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Eight New Missions Created in 2012

  • 9 March 2012

Eight new missions—including the Vanuatu Port Vila Mission, pictured above—are being created by dividing nearby missions.  Image courtesy of Deseret News

Eight new missions of the Church are being created in Colombia, Ghana, and Mexico; in the region of Vanuatu, New Caledonia, and the Solomon Islands; in Utah and in Nevada. A mission in Moscow, Russia, is being combined with neighboring missions.

Following is a rundown of the changes, which will be effective around July 1, when mission leadership changes occur. Please refer to the accompanying maps for new mission boundaries.

Map showing the Columbia Medellin Mission Boundaries

Colombia Medellin

The Colombia Medellin Mission is being created by dividing the Colombia Barranquilla and Colombia Cali Missions.

Map of The Ghana Kumasi Mission

Ghana Kumasi

The Ghana Kumasi Mission is being created by dividing the Ghana Accra and Ghana Cape Coast Missions.

Map of the Mexico Xalapa and Puebla Missions

Mexico Xalapa and Puebla

The Mexico Xalapa Mission is being created by dividing the Mexico Veracruz Mission.

The Mexico Puebla Mission is being divided to create the Mexico Puebla North and Mexico Puebla South Missions.

Map of the Vanautu Port Villa mission

Vanuatu Port Vila

The Vanuatu Port Vila Mission is being created by dividing the Papua New Guinea Port Moresby and Fiji Suva Missions.

Map of the Utah Salt Lake City Central and West mission boundaries

Utah Salt Lake City Central and West

The Utah Salt Lake City West and Utah Salt Lake City Central Missions are being created from adjacent missions in the Salt Lake Valley.

Map of the Nevada Reno mission boundaries

Nevada Reno

The Nevada Reno Mission is being created from a realignment of the Nevada Las Vegas and Nevada Las Vegas West Missions.

Map of Russia Moscow West mission boundaries

Russia Moscow West

The Russia Moscow West Mission is being consolidated into the neighboring Baltic, Russia Novosibirsk and Russia Moscow Missions.