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Biographies of New Mission Presidents Starting July 2013

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  • 30 April 2013

The First Presidency has called new mission presidents and their wives who will begin serving in July.

The First Presidency has recently called the following couples as new mission presidents and their wives. They will begin serving in their assigned areas in July 2013.



Couples are listed by initial publication date in alphabetical order. Please see the gallery for names, photographs, and biographical summaries of the couples.

This gallery and page will be updated each week with additional names until May.

April 16

Ahlander, Michael Brown Ahlander and Rebecca Maxwell-Nevada Las Vegas West Mission

Alliaud, Rubén Vicente and Fabiana Bennett-Argentina Córdoba

Ames, Rodney Allen, and Kimberlee Jensen-Texas Fort Worth Mission

Balledos, Anthony John Misa and Carolyn Montenegro Romo-Philippines Baguio Mission

Bell, Michael Leo and Connie Jean Richards-Kansas Wichita Mission

Benson, Joseph Payne and Heidi Stephenson-Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission

Blickenstaff, Kurt Lee Blickenstaff and Catherine Yuan Ling Chao-Taiwan Taichung Mission

Borders, Garry Everett and Sue Elizabeth Morrison-Russia Moscow Mission

Bulseco, Alberto Carreon and Josefina Guray Gillego-Philippines Cagayan de Oro Mission

Cabral, Celso Bueno and Jane Lucia Magalhaes Silva-Brazil Santos Mission

Carlson, John Steven and Loretta Diane Potts-Armenia Yerevan Mission

Carmack, Curtis Fletcher and Melanie Maurine Zabriskie-Panamá Panamá City Mission

Cascardi, Luciano and Ines Sangali-Brazil Juiz de Fora Mission

Craig, Paul Wayne and Nadine Call-Florida Jacksonville Mission

Dalton, Craig Lee and Sandra Elizabeth Wulfing-Chile Antofagasta Mission

Erickson, John Richard and Annette Koski-Perú Lima North Mission

Erickson, Leif Jay and Linda Nebeker-Zambia Lusaka Mission

Hanks, Richard Duff and Elizabeth Ann Winters-Alabama Birmingham Mission

Hansen, Stephen Winston and Carol Vaughn Curran-Utah Salt Lake City Mission

Hill, Norman Child and Ruth Raelene Ball-Ghana Accra West Mission

Kendrick, Hal Coburn and Julie Elaine Barney-California Carlsbad Mission

Klein, Norman Sherwood and Kristin Morawetz-Honduras San Pedro Sula East Mission

Kuceki, David and Adelaide Mendes-Brazil Goiânia Mission

Maluenda, Fernando Mateluna and Priscila Ximena París Fredes-Texas McAllen Mission

Miller, Steven John and Joni K. Earl-New Mexico Albuquerque Mission

Murdock, Israel Gutierrez and Claudia Contreras-México Villahermosa Mission

Murdock, J. Blake and Julie Weaver-Colorado Denver South Mission

Revillo, Carlos Garcia Jr. and Marites Enriquez Fernando-Philippines Quezon City Mission

Rogers, Mark Flake and Gainell Cameron-Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission

Russell, Bryan Gardner and Peggy Ellen Fitzpatrick-Nicaragua Managua South Mission

Samuelian, Michael Richard and LuAnn Tuttle-Oregon Salem Mission

Smartt, Philander Knox III and Heather Suzanne Crahan-Puerto Rico San Juan Mission

Soares, Saulo da Motta and Denise Sother Leal-Brazil Natal Mission

Stoker, Philip Mark and Diane Elizabeth Stock-New Hampshire Manchester Mission

Tew, Ryan Melvin and Melanie Campbell-California Long Beach Mission

Torres, Pastor Bonaobra and Wilma Mesina Concepcion-Philippines Butuan Mission

Tupou, Leitoni Matakaiongo and Lori Vione Bulkley-Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission

Velez, Jesús and Antionette Lyons-México Culiacán Mission

Villarreal, Juan Manuel Moran and Luz Ernestina Garza Lizardi-México Aguascalientes Mission

Wilson, Ervin Bradley and Mari-Lynn Johnston-Virginia Richmond Mission

Zackrison, John Alma Zackrison and Dorothy Lenore Widtfeldt-South Africa Durban Mission

Zobrist, Richard Dahl and Angela Frehner-Perú Arequipa Mission


March 12 

Anaya, Sergio Miguel Morales and Gloria Elisa de Anaya Rodriguez—México México City East

Archibald, Blake Dean and DeAnn Hess—Perú Lima West

Arrington, Kent John and Michele Kae Dahle—Chile Concepción

Ayre, David Sloan and Kelli Snow—Argentina Buenos Aires North

Bird, Larry Clinton and Tami Sue Gish—México Monterrey East

Bonham, Mark Everett and Kelly Anne Moon—Washington Everett

Brown, Kevin George and Nadine Lezanne Carter—Jamaica Kingston

Chambers, Robert Edward and Robin Sue Christensen—Utah Salt Lake City South

Chatfield, Robert Felt and Katherine Devey—Uganda Kampala

Choi, Yoon Hwan and Bon Kyung Koo—Washington Seattle

Cook, William Bryce and Karol Kotter—Washington Seattle

Cutler, Raymond Ashton and Laurie Johnson—Wisconsin Milwaukee

Dibb, Bruce LaVar and Colleen Poole—Italy Milan

Donald, Christopher Lawrence and Tui Lucinda Kay Westerlund—Indonesia Jakarta

Garcia, Sergio Alberto and Felicia Lyons Castillo—México Mérida

Harbertson, Robert Creer and Vicki Garfield—Perú Cusco

Henderson, David Yeardley and Paula Jean Hassell —Perú Huancayo

Henderson, Lon Edgar and Carrie Jean Bestor—Australia Brisbane

Jensen, Johnny Russell and Marsha McIntire—Iowa Des Moines

McMullin, Garn Holt and Pamela Elizabeth Stewart—Paraguay Asunción North

Nattress, Kevin Brett and Shawna Lee Adamson—Arizona Gilbert

Patrick, Victor Phillip and Elizabeth Fletcher—Canada Montreal

Shin, Yong-In Spencer and Hyo-Sun Camilla Chi—Korea Daejeon

Smith, Bradley Jay and Dana Donaldson—Florida Tallahassee

Smith, Thomas Allen and Rebecca Luane Starr—Uruguay Montevideo West

Schwab, Michael Louis and Jane Marie Littlefield—Russia Samara

Thurgood, Larry L. and Jean Petterborg—Argentina Buenos Aires South

Waddoups, Michael Grant and Anna Kay Nield—Italy Rome

Walkenhorst, Stewart Ray and Shannon Murphy—Oklahoma Oklahoma City

Warne, Thomas Robert and Renae Kellis—Chile Rancagua

Warner, Stephen Romney and Elizabeth Engar—Hawaii Honolulu

Weidman, David N. and Rachel Nielsen—California Los Angeles

Whitehead, George Frank and Dixie Stott—México México City West

Willard, Jason Alfred and Kimberly Lynn Herd—Bolivia Santa Cruz

Yamashita, Kazuhiko and Tazuko Tashiro—Japan Nagoya