Community Garden Produces More than Vegetables

  • 6 October 2010

Pepe’s field prior to becoming a community garden.

The overgrown field was becoming a fire hazard. Worried that the city would fine her, and unable to take care of the field herself, Pepe turned to her bishop for help. His suggestion was to turn the field into a community garden. Pepe jumped for joy at the idea, thrilled that her idle field could benefit other people.


This video, produced by the Church's Welfare Department, demonstrates the power of a simple garden to bring a community together.

All of the neighbors were invited to participate. Many were as excited as Pepe was to have a community garden; the garden meant fresh produce and opportunities to learn to garden and to teach children to work. Working in the garden together would also help neighbors develop good relationships.

Relaxing around a barbecue after weeding the garden, members of the group speak with pride about the work they have done. They refer to themselves as “one big happy family” and say that the idea was an “inspired blessing for all.” The garden has done so well that the group has extra produce to donate to local charitable organizations.

Pepe calls the garden a “miracle and a joy.” Watch the film to see how an inspired bishop was able to turn a challenge into an opportunity to bring the community together and to create a productive garden.