PEF Kindles Light of Hope

  • 9 October 2010

A woman uses computer skills she has acquired with the help of the Perpetual Education Fund.

Article Highlights

  • The PEF has helped more than 40,000 participants since its launch in 2001.
  • Those who complete their education make three to four times their pre-education income.
  • PEF success stories can be found at

"This inspired plan has kindled the light of hope in the eyes of those who felt doomed to mediocrity but who now have an opportunity for a brighter future."

—Thomas S. Monson, Liahona, Oct. 2007, 8

Since President Gordon B. Hinckley announced the program nine years ago, the Perpetual Education Fund has had 40,000 participants all over the world. From small villages in the Philippines to cities scattered throughout Central America, hope is shared on a daily basis thanks to the generosity of Church members who contribute to the fund.

According to the Perpetual Education Fund site, most participants who complete their education make 3 to 4 times their pre-education income and repay their loans. Participants must be active, worthy members of the Church and be endorsed by their priesthood leaders as worthy for the program and in need of a loan. They must also commit to pay as much of their education costs as possible with their own money; the loan makes up the difference.

The Church has highlighted PEF success stories on their website. Visit the site to find out how to help through the Perpetual Education Fund.