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Setting Goals Helps Golfer to Stay on Course in Life

  • 8 July 2012

Compton Pikari keeps his eye on the ball at a recent tournament in Auckland.

“Setting short term, and long term goals are a big part of succeeding in life” advises Compton Pikari, who is living proof that this is true.

Applying lessons learnt in early morning seminary has helped seventeen year old Compton from Te Awamutu achieve some of his goals and win two major golf tournaments this year. In January he won the Junior National title, in Hamilton, for Under 19 year old boys; in February he won the South Island Stroke Play Champion – Open Age Tournament; the best players in New Zealand compete over four rounds.

Compton admits it was hard to get up for early morning seminary over the four years, but the 2011 graduate thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the books of scripture. The discipline necessary to attend seminary helped him with his planning, and taught him to manage his time better.

Though interested in golf since four years old, Compton only started playing seriously from the age of eleven. As well as the two national titles he won earlier this year, he also recently placed 7th overall (out of 140 players) in the Trans Tasman Cup competition in Australia.

Juggling tournaments, regular practise, fitness training, and school work is not easy. In his final high school year, he is studying science and computer studies, and hopes to be offered a scholarship to play golf and study Sports Science at university, either in New Zealand, or in America. His next short term goal is to be named in the New Zealand Sports Academy, where the top six players in each sport have access to top coaches, and funding. If he does well in the New Zealand Secondary Schools Under 19 Championship in September, those goals could also be achieved.

“I try to be a good example wherever I go. The Word of Wisdom helps me in my game, by eating properly and being healthy. Nutrition has a big effect on your body. Staying fit and making wise choices help me achieve my goals.

”Attending seminary has helped my testimony so much. It made me stronger, and I have more faith, which helps me on the golf course. I pray while I am playing, and I am often prompted by the Spirit -if I am playing badly it helps me to settle down and play better. The Spirit helps me to stay focussed, and stay on task.“

Compton recalls his favourite scripture mastery scripture, Moses 1: 39, which says ”For behold, this is my work and my glory — to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man“. He added: ”It helps me when I focus on the Lord's plan. The Spirit helps me to remember what that plan is, and to stay true to my testimony, especially when I am away from home.“

PHOTO CREDIT: Image courtesy of New Zealand Golf and used with permission