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CES Devotionals, Institute Help Young Adults Find Their Way

Contributed By By Suzanne Young, Seminaries and Institutes staff writer

  • 29 August 2013

By attending institute, young adults can find the peers, support, and strength they need to succeed in life.

With so many important decisions facing young adults, positive direction from Church leaders can be a source of strength.  

Parents, institute teachers, and priesthood leaders can help by encouraging all young adults, including institute students, to attend the CES devotionals throughout the coming year.

Elder Russell M. Nelson will be speaking September 8 at the next CES devotional. This is the perfect opportunity to invite all young adults to attend and not only be nourished by the words of Elder Nelson but also to get in the habit of attending the devotionals offered throughout the year. 

“The speakers at each CES devotional are well aware of their audience and know just what to say to reach them; we just need to get them there first,” said Richard Stuart, manager of recruitment for seminaries and institutes.

As young adults attend CES devotionals, they will also become familiar with the institute in their area and meet other young adults also attending institute. “The goal is to give them an opportunity to get introduced to the program, hear from the Brethren, see that institute is the next step, and to feel the Spirit so they will act,” said Brother Stuart.

In a world full of change, students find consistency as they live the simple truths of the gospel. CES devotionals and institute provide them with a place where they canbe taught to live these truths among other young adults with the same values. 

High school seniors are invited to attend the CES devotional that is just prior to their graduation from seminary. This is a great opportunity to begin to see what awaits them as they transition into the next phase of their education and young adult lives.