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Roku Channel Offers New Opportunities for Saints

  • 14 June 2011

“Wouldn’t it be nice for members to be able to enjoy Church content that is online … on their television set instead of all being crammed around a computer?” said Robert Jones, product manager for web-enabled devices.

Now with the Roku Channel, that is exactly what can happen.

The Roku Box is an entertainment streaming device that connects the Internet to a television. This allows any Church content that is found online to be played on a television set.  

The Roku Box can be found at many electronics stores. The Mormon Channel is available from the Roku Channel store, under the “Spiritual” category.

Mormon Messages, conference addresses, Church Educational System firesides, and many other materials are available for streaming from this channel.

Providing materials through the Roku Channel is the first step to an international approach for the Media Services Department.

The project started with 182 beta testers who all gave positive feedback, Brother Jones said.

“Our goal is to make the media that the Church produces available to all members of the Church,” he said.

The plan is to expand internationally, making content available in a number of languages by the end of the year.