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LDS Black History Month Celebration Held in Florida

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  • 13 March 2013

Alex Boyé performs at a celebration of Black History Month organized by a stake president in Miami, Florida.  Photo by Mitzi Capote.


More than 800 people attended a two-day Mormon celebration of Black History Month that featured an acclaimed author and international recording artist on February 23–24 in Miami, Florida. This free event was open to the public and was held at the local meetinghouse.

The cultural celebration included Alex Boyé, recording artist and singer in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The weekend events also featured Marvin Perkins, guest speaker and coauthor who gave a presentation on “Blacks in the Bible.” As Brother Perkins addressed the diverse audience of people from Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Russia, Venezuela, Mexico, Africa, Trinidad, the United States, and many other countries, he stated, “I look at you and see the love of God.” Brother Perkins emphasized that the Church is the gospel of Jesus Christ, which has the doctrine of inclusion; as the Book of Mormon states, “All are alike unto God.”

Miami Lakes Florida Stake President James Nial Robinson, organizer of the event, acknowledged, “The gospel is the great equalizer. Our Church is blessed with tremendous cultural diversity, which is reflected in our south Florida congregations; this diversity reflects our commitment to embrace all cultures and unite in our faith. Everyone is welcome.”