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Conversion a Lifelong Quest, Brother Osguthorpe Teaches

  • 07 October, 2012

Brother Russell T. Osguthorpe, Sunday School general president, focused his Sunday afternoon talk on the new learning resources that will be available to the youth of the Church in January. Those resources, he explained, have one central goal: to help youth become converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“When we learn and teach His word in His way, we accept His invitation to 'Come, follow me,'” he said. “We follow Him one step at a time. With each step, we draw closer to the Savior. We change. The Lord knew that spiritual growth did not happen all at once. It comes gradually. Each time we accept His invitation and choose to follow Him, we progress along the pathway to full conversion.”

Conversion is the goal of all gospel learning and teaching, he added. It is not a “one-time event.”

“Learning for conversion is a continual process of knowing, doing, and becoming. Likewise, teaching for conversion requires key doctrine, invitations to action and promised blessings. When we teach true doctrine, we help the learner to know. When we invite others to action, we help them to do or live the doctrine. And when the blessings come that the Lord has promised, we are changed.”

Brother Osguthorpe said teaching Christ's gospel demands a focus on the scriptures and the words of modern prophets. “We draw upon sacred text to help strengthen faith, build testimonies, and help everyone become fully converted. The new learning resources for youth will help all who use them to understand and live the word of God.”

The manual “Teaching, No Greater Call” is a valuable resource for all who teach and want to utilize the correct pattern of gospel learning.

By learning the principles taught by those sustained as prophets, seers and revelators, faithful members can learn in the Savior's way. They take one step closer to Him.

“We want every young person to understand,” he concluded. “We want them to learn, teach and live the gospel of Jesus Christ every day. This is what the Lord wants for all of His children. Whether you are a child, a youth or an adult, I invite you to come and follow in His footsteps. With each step we take, I testify that the Lord will strengthen us.”

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