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2013 Mutual Theme and Resources Announced

  By Monica Lunardelli, Church News and Events

  • 20 September 2012

The mutual theme for 2013 will be “Stand Ye in Holy Places.” Resources are coming in December.

The Church has announced the 2013 Mutual theme for youth, “Stand Ye in Holy Places” (D&C 87:8). The Young Men and Young Women general presidencies hope the theme and its related resources will help the youth to focus on temple work, live the standards, and follow Christ’s example.

“This year is the time to be worthy to have an individual temple recommend and to use it,” said Elaine S. Dalton, Young Women general president. “It is the time to help make our homes holy places where the Spirit can dwell. It is the time to seek places where the Spirit can be present. Even in the use of technology, it is the time to ‘stand ye in holy places, and be not moved.’”

Church leaders indicate the theme may be used to enrich new youth curriculum lessons, Mutual opening exercises, as the topic for sacrament meeting talks by youth, and to provide focus for youth activities such as camp and devotionals. It may also be used as the focus of special cultural events and other dance, music, and drama activities.

“Jesus Christ is our rock. He is the foundation of our faith, and He supports us as we choose to follow Him,” said David L. Beck, Young Men general president. “With Christ in their lives, our youth will do more good than they could ever imagine. They can establish ‘holy places’ the world over.”

The DVD Strength of Youth Media 2013: Stand Ye in Holy Places is a collection of 14 short videos for parents, leaders, and youth that will be distributed to each unit of the Church in December 2012. One DVD should be provided to the bishop, one to the young women president, and one to the young men president. The videos may be used in Sunday lessons, family home evenings, youth conferences, camps, Mutual, and other activities.

“The resource materials to accompany this theme are videos of youth from all over the world who share what they are doing to be worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost and to stand in holy places,” Sister Dalton said. “Because each of us learns in different ways, these visual testimonies and songs can reinforce the powerful message of the theme.”

The videos will also be available on the Mormon Channel YouTube page in 11 languages. English, Portuguese, and Spanish versions of the videos will be posted on by December 1. This site will also offer the new music for the Mutual theme for download by the end of the year.

Additional resources, such as messages and ideas on how to teach the Mutual theme to the youth, will be available on and in the New Era and Liahona magazines at the beginning of 2013.