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The Prophet in Germany

Contributed By Reinhard Staubach, Editor of the regional newsletter

  • 20 November 2012


Germany: Only a few days after the General Conference at the beginning of October 2012, President Thomas S. Monson visited Germany and spoke to over 10000 Latter-day Saints in four special meetings. Thousands more participated by satellite transmission from the Centennial Hall in Frankfurt am Main, broadcast to meeting houses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Central to his message was the invitation to follow Jesus Christ.

Elder José Teixeira, President of the Europe Area, accompanied President Monson to the meetings in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt, where he also spoke to the Saints. He testified that those in attendance were hearing the words of the living prophet and asked them to listen to him.


In the meetings, President Monson spoke time and again about Jesus Christ, and, speaking in the Hamburg Sports Arena on 13 October 2012, he said, amongst other things, “My prayer today is that we may have listening ears, so that we hear Him again when he knocks, so that we value the Lord’s invitation and have the wisdom to open the gateway to our hearts as well as the portal of our minds, so that Jesus Christ can come in unto us.“

Brother Daniel Schröder attended that meeting and recalls, “President Monson encouraged us to seek wisdom out of the best books. He reminded us that our choices and decisions determine our fate. He challenged us to follow Christ and said, ‘Choose to work. It isn’t enough just to wish and to promise – we must also do it.’”


Brother Andreas Heilmann noted this from the Prophet’s words: “God blesses us with light, but he doesn’t force us to glory. Let us always prepare ourselves to have the Spirit with us. One of the most beautiful experiences in life is to be a tool in the hands of the Lord to bless other people.”


Turning to those present, following his address, President Monson said in German “Ich liebe Dich” – I love you.