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FamilySearch Videos Now Available on YouTube

  • 16 March 2011

In an effort to broaden video content and extend awareness of available family history resources, FamilySearch now has its own YouTube channel.

“We think that YouTube is a great fit for people who are wondering about FamilySearch and how we help people with their family history,” said Jim Ericson, product marketing manager at FamilySearch. “Instead of finding a place on our own site for these videos, we decided to extend our distribution channel to include YouTube.”

The new channel currently contains training materials, “How To” videos, and video vignettes that are used during family history conferences.

FamilySearch is creating more video content than ever before. As more videos are created—highlighting FamilySearch features, services, programs and resources—housing them on YouTube became another way to inform those who may be curious about FamilySearch or starting family history.

FamilySearch also intends to create videos of a lighter nature that express the joy of family history and hope for users to supply their own videos about their success stories. Because YouTube is a good delivery platform, users can also use it to place content on their Facebook page or embed videos onto their own sites.

“We are excited to have people who use FamilySearch also submit videos to us of the success stories they’ve had on FamilySearch,” Brother Ericson said, “so we won’t just have content we produce, but we’ll engage the community and . . . share stories from users.”

To access or share FamilySearch videos visit the FamilySearch YouTube channel.