women and priesthood leaders in southeastern Idaho in February 2011. The following is some of what she taught about preparing lessons.

(With regards to new converts who are called to teach.) “I wouldn’t underestimate [the power of] the light that comes from somebody that has a new fresh testimony of the gospel to lift and build others. Don’t underestimate what that does to lift the tired and flagging spirit of someone else. You study your lesson and take the Spirit with you. … Bear testimony about what you do know and you will bless others.”

“Questions give us the opportunity to seek answers and revelation. I believe that the power is in you to seek revelation for the questions you’re asking. I think that Relief Society’s greatest gift to the sisters is to provide a place where we can bring those questions into the sisterhood of Relief Society and find those answers together.

“I would hope that every sister in Relief Society feels comfortable asking her questions and that together we help build faith and personal righteousness and that we go back from our meetings and our events strengthened in our families and our homes.”

“The real work happens when we touch someone individually. I think sometimes that can happen in a big group. That’s one of the reasons for the questions, because that question is being asked by one person, but dozens of other people have the same or a similar question. All of a sudden you are talking to them and answering their concern and caring about what their concern is. … The ministering happens when we’re touching hands and looking in eyes and answering questions—personal questions.”

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