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Added Links Help You Get More out of Sunday School

Contributed By By Casey Lee Dong, Church News staff writer

  • 22 April 2014

The online version of the Old Testament study guide now includes links to related content to enhance personal study.

Preparing for Sunday School just got easier thanks to an enhanced version of the Old Testament Class Member Study Guide. The Church released the new study guide to help members better prepare for and understand class material, as well as enhance their personal and family study of the gospel.

The online version of the Old Testament study guide now includes links to videos, manuals, talks, and other content. The study guide can be found at

According to Elder Christoffel Golden Jr. of the Seventy, “The additional resources in the Old Testament Class Member Study Guide provide materials for individuals and families to enhance their study of the Old Testament. As members study the scriptures and these additional resources, the Holy Ghost will teach them and inspire them to share their insights with others in their families and at church.”

The red box indicates where the new study materials are found.

The study guide changes were made to enhance personal study, project manager Mike Barber explained. “A lot of times people say, ‘I just read and I don’t understand,’ so this gives them resources to dig deeper,” he said.

The variety of related study materials in the study guide allow members to study and ponder many parts of the lesson. Karin Christensen, a member from the West Jordan Utah Sunset Ridge Stake, said that although materials she studied were not brought up in class, they did greatly enhance her study during the week.

“I felt like [the enhanced study guide] increased my spirituality and my personal study throughout the week.”

Convenience is another benefit of the new study guide. Instead of sifting through manuals or digging through web pages, related content is a mere click away. 

The links in the study guide include recent talks and articles by living Church leaders. Christensen said the modern talks and articles were particularly helpful. “I really enjoyed those resources and how they related to what we were reading in the scriptures because in some ways it gave a more direct, modern application to what we read in the scriptures.”

Beyond just personal discovery, Barber explained the new enhancements will also benefit the class members in attendance. “If members will study these resources, when they come to class they would be prepared to say, ‘I saw a really good video,’ or ‘I read the talk by Elder Nelson and these are some of the insights that I gained.’ The links to additional resources allow class members to prepare beforehand so they can contribute a little more to the discussion.”

Currently the study guide is available in English only.