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Book of Mormon in American Sign Language Now Available Online

  • 30 June 2011

The Book of Mormon in ASL is available for download and is easy to access.

The Book of Mormon in American Sign Language, previously available only on DVD, is now accessible on

Although the current version of supports only text versions of the scriptures, the newly released videos will be housed for now on the “Classic” version of ( From the home page of the Classic site, visitors can find the videos by going to Gospel Library (at the top of the page), then Media Formats, and then American Sign Language (ASL).

“Adding this language makes the translation more accessible to people and helps them live and share the gospel,” said Rob Jex, director of scriptures coordination.

The addition of the Book of Mormon in ASL is part of a broader initiative to bring all existing scripture translations to the Internet. So far, the scriptures are available online in 21 languages, Brother Jex said.

“The Deaf community has been waiting for this. This will be a blessing—they can download the scriptures and bring them to church … instead of having to watch them on DVD,” Kimberly Day, manager of sign language translation, said.

Sister Day said that this initiative will help increase scripture use in the Deaf community and that it will help reach out to more members as the Church continues to grow.