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New Mission Presidents Arrive in Africa Southeast

  • 28 June 2012

During the first week of July four new mission presidents and their wives arrive to fill the responsibilities of departing mission presidents and their companions.

Thank you

Heartfelt thanks are extended to these mission presidents who magnified their callings and now return to their homes and families.  You will be missed, but you leave a lasting legacy on this great African continent.


A warm welcome is extended to the new presidents who will grow to love the people whom they serve.  Thank you for coming to move the work along in the Africa Southeast Area.  The mission couples are (from left to right in above photo):

-Left- President Phillip W. and Sister Joy McMullin- Democratic Republic Of Congo- Lubumbashi Mission. Replacing President and Sister Packer

- Second from left- President David R. and Anna Adams- Madagascar Antananarivo Mission. Replacing President & Sister Donnelly

-Second from right- Sister Adriana and President Paulo V. Kretly- Mozambique Maputo Mission. Replacing President & Sister Spendlove.

-Right- Sister Janice H. and President Bryson C. Cook- Zimbabwe Harare Mission.  Replacing President and Sister Dube.