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Conference Notebook Gives Readers Look at Conference Highlights

Contributed By By Philip Volmar, Church News and Events

  • 12 January 2012

The new Conference Notebook section of the Liahona and Ensign helps readers remember conference highlights in the months following general conference.

A new, regular section of the Liahona and Ensign magazines—Conference Notebook—will help readers study and apply teachings from recent conference addresses given by today's living prophets and apostles.

Titled Conference Notebook, the section will appear in 10 issues throughout the year—with one notebook for every month other than the May and November issues, which will feature the conference addresses themselves.

January’s Conference Notebook—the first of the series in the new feature—contains study helps for Elder L. Tom Perry’s October 2011 conference address, “Perfect Love Casteth Out Fear,” and President Thomas S. Monson’s address called “Dare to Stand Alone,” in which he taught about gospel courage.

The new magazine section, said Lia McClanahan, an Ensign associate editor who helped plan and create the Conference Notebook, helps members do what President Ezra Taft Benson (1899–1994) admonished in an April 1988 conference address. “For the next six months, your conference edition of the [Church magazines] should stand next to your standard works and be referred to frequently,” he said.

Upcoming Conference Notebook topics will include recent addresses given by First Presidency members Henry B. Eyring and Dieter F. Uchtdorf as well as talks given by other General Authority and auxiliary leaders.

Sister McClanahan said she hopes the new section will help remind members of the teachings from general conference each month.

“The idea that this is a Conference Notebook is to help readers take note of conference highlights,” she said. “We want readers to remember each month the themes, scriptures, and inspiration offered by the twice-a-year general conference.”

In addition to including short summaries, colorful illustrations, study tips, and related scriptures, Conference Notebook will also feature simple activities, such as this month’s fill-in-the-blank activity. It will also include member stories or gospel questions answered by conference addresses.

While some Conference Notebook features are designed to remind readers of addresses given in recent general conferences, Sister McClanahan said other features will help prepare readers for upcoming conference sessions.

Each Conference Notebook feature will be two to four pages long and will take the place of the regular Small and Simple Things section of the Liahona and Ensign magazines.

View this month’s Conference Notebook at the Church magazines website or in print on pages 8–9 in the Liahona or pages 70–71 in the Ensign.