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Arrival Day at the South Africa Missionary Training Centre (SAMTC)

  Sister Edy Howes

  • 17 January 2013

Elder And Sister Reber greet arriving missionaries.

Arrival mornings at the SAMTC are exciting and busy.  Missionaries who arrive by plane are met at the airport and taken to the MTC.  Those from local areas arrive throughout the morning via private car or public transport.

Missionaries are greeted warmly by President and Sister Reber, receive missionary name tags, take personal items to their bedrooms, and have a brief tour of the MTC. 

They then go to a central classroom area where volunteers assist with: reviewing passports, visas, and other necessary information; completing forms concerning health, and requirements of each mission; establishing an e-mail account to send and receive e-mail; and ordering necessary items from the Distribution Centre.  A nurse reviews all health forms and gives required immunizations.

Volunteer assists new missionary completing forms

By this time missionaries are hungry and ready for lunch which is served in the cafeteria.  Everyone sits down together to meet and exchange greetings. Missionaries are guaranteed not to go hungry as they have three all-you-can-eat meals each day- plus snacks.    

After lunch and the preliminaries are completed, missionaries meet their assigned companions.  Districts and district leaders are announced.  Missionaries then receive an orientation and learn what will be expected of them in the SAMTC program.  Each missionary receives a packet of literature and supplies including Preach My Gospel, the Missionary White Handbook, a study journal, and daily planner.

Arrival day is the day to meet everyone, settle in, receive orientation, address problems, and take care of paperwork.  The next day- the first full day in the SAMTC- is when training begins in earnest.