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Carl Ryan Honoured For His Oustanding Support At Work

Contributed By Seth Dockrill

  • 31 January 2013

Carl receiving his award from Rosanna Longobardi, HR director, Serco Health.  (By Seth Dockrill)

When Carl Ryan, a member of the Norwich ward, started work as a catering assistant at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital two years ago, he quickly established a reputation as one who goes the extra mile and who makes the hospital restaurant a brighter place to be. So much so that the latest of the Trust’s annual Staff Awards ceremonies saw Carl win gold in the Serco Award category, given to those who offer the “most outstanding support” to service provider colleagues.

Carl’s outstanding support has been offered not only to his work colleagues, but to anyone and everyone he encounters during the course of his day, be they staff members, patients, or other visitors to the restaurant. He received a total of 52 nominations for the award, more than anyone has ever received. Many of those who nominated him for the award described him as helpful, cheerful, smiley and hard-working. One nominator said “Carl puts a smile on my face whenever I see him, because he is always so happy in his work. Whether he has just started his shift or getting to the end of it, Carl treats you the same; always cheery, always helpful. I’ve been to many restaurants, including one with three Michelin stars and I have yet to find a member of waiting staff that works with such efficiency and enthusiasm.”

One visitor to the restaurant described their appreciation for the way in which Carl has helped them during a difficult time: “He is aware that our mother is very ill and each day greets us with a concerned comment and happy word. He has shown a high level of humanity and concern for fellow people who are suffering. Our experience of our mother’s terminal illness has been made more positive by his caring.”

Much of his work involves clearing and cleaning tables and generally keeping the place tidy, but when asked what he enjoys most about his work, Carl said “What I like most is being in contact with people. I just like people.” On learning that he had received so many nominations for his award, he said “I’m honoured, but also embarrassed. There are plenty of people who work in the restaurant who could have easily been nominated. As far as I’m concerned I’m just doing my job. It’s an award for everyone who works here, not just me.”

Carl’s positive influence is also felt at church, where he currently serves as a ward missionary and a home teacher.