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"Square, Plumb, and Level" Graduation

  Ruth L. Renlund

  • 7 November 2012

Elder Holland congratulates a graduate of "Square, Plumb, and Level" course.

On Friday, October 26, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Quorum of the twelve Apostles, presented graduation certificates to a unique group of graduates in Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Fifty eight men received certificates from LDS Business College after completing requirements in building construction trades.  Graduates received their course work and practical experience at the Kinshasa Stake Center.  Courses were taught by Elder George Billings, a full time senior missionary and supervised by Brother Erik Van Hauvermat.  Each graduate received the tools of his trade for future use. 

Elder Holland reminded the graduates that the motto for their construction courses, square, plumb and level, is also a motto for life.  Be square with your neighbours, plumb with Heaven and level with yourself, he admonished. 

Elder L. Whitney Clayton, of the presidency of the Seventy also spoke to the graduates.  He reminded them to build  a firm foundation for all structures they created, as well as in their lives.  Referring to Helaman 5:12,  he taught, build upon the rock of Christ.

Elder Dale G. Renlund, Africa Southeast Area President, also addressed the group.  He quoted President Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s promise to walk out of poverty if they do four things: pay tithing, become more self-reliant, care for the needy and render compassionate service.  These principles bring blessings of safety, peace, beauty and prosperity. 

The meeting was conducted by Georges A. Bonnet, Africa Southeast Area director for temporal affairs.  He reminded the graduates that as trainees and now as graduates of this training program, they represent first the Saviour, second the Church, third their families, and last themselves.  This is the third group of graduates from this training program. A contractor in Kinshasa who builds meetinghouses for the church frequently offers employment to graduates of this course.